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Manitoba toughens up on wetland drainage
Draining wetlands will become much more difficult in Manitoba if proposed legislation becomes law. The Manitoba government has unveiled legislation that would require farmers and other landowners who removed wetlands to compensate the province for the loss.

Winnipeg City Council approved $1 million for Shoal Lake 40’s ‘Freedom Road’
Winnipeg City council approved a $1 million grant to design Freedom Road which would provide year-round access to Shoal Lake 40 First Nation. The city had already set aside funds for the freedom road project but this decision earmarks that money for the technical design of the road and two bridges needed to complete the project.

Cap and trade and hope: Province announces climate-change strategy, but is it enough?
Manitoba’s new climate-change plan aims to slash greenhouse gas emissions by one-third in the next 15 years but some fear the strategy won’t be enough.

The plan announced December 3rd proposes to cut emissions 50% by 2050, based on 2005 levels, and make the province carbon neutral by 2080. The first goal would require a 7.6-megatonne reduction from the 20.7 megatonnes emitted in 2005, the province says.

Classic Lake Winnipeg folk songs get a musical makeover
Almost 50 years after they were first recorded to vinyl, folk songs documenting life on Lake Winnipeg are being given new life – and new purpose.

Love, Lake Winnipeg: A tribute to the songs of Sol Sigurdson, is a collaborative project featuring select tracks from Riverton singer-songwriter Sol Sigurdson’s 1970 cult classic, The Lake Winnipeg Fisherman, reimagined by an eclectic group of contemporary Manitoba musicians.

Nestlé Waters Canada plan to tap aquifer worries Elora, Ont., residents
esidents of a southern Ontario town are worried Nestlé Water Canada's plan to pump up to 1.6 million litres of water per day from a nearby aquifer could leave them high and dry.

Nestlé Waters Canada, a subsidiary of the transnational Nestlé company, has conditionally bought an existing well near Elora, Ont. — a small town on the Grand River located about 115 kilometres west of Toronto — that taps into a major aquifer, or underground layer of water.

Celebrate Water This Season

As the snow begins to fall and our rivers and lakes freeze over, Manitobans are starting to think about this coming holiday season. There are lots of ways to celebrate water this season - attend an event to connect with fellow water aficionados, nominate a local environmentalist you admire for an Earthie, get outside to do some ice fishing (the lake friendly way!), enjoy some Lake Winnipeg music or get up to speed on the latest political developments in our communities surrounding water issues.

Upcoming Events

Blue Dot Celebration
December 17, 2015, 7:00-9:00pm
Fools and Horses, 379 Broadway 

Come share in the successes of the local Blue Dot Right to a Healthy Environment Campaign. Join volunteers and friends over snacks and drinks to celebrate Manitoba's decision to introduce an Environmental Bill of Rights - supporting the right of all Manitobans to fresh air, health food and clean water. 

Love, Lake Winnipeg: A tribute to the songs of Sol Sigurdson
January 14, 2016
West End Cultural Centre

This benefit concert in support of Lake Winnipeg Foundation will feature sets from DJ Co-op, Mise en Scene, Scott Nolan and John K. Samson, and Jess Reimer. Almost 50 years after they were first recorded to vinyl, folk songs documenting life on Lake Winnipeg are being given new life – and new purpose. Tickets are only $25 each - and the price of admission includes a free copy of Love, Lake Winnipeg, a benefit EP featuring songs from participating artists, which will be given out at the show.

Earthie Award Deadline
Nomination deadline is January 15, 2016

Do you know an individual or group that has worked hard to protect, preserve or enhance Manitoba’s environment?

Show your appreciation and let all Manitobans know by nominating them for an Anne Lindsey Protecting Our Earth Award. Nominees will be promoted on our website, showcased to the media, and celebrated at the 2016 Reel Green event on March 10, where the award recipient(s) will be selected.

Lets celebrate those making a positive difference in our lives and communities. Visit for all the details.

2016 MWWA Annual Conference and Tradeshow
January 31-February 3, 2016
Victoria Inn Airport, Winnipeg

This four day four day event features numerous activities including a tradeshow, awards ceremony and a variety of technical sessions. For more information and to register, visit

33rd Annual Red River Basin Land & Water International Summit Conference
January 19-21, 2016
Alerus Center, Grand Forks ND

The conference fosters international cooperation and identifies issues important to the Red River Basin citizens. It is a public forum for natural resources education, training and information dissemination useful for elected officials, watershed managers, educators, producers, environmentalists, businesses, decision makers and residents. The goal of the conference is to acknowledge, celebrate and create awareness of how much progress is being made each year in the Red River Basin and reaffirm that we are overcoming our challenges and we are all in this together.

Registration and workshop information is available online


Ice Fishing the Lake Friendly Way
Ice fishing is just one of the many winter activities that can be enjoyed on the lakes of Manitoba, but did you know that it can be harmful to both the lakes and the aquatic species if not done properly? Read more.

Here are a few Friendly suggestions to help improve everyone's ice fishing experience:
  • Follow recommendations concerning bait, limit and restrictions from the Manitoba Angler's guide
  • Dispose of excess bait in secure trash area away from water
  • Make sure oils, gas, solvents, cleaners and other hazardous materials do not go in the water or on the ice
  • Pickup and dispose of all garbage and recyclables including pet waste in proper receptacle
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