SMQG February 2013 Newsletter
February 2013 Newsletter
Thanks to everyone who came out to our last meeting, braving the snow and terrible roads! This month we have some announcements as well as some follow-up from our last meeting. 

WebpageThe webpage is finished (details will be added over time) and Carly and Jaclyn have been blogging. Check it out at We would love for you to write a guest post for the blog! If you have a tutorial or something to share please contact us and we will get you set up with a profile so that you can write a guest post. This is a great way to drive traffic to your own blog and share ideas with members of the guild. 

FlickrWe also have a Flickr group found here: If you are a Flickr member please join the group and add your projects to the pool! We'd love to see what you are working on. 

MeetingsRegular Sunday meetings will continue to be the 4th Sunday of the month. Our next meeting is Sunday February 24 at 2pm at Periwinkle . We also have meetings the second Wednesday of the month, from 7pm-9pm at the Co-op Grocery store on 8th Street. There is a meeting room beside the pharmacy. The next Wednesday night meeting will be March 13th. We endeavour to keep the Sunday meetings more structured and the Wednesday meetings more informal, anything goes on Wednesday, bring something to share with the group, something to work on, things you need help with, whatever you feel like contributing. 

Sunday February 24th Meeting: Kerrie will be giving a tutorial on piecing curves. We will announce another challenge as well, this one involves colour and should be lots of fun. 

February ChallengeWe drew ugly fat quarters at the last Sunday meeting - these projects are Due on March 24th. How are you doing so far? Finding a way to turn that ugly fat quarter into a treasured finish? 

Madrona Road Challenge - January (Due February 24)
Don't forget to bring your completed Madrona Road project on Sunday. We want to do a group picture with all the completed projects. We can't wait to see what you came up with. 

MembershipWant to become a member? Fees have been set at $20 for the calender year to cover incidental costs. If you would like to attend meetings and find value in what we are doing we encourage you to become a member. Membership forms and cards will be available at all of our meeting. If possible bring cash (to keep costs down we will be operating with cash only).

Want to check us out first? No problem! Come to 2 meetings before deciding if membership is right for you. 

Want to join later in the year or have a friend who wants to join? We will gladly prorate membership for portions of the year (monthly).

Thank you so much for the support and enthusiasm so far! Our door is always open - get in touch with ideas, comments, questions, concerns, and topic suggestions for upcoming meetings!

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