Beets are fantastically good for you. They contain a host of chemicals and compounds that are thought to improve cardiovascular health, protect against liver disease, regulate stomach acidity, and lower blood pressure. They are rich in folate, vitamins B and C, and potassium. 
Beets can be harvested for their baby leaves as salad greens, and for their sweet, crunchy roots. These can be enjoyed as baby beets, or grown on to mature size for winter storage. The roots are peeled and then steamed or sliced and sautéed as a delicious vegetable dish. Many people enjoy them raw with vinegar. The pairing of sour vinegar and sweet beetroot makes them prime candidates for pickling. They can also be fermented to make a very tasty wine, and of course, they are the key ingredient in borscht.
Beet Blend

Get the most variety out of this colorful, tasty, dynamic blend of beet seeds. This easy to grow vegetable may be eaten from foliage to root. Beets can grow in cool months and can take some frost. Beets are high in Vitamin C, folic acid, antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and potassium. They also contain betaine, a compound that is essential for cardiovascular health.
Merlin Organic 
Merlin Organic Beet seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Merlin beets are very dark red and flavourful beet that keeps its shape well when planted densely. Merlin's leafy green tops have hybrid disease resistance, so they stay vibrant throughout the season while many other varieties become mottled or tired-looking. This one is a regular winner in our beet trials.

Beetroots contain a pigment called betanin, which is used as a food coloring in everything from tomato paste to breakfast cereals. Some people are unable to break down another pigment in beets called betacyanin, and they may experience pink urine after eating beets.

Beet seeds are actually little fruits, or “nutlets,” that contain one to four seeds. They are extremely easy to grow in a wide variety of soils but do best with a neutral pH in well-drained soil supplemented with finished compost. Many growers apply boron to beet fields at a rate of three pounds per acre —but it is easy to over-apply boron, so for the cautious home gardener, it’s not necessary. Beets should be refrigerated soon after harvesting.

Soil Activator
This biofertilizer contains three naturally occurring soil bacteria that boost yields by increasing the availability of plant nutrients in the soil. It eases transplant shock, boosts nitrogen, improves soil moisture retention, and releases nutrients from organic matter.
Soil pH Meter
This Soil pH Meter provides an accurate reading of the relative acidity and alkalinity of wet garden soil. Easy to use in outdoor beds or indoors with houseplants, this tool will reveal if growing conditions are right, or if you need to adjust the soil for your crops and houseplants. 
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