West Coast Seeds specializes in certified organic seed garlic. We sell only BC-grown garlic, but we ship across Canada. The interesting thing about garlic is that the same variety, grown on different farms will start to look different after a few years because of differences in climate or soils. This is due to "phenotypic plasticity." By the same token, garlic that started out red-skinned in your garden may look paler after a few years. Do not be alarmed or worried about the seed garlic you started with.
If the plants are still healthy and the bulbs the right size for you with the right degree of hotness and flavour, keep on planting from your own stock. But if you like to experiment or want to get back to the redder skin or large cloves that you started with, you can try some of the varieties we list.

Italian Hardneck Organic

Italian Hardneck Organic garlic bulbs are the basic Italian hardneck. This Porcelain garlic produces large bulbs with easy-to-peel purple cloves with spicy, strong flavour.

Red Russian Certified Organic

The distinctive wrapper leaves of these big bulbs are slightly purple. Red Russian garlic has the ability to withstand soggy winter soils better than any of the others.

Soil Activator Organic

Made in Canada, this biofertilizer contains three naturally occurring soil bacteria that boost yields by increasing the availability of plant nutrients in the soil. It eases transplant shock, boosts nitrogen, improves soil moisture retention, and releases nutrients from organic matter.

Plant Labels 

These handy plastic seedling Plant Labels (West Coast Seeds) provide with lots of room to write each seed variety and dates. Try our permanent and non-permanent china weather-proof markers on them for use with containers or in the garden. Labels are imprinted with "West Coast Seeds".
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