May 4, 2020
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In This Week’s Update:

  • COVID-19 Updates:
    • Treatment Being Studied at URMC Shows Promise
    • Intubation Box Provides Extra Protection for Caregivers
    • COVID-19: What's RNA Got to Do With It?
    • COVID-19 Takes an Unequal Toll
    • Virtual Team Science and Funding Sessions for COVID-19
    • Genomics Research Center to Loosen Restrictions in May
    • Webinar on Sharing, Discovering, Citing COVID-19 Data and Code
    • New Funding Opportunities
    • New Resources
  • UR CTSI TBS Student Awarded Fellowship
  • NSF Civic Innovation Challenge
  • Administrative Supplements Available to Fund KL2 Scholars
  • Brain Development Study to Continue at Del Monte Institute
  • Research Events Calendar
  • Funding Opportunities
    • COVID-19 Funding Opportunities
    • Ongoing COVID-19 Funding Opportunities
    • Non-COVID-19 Funding Opportunities

COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Treatment Being Studied at URMC Shows Promise: Lab researcher injecting remdesivir into an IV bagLast week, the NIH released preliminary results of a clinical trial testing the safety and efficacy of the antiviral drug remdesivir for treating COVID-19. URMC has been participating in the NIH-sponsored study, led by Ann Falsey, M.D., and Angela Branche M.D., who talked about the early results of the trial and what happens next last week. “The results with remdesivir are positive, but it’s not a miracle drug,” Falsey says. “It becomes our building block on which we try to improve.”

Intubation Box Provides Extra Protection for Caregivers Fighting the Pandemic: Two engineering professors and a machine shop supervisor at the University of Rochester – in less than 20 days – worked hand in hand with Emergency Department clinicians at Strong Memorial Hospital to customize an intubation enclosure system that provides an extra safeguard during these procedures. Their “intubation box” encloses patients and any contaminated particles they have exhaled, yet still allows the clinicians access to perform the lifesaving procedure quickly in the ED. 

COVID-19: What's RNA Got to Do With It? RNA research provides an important foundation for developing antiviral drugs, vaccines and other therapeutics to disrupt viruses and stop infections. URMC's Lynne Maquat, Ph.D., and Douglas Anderson, Ph.D., are among the researchers here who study the RNA of viruses — work that could eventually "throw a therapeutic wrench" into what COVID-19 RNA does. Learn more in the UR Newscenter. 

COVID-19 Takes an Unequal Toll: Recent reports show that COVID-19 is killing black and Latinx Americans at disproportionately high rates. In the latest episode of Insights, the Office of Equity and Inclusion’s podcast, Linda Clark, president of the Black Physicians Network, and Adrienne Morgan, associate vice president for equity and inclusion, discuss these health disparities and what’s being done to address them. A transcript of the conversation is also available.

Facing the Future: Team Science and Funding for Coronavirus Research: URMC investigators who are pursuing COVID-19-related grants are encouraged to participate in a series of virtual team science sessions to identify and discuss opportunities for funding and synergy and to receive feedback on applications. Topic discussions, which will be led by subject matter experts, will include Mental Health and Behavior, Digital Health, Epidemiology and Health Services Research, Therapeutics and Clinical Trials, and Organ/Disease-specific Effects. Breakout rooms will allow for brainstorming and idea-sharing.
Dates: Monday, May 11 - Thursday, May 14
Time: 5:00 – 6:30 pm

URMC Genomics Research Center to Loosen Restrictions in May: The URMC Genomics Research Center (GRC) is preparing for less restrictive operations beginning Monday, May 4. While not functioning at full capacity in order to maintain physical distancing and minimize potential exposure, operations will be redesigned to maximize efficiency in this COVID-19 pandemic era. If you have questions, concerns or samples to submit, please email John Ashton as soon as possible.

Webinar on Sharing, Discovering and Citing COVID-19 Data and Code: The webinar, hosted by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), is available to watch now. If prompted for event code, use #NIHData.

New Funding Opportunities:

New Resources:
  • The UR CTSI offers a software tool for patient cohort discovery, called TriNetx, that queries data from the URMC EHR and returns the number of patients that fit specific research queries. Please review the instructions on how to use TriNetx to query for specific diagnoses and labs related to COVID-19 testing and illness. Contact UR CTSI Informatics with questions.
  • Gingko Bioworks, an American biotech and analytics company, has committed $25M of free access to their bio-manufacturing platform for partner COVID-19 projects. If you are developing a diagnostic, drug, or vaccine and are interested in leveraging Ginkgo’s infrastructure at no cost please email

UR CTSI TBS Student Awarded Fellowship

Ian DeAndrea-LazarusIan DeAndrea-Lazarus, M.D. and Ph.D. candidate in the UR CTSI’s Translational Biomedical Sciences PhD Program and the Medical Scientist Training Program, was recently awarded a fellowship from the National Center for Deafness and Communication Disorders. The fellowship will support his research comparing the effect that early access to sign language has on visuospatial attention in people who are Deaf. Congratulations, Ian!

