Sunflowers are outstanding!

Plant sunflower seeds now for a fine summer show.

The second half of April to the end of May is the ideal time to plant sunflower seeds, here on the coast. If you live in a cooler region, the seeds can be started indoors at the same time for transplanting in June. These fast-growing annual plants are easy to grow from seed, and they make probably the best natural bird feeders to be found in the organic flower or vegetable garden. Sunflowers also have a long and colorful history - did you know they have been in cultivation for over 5,000 years?
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Russian Mammoth Organic

Up to twelve feet tall, with a massive flower that produces hundreds of tasty sunflower seeds for roasting and snacking.

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Peredovik Organic

The original black oil sunflower seed, an old heirloom variety from Russia. Only five feet tall, but full of the seeds birds love.

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Sunrich Lemon, and Sunrich Orange, are part of the Sunrich series of hybrid sunflowers, bred specifically for the florist market. They have straight, single stems that are perfect for cutting, and they don't drop pollen everywhere.
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