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Water out of thin air
A Vancouver company wants people to consider getting cheap, potable water from a widely available source: air.

Wetlands restored through project
More than 60 acres of previously drained wetlands have been restored in southeast Saskatchewan...

Floods flag need for water-sensitive design
Experts call for retrofitting towns and cities, more tree planting and recognizing the value of parks for help with drainage.

SK Farmers Willing To Cooperate On Water
Saskatchewan farmers are willing to work together with their counterparts in Manitoba on water management issues...

Water Shortages Slow Energy Production Worldwide
The World Bank is launching a new initiative at the World Future Energy Summit and International Water Summit ... that will help developing countries better plan and manage scaling-up energy capacity to meet rising demand, in tandem with water resource management.

Water: essential for life; good for a portfolio?
To some people it is ethically wrong to put a dollar value on this precious element. But it is undeniable that the provision of safe water systems is a crucial and growing part of the infrastructure needs around the world.

Upcoming Events

Canada Water Week
March 17-23

Keep your calendar clear for Canada Water Week and participate in events such as the unveiling of the new Manitoba Museum interactive exhibit about Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba Eco-Network's screening of the new film Watermark, water activities at Oak Hammock Marsh and the celebration of world water day on March 22nd.

More details and links to events in Manitoba will be sent out in the next ebulletin.

Webinar: Improving Water Quality and Quantity with Pervious Pavement
March 19, 1:00 pm (1-1.5hr)

Reduce your runoff quantity and improve your water quality! Join Glenn Herold and Chuck Taylor for a FREE live and on-demand webinar exploring how to reduce your urban stormwater runoff, and improve your water quality through the effective design and maintenance of permeable pavement interlocking concrete paver (PICP) systems.

For more information and to register, visit the
Forester University website.

Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative (presented by MEIA)
April 08, 2014, 8:00 am - 10:00 am
Holiday Inn South, 1330 Pembina Highway

Mr. Les Rutherford will provide a presentation which addresses the Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative (LWBI), the Environment Canada led, Government of Canada program to improve water quality in Lake Winnipeg and its basin. An update will be provided on the three program elements of the LWBI: Science, Stewardship and Transboundary Partnerships.

Visit the MEIA website for more information and to register. Registration is $60 ($40 for members)

Canadian Water Summit
June 18, 2014
International Centre, Toronto, Ontario

The 2014 Canadian Water Summit is returning to Toronto on June 18th to put the spotlight on urban water issues. The event will connect water professionals with paths that lead to solving the Canadian urban water puzzle.
Breakout sessions include:
  • Putting Water on Page One: How do we put water front and centre in the public eye?
  • Urban Emergency: Managing Extreme Water Crises in Cities: How are cities dealing with more extreme effects of a changing climate? How are we better planning for times of emergency?
  • Financing Urban Water: How are cities paying for water infrastructure? What are the emerging models?
Early Bird registration is available until March 31st: $549 for Delegates, and $349 for NGOs and Academics
For more information and to register, visit

For listings of workshops and conferences happening across the country, visit: Water Canada


Winnipeg Discoloured Water Investigation Report
Independent report cites excess levels of manganese, a naturally occurring metal found in groundwater, for Winnipeg's brown water woes. A city-commissioned report has  found that a chemical (ferric chloride) used to treat the water supply could be exacerbating the problem. Find the report together with the CBC story: Chemical used in treatment made brown water worse, report says.
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