A pristine lawn has its merits, but the grasses used in  traditional lawns are more demanding than they are productive. We're rethinking the types of plants that could occupy lawn spaces, from beneficial clover to vegetable beds. Even if you want to fill in some bald patches, we have the Lawn Solution you need.
What about replacing unproductive lawn spaces with low growing plants that benefit pollinators and other endangered insects? We worked with the City of Richmond to develop a blend of clovers and low-growing wildflowers that can stand up to foot traffic and pets. Find out more about Bee Turf.
As a member of the Legume family of plants, clover fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere into the soil via a complex relationship with soil-dwelling bacteria. Micro-Clover responds to mowing by growing smaller and smaller, eventually forming a dense, rich, green carpet. Plus it's hardy to Zone 3!
Homeowners in south coastal BC face the challenge of birds and animals tearing up lawns in search of the nutritious larvae of the European chafer beetle. We have the solution in our Chafer Beetle Resistant Lawn Blend.
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Grow food instead of lawn
What about using spaces previously dedicated to lawn to grow food for the home or community? Raised beds and lasagna gardening can transform these spaces into productive food factories.
Another way to cultivate biodiversity in lawn spaces is to plant wildflower meadows. Dense plantings of multiple flower species provide food and forage for birds and insects, and a beautiful enhancement to any landscape.

Alternative Lawn Wildflower Blend
Use Alternative Lawn Mix wildflower seeds as an alternative to lawn. It forms a low-growing, dense ground cover composed of fine fescues, flowers, and clover species, and provides a colourful and less demanding alternative to traditional grass lawns. This incredibly beautiful blend contains thirteen species that will fill in spaces fairly rapidly and return to bloom from year to year.

Xeriscape Blend
Conserve water by planting varieties that need little or no further irrigation to thrive. This blend is a selection of sixteen drought tolerant species that allows growers to conserve the water that is proving to be ever more precious each year, and at the same time provide food for threatened pollinators and beauty to areas that may look haggard and dry in a normal season.
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