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The garden exists in both time and space. Making a map of the garden area is completely worthwhile and will prove very useful. But remember that a single map may only describe a short time in the garden. Cool season crops that thrive in the early spring are harvested by the time most heat-loving crops get transplanted out. A row of arugula (cool season) may take up only a small amount of space, while a single pumpkin plant (warm season) may grow ten feet across, or more. To really maximize the garden’s bounty, it’s worth making three maps - one each for spring, summer, and fall/winter.

Grow the things you love to eat. It’s fun to experiment with novel new varieties, but space in the garden is limited for most people. Garden Planning is about getting the best bang for your buck. Gardening is meant to be both a pleasurable experience and a wise financial investment. Start big with the categories, and then select the varieties. 
Don’t plant the whole packet at once! In most cases there are more seeds in the packet than the average household can manage at harvest time. Most seeds keep their high germination rate for three years or more. Keep them in a simple zip-top bag out of harm’s way. More on How to Store Seeds.  If the whole seed packet gets planted on the same day, the whole crop is going to mature during the same week, which can be overwhelming. Learn about Succession Planting to make the most of all crops.
Practice crop rotation and good garden sanitation. These are some easy steps that will lead to happier plants and better harvests. Consider applying dolomite lime in late winter to neutralize soil pH and to add minerals. Be sure to add minerals whenever organic matter is added. Compost, manure, and sea soil are all great ways to deliver organic matter to the soil, but plants need minerals, too. We love Glacial Rock Dust for this purpose. 
Photo courtesy of Crop Swap Vancouver
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One of our retail partners, The Local Harvest, has a phenomenal Instagram page for garden enthusiasts. Check it out here. We love them because they use locally-sourced, wholesome ingredients and they grow a lot of their produce with West Coast Seeds.
This year, the team at The Chef’s Garden and the Culinary Vegetable Institute, led by Farmer Lee Jones and Chef Jamie Simpson, have officially declared the year 2019 to be the one of mixed carrots. Why carrots, you might ask – and, if carrots, why the “mixed” ones?

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