Big, beautiful sunflowers are easy to grow and look gorgeous in any garden. They attract pollinators, produce healthy snacks and feed the birds. Sunflowers will grow in just about any well-drained soil, and they are drought tolerant. To help your sunflowers grow, we recommend enriching your soil with organic matter and incorporate 2 cups of complete organic fertilizer per row. 

Did you know that each sunflower is actually made up of more than a thousand tiny flowers? It's true! The velvety centers and soft yellow petals are singular flowers. One full sunflower is made up of as many as  2000 of these miny flowers and contains up to 2000 sunflower seeds. 

Sunrich Blend

The Sunrich series of hybrid sunflowers was bred with the florist trade in mind. Sunrich Blend combines all four exciting colors: Orange, Gold, Lemon, and Lime, in equal quantity. It makes for a stunning display in the summer and has huge potential for the cut flower market. Become a flower farmer and start with the Sunrich Blend.

Sunrich Orange

For elegant and striking cut flowers, choose Sunrich Orange sunflower seeds. Just ten weeks after direct sowing, a whole bouquet of evenly sized flowers can be cut for indoor decorating or bridal displays. The flowers are very round with dense numbers of petals, but no pollen, so they won't make a mess when they're cut and brought indoors. 

Sunrich Lime

Sunrich Lime sunflower seeds are a good choice for florists and wedding planners. Their striking flowers have tightly packed lemon yellow petals around a lime green center. The combination of colors is sensational.

Sunrich Lemon

For elegant and striking cut flowers, choose Sunrich Lemon sunflower seeds to produce flowers that attract bees and other pollinating insects, so they serve an extra function in the garden. 

Sunflower florets open over a period of 5 to 10 days, and are pollinated by insects. To maintain purity of the seed, individual varieties should be isolated by 2-5km, depending on the size of the crop and its proximity to other growers.

To prepare seeds for eating, use the grey or white-seeded variety. Once done, rub the seeds off the big flower head and soak overnight in 4L of water with 250ml (1 cup) of salt. Drain, then dry in an oven at 250 F for 4-5 hours then store in an airtight container. The black seeded types are mainly used for pressing oil or birdseed.

This high-quality Trimmer Pruner belongs in the toolkit of every cut flower enthusiast, and it's perfect for fine trimming jobs. The handle is aluminum, so it's light weight, with an ergonomic curve and rubber grip so it won't slip. The needle-nose blade is fashioned from SK-5 Japanese steel, and the body can be disassembled for cleaning. 

Sunflower seeds need warmth to germinate so direct seed from mid-April to mid-May. Seeds can be direct sown as late as June but will produce flowers much later in the season. Transplanted sunflowers will need staking, as their roots will be restricted by pots.
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