SMQG December 2012 Newsletter
December 2012 Newsletter
Thanks to everyone who came out to our last meeting and those of you who have contacted us via the Facebook page and e-mail. We love to hear from you. This month we have some announcements as well as some follow-up from our December meeting. 

We have a snazzy logo and header (look at the top of the newsletter!). 
This was developed based on the colours we picked as favorites at the December meeting. We think it looks great and would love to hear your feedback. You will see this logo on our website (in the works - hoping to be up and running by the end of January) and anywhere else we have a face on the web. As a new guild we are lucky to have a friend who was able to do this for us at a low cost. 

MeetingsWe will be meeting the first Sunday of every month. For now these meeting will take place at Periwinkle Quilting at 2pm. So our next meeting is January 6th, 2013 at 2pm

We will also be planning a week night meeting once we secure a location. These will be held the third Wednesday of the month. The focus will be slightly different and hopefully more hands-on, but first we need to secure a location with space and electricity. The tentative date is January 16th at 7:30pm. We will keep you all posted on the time and place (and a possible day change). 

December Challenge
The challenge for December is to make a name tag for yourself and wear it to our next meeting! Anything goes for our first challenge. 

Madrona Road Challenge
We are lucky to be participating in the Michael Miller challenge for January. The fabric is en route as we write this letter. This is a Modern Quilt Guild challenge and the guild will be blogging about the finished projects. Since this is our first official challenge we are leaving it quite open ended, make whatever you want with the fabric provided (quilting is encouraged, we are, after all, a quilt guild). The only other rule is that you cannot add fabric from other lines, you can only add more Madrona Road or coordinating solids. 

We discussed this challenge at our last meeting so we have a list of eager participants. If you were not at the meeting and would like to participate please e-mail us at and we will add you to the list. Fabric will be available on a first come, first served basis. There are limited spaces. Once we have the fabric in hand and have had a chance to cut it up and see how much there is we will be contacting participants to pick-up. 

Because of the shipping time on the fabric and the approaching holidays the challenge has been extended past the original deadline of January 31st, so we will not be as pressed for time as originally thought. 


Starting in January we will be selling memberships. Fees have been set at $20 for the calender year to cover incidental costs. If you would like to attend meetings and find value in what we are doing we encourage you to become a member. Membership forms and cards will be available at our January meeting. If possible bring cash (to keep costs down we will be operating with cash only)

Want to check us out first? No problem! Come to 2 meetings before deciding if membership is right for you. 

Want to join later in the year or have a friend who wants to join? We will gladly prorate membership for portions of the year (monthly).

Thank you so much for the support and enthusiasm so far! Our door is always open - get in touch with ideas, comments, questions, concerns, and topic suggestions for upcoming meetings!

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