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Challenging landscape: Expert talks about environmental demands facing Manitoba
Best known for saving the Experimental Lake Area, the Winnipeg-based International Institute for Sustainable Development was also among the first think-tanks with a global reach to paint the economy green. We sat down with Henry David Venema, IISD's chief scientist and vice-president for business development, to talk about environmental challenges facing Manitoba.

The price of Winnipeg's water: one reserve's man-made misery and isolation
More than 30 years have passed, but Janis Redsky can still see the flashing lights of the ambulance she desperately needed. She was pregnant and crippled by searing abdominal pains, stranded on her reserve Shoal Lake 40 -- an island carved off a century ago for construction of an aqueduct to provide water to the city of Winnipeg.

Cabinet minister Kevin Chief says governments looking at new support for Shoal Lake
One of Manitoba's top cabinet ministers says the province is committed to helping an Ontario First Nation where Winnipeg gets its water.

Elders speak out about devastating effects of flooded First Nations
Being forced out of their communities has created feelings of isolation, mental health issues and a higher rate of suicide. Four years after a devastating flood, elders from four first nations spoke out about the challenges they face as evacuees gathered in Winnipeg.

North America

Agencies admit failing to protect water sources from fuel pollution
The agencies charged with overseeing oil production and protecting California's ever-dwindling water sources from the industry's pollution all fell down on the job, one state official told a panel of peeved lawmakers Tuesday.

Predicting the extent of flash flooding
Devastating floodwaters such as those experienced during Iowa's Flood of 2008 are notoriously difficult to predict. So a team of mathematicians and hydrologists have set out to gain a better understanding of flood genesis and the factors impacting it. They were able to do this by zeroing in on the impacts of certain rainfall patterns at the smallest unit of a river basin: the hillslope scale.

Thunder Bay council gets first look at storm water management plan
Thunder Bay city councillors got a look at the progress being made on the development of the city's storm water management plan. The plan will govern how Thunder Bay deals with storm water over the next 20 years, project engineer Camilla Correll said. Listen to CBC interview for details

Water Week: Know Your H2O

This upcoming Sunday, we celebrate World Water Day. It is a day to celebrate water and to think about how we can manage it sustainably for the future.

Nationally we celebrate Canada Water Week during the week leading up to Water Day. Some of the events are already underway, but it is not too late to engage and get to know your H2O. Check out the event listings below (including a film screening of "Silence of the Labs" hosted by the Manitoba Eco-Network) and consider creating your own events for the remaining five days of Water Week.

This is also a great opportunity to re-evaluate your own water usage. The average Manitoban uses approximately 230 litres of water per day. Challenge yourself to reduce your water consumption. For tips on water conservation, visit our website.


Upcoming Events

CANADA WATER WEEK: Lake Winnipeg Foundation: Follow Your Water, Winnipeg!
March 16 to 20, 2015

Inspired by this year’s national theme, "Know Your H20", the Lake Winnipeg Foundation (LWF) has created an interactive, week-long challenge to highlight the connection between urban water and the health of Lake Winnipeg.

Participants in each day’s event will have the chance to win a prize and our five winners will be entered into a draw for a grand prize: a $200 gift certificate to MEC!

LWF will be releasing more information about the challenge on its website on March 11.

CANADA WATER WEEK: Rethink your Drink
March 18 and 19th
Red River College

If you are around RRC this week, stop by and take the water challenge to see if you can taste the difference between bottled water and tap water. The challenge is happening on March 18 at The Roblin Centre Atrium and March 19 at the Notre Dame Campus bookstore.

For more information and to learn some water bottle facts, visit

CANADA WATER WEEK: Film Screening: Silence of the Labs
March 23, 2015 at 7 P.M.
3rd floor - 303 Portage Avenue

The CBC documentary Silence of the Labs investigates the changing landscape of public funding for scientific research and its relationship to public policy. The documentary highlights perspectives from the scientific community and the impact of government research funding decisions on all Canadians.

This is a must see documentary that raises important issues about public-interest science and the state of our democracy.

April 9th, 2015, from 9 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.
University of Winnipeg, Richardson College for the Environment and Science

Greenspace15 Poster

GreenSpace is the Manitoba Environmental Youth Network's annual youth-organized conference. This conference is for youth who are leading school-based environmental projects, to those who want to do something but don’t know how to get started – it’s for everyone.

We also welcome adults who want to find out more about how to support youth leadership in environmental sustainability activities. GreenSpace educates, inspires, builds the capacity of youth in Manitoba and mobilizes action for a more sustainable province.

Registration cost is $15 and includes lunch. To register, please contact Ellen at, or visit for more information.



Liquid Courage
A great info-graphic, created by Nature Conservancy of Canada, for understanding the state of water and water use on our planet, and for learning what you can do to improve the outlook for the future. Click here to visit the site.
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