NSF Civic Innovation Challenge

The National Science Foundation (NSF), in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has launched the Civic Innovation Challenge, a national research and action competition. Teams will compete for awards of up to $1 million to support ready-to-implement, research-based pilot projects that have the potential for scalable, sustainable and transferable impact on community-identified priorities. Teams must include civic partners, such as local, state, tribal government officials and non-profit and community leaders. Submit proposals by Wednesday, July 1.

Administrative Supplement Available to Fund Additional KL2 Scholars 

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health and the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences are offering an administrative supplement to support additional scholar slots to KL2 grants currently approved under the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Program. Eligible scholars for the additional slots must have a doctoral, clinical complementary and/or integrative health degrees (e.g.., D.A.O.M., D.C., D.O., D.P.T., and/or N.D.). Apply by Thursday, October 1.

Brain Development Study to Continue at Del Monte Institute

The URMC will continue to play a leading role in the largest long-term study of brain development and child health. The NIH has renewed its support to the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study at URMC, allocating $7.5-million to the study for the next seven years. The Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience continues to be at the forefront of dynamic research projects like ABCD that provide enhanced understanding of adolescent brain development.  Learn more on the NeURoscience Blog.

Research Events Calendar

Thursday, May 7
2020 Virtual Dementia Education Series for Health Care Professionals 

Protein Synthesis Cluster Meeting

Wednesday, May 20
Webinar: Using Surrogate Endpoints to Improve the Efficiency of Randomized Clinical Trials in Kidney Disease

Funding Opportunities

COVID-19 Funding Opportunities:

Monday, May 4
African Academy of Sciences Funding Opportunity – Application Deadline

Tuesday, May 5
PCORI Funding Opportunities – Letter of Intent Due

C3.aiDTI: Mitigation of COVID-19 and Future Pandemics – Application Deadline

Friday, May 15
*NEW* PhRMA Foundation Funding Opportunities – Letter of Intent Due 

Newton Award for Transformative Ideas during the COVID-19 – Application Deadline

Tracelink, Inc. COVID-19 Funding Opportunity – Application Deadline

Thursday, May 21
Russell Sage Foundation Funding Opportunity – Application Deadline

Monday, May 25
PCORI Funding Opportunities – Application Deadline

Thursday, May 28
Department of Defense Funding Opportunity for COVID-19 – Application Deadline

Sunday, May 31
xTech COVID-19 Ventilator Challenge – Application Deadline

African Academy of Sciences Funding Opportunity – Application Deadline 

Monday, June 1
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases Funding Opportunity – Application Deadline
Monday, June 8
Department of Defense Funding Opportunity for COVID-19 – Application Deadline
Thursday, June 18
MIT Health Security and Pandemics Challenge – Application Deadline

Thursday, June 25
Nation Cancer Institute Funding Opportunity – Application Deadline

Monday, June 29
NIH Partnerships for Countermeasures against Select Pathogens – Application Deadline

Tuesday, June 30
AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative (DDI) – Application Deadline
Wednesday, July 1
*NEW* NSF Civic Innovation Challenge – Application Deadline

Monday, July 13
Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grants – Application Deadline
Wednesday, September 30
Air Force Funding Opportunities for COVID-19 – Application Deadline
Ongoing Funding for COVID-19:

*NEW* NIH COVID-19 Rapid Investigation Funding Opportunities
*NEW* National Institute of Biomedical Imaging COVID-19 Fast-Track Funding Opportunities
Wellcome Trust Funding Opportunity

Understanding the Impact of Environmental Exposures on COVID-19
Gates Foundation, Wellcome, Master Card Funding Opportunities
National Science Foundation Funding Opportunities

Non-COVID-19 Funding Opportunities:

Monday, May 11
Center for Community Health & Prevention Mini-Grant Opportunity – Application Deadline

Friday, July 10
NCATS Funding Opportunities – Application Deadline

Friday, July 31
American Psychological Foundation Funding Opportunities

Thursday, October 1
NCATS CTSA Program Administrative Supplement Funding – Application Deadline
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