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SLOCOG, County of SLO and Caltrans to Begin Next Steps on State Route 227 Improvements

The SR 227 Operations Study was approved by the SLOCOG Board in December. It was the culmination of more than a year of measuring traffic, collecting public input, and coordinating with stakeholder agencies on how to fix traffic congestion in the corridor. Now, SLOCOG is ready to partner with Caltrans and the County on the first steps toward implementing the improvements. This was reflected in Board direction at last week’s Board meeting, including confirming the process for a short-term fix to the Los Ranchos Rd. intersection in the form of a roundabout. The SR 227 Study identified this as the first priority, with the Buckley Rd. intersection as a close second. The next steps are also expected to address how access to and from Crestmont Dr. can be improved.

More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Jeff Brubaker at 788-2104 or

FY 17/18 Unmet Transit Needs & Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvement Needs Hearings

At its February meeting, the SLOCOG Board held a public hearing to receive testimonies on unmet needs involving local and regional public transit services. Testimony included retaining current service levels (including evening and weekend service) on all RTA routes, a request for better protection for bus stops during summer and winter weather, allowing bicycles onboard regional buses when bike racks are full, and a request that all Local Transportation Fund (LTF) recipients spend 100% of their LTF allocation on public transit. Prior to the hearing staff received 39 unmet transit need requests. 
Bicycle and pedestrian improvement requests were also received during a second hearing. Members of the cycling community requested funding and implementation of projects included in the 2015/16 County Bikeways Plan and adopted jurisdictional Bike Plans. These included closing “gaps” by completing bikeway connectors between communities, specifically the Atascadero/Templeton multi-use trail and the proposed Chorro Valley multi-use trail between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay. 75 specific bicycle and pedestrian-related requests had been received prior to the hearing.
The last day to submit requests for the FY 17/18 Unmet Transit Needs study and Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement assessment is Wednesday, February 8th at 5 p.m. Staff will then compile and analyze all transit-related requests received per the adopted criteria. Staff will present all unmet transit needs identified for SLOCOG Board consideration at the April 5th meeting. Bicycle and pedestrian-related requests will be forwarded to the proper jurisdictions for consideration with a follow-up status report scheduled for June. 

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More information can be found in the staff reports.
Unmet transit needs: READ HERE
Bicycle & pedestrian requests: READ HERE

Questions? Contact Tim Gillham at 781-1520 or

2050 Regional Growth Forecast

The SLOCOG board directed staff to move forward with the medium growth trajectory for the draft 2050 Regional Growth Forecast at the February 2017 board meeting. SLOCOG is working with Beacon Economics to develop a regional growth forecast as the first step in the regional transportation planning process. The forecast uses best available trend data to estimate the growth in population, housing, and employment from 2015 to 2050 in San Luis Obispo County. Beacon Economics developed three separate scenarios (low, medium, and high) before recommending “medium” to be the most likely growth trajectory. 

Under the medium scenario, population growth over the next 35 years:
  • is estimated to be 44,000 (an annual growth rate of about 0.40%);
  • households growth is estimated to be nearly 18,000;
  • and job growth is expected to be about 20,000.
The final forecast – expected to be finalized in the next month – is expected to be approved at the April 2017 board meeting.

More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Geoffrey Chiapella at 781-5190 or

Support for the Draft 2017 Central Coast Coalition (CCC) Legislative Priorities & 2 State Transportation Funding Proposals (AB1/SB1)

At the February meeting, The California Transportation Commission’s (CTC) Annual Report was presented to the SLOCOG Board for information. The Board supported the majority of reforms included in the CTC report and suggested SLOCOG advocate for them. The staff report highlighted the Commission's recommendations to the state legislature, adding the need for increased transportation funding and legislation with significant reforms.

A majority of the SLOCOG Board also supported the Draft 2017 CCC Legislative Principles to be presented to State Legislators during the March 8th Legislative Day in Sacramento. These principals largely focus on advocating at the State level for:
  • Increased transportation funding
  • Protecting and increasing regional control and flexibility
  • Ensuring a fair distribution of Cap & Trade funding
  • Supporting strong transportation reforms and accountability.
The CCC is comprised of the Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPA) & Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) in District 5, as well as Caltrans District 5 serving as ex-officio. The main goal is to raise the awareness of the U.S. 101 Corridor as a major economic asset to the state and nation and to encourage ongoing investments on the corridor.

The majority of the Board also showed support for two leading transportation funding proposals (AB1/SB1) currently being considered at the State level. The two legislative proposals are relatively similar in that they both address reforms and increased accountability, streamlining project delivery, and restoring diverted funding, specifically to the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The two bills are expected to generate $5.7B-$5.8B per year. Both bills would allocate:
  • $13.3M per year to SLO County
  • $5.3M per year to local cities
  • $2-3M per year to SLOCOG
More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Tim Gillham at 781-1520 or

SLO Regional Rideshare Triannual Report Available


FY 2016/17 Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP) Funding Awarded!

The SLOCOG Board approved an estimated $100K in LCTOP funding available to the region to continue operation of South County Transit (SCT) Routes 27 and 28 through FY 17/18 serving the 5 Cities. LCTOP provides operating and capital assistance for transit agencies with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with an emphasis on serving disadvantaged communities (i.e. Oceano). Eligible LCTOP projects must meet any of the following three criteria:

1) Supports new or expanded bus or rail services, or expanded intermodal transit facilities
2) Expenditures that increase mode share
3) Expenditures for zero-emission buses and equipment

The final State Controller’s Office (SCO) LTF allocation breakdown was recently received providing $134K to the region for FY 16/17. This amount is down from the $291K received in FY 15/16.

More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Tim Gillham at 781-1520 or 

Down the Road...

The next scheduled meeting of the SLOCOG Board will be held at the San Luis Obispo County Government Center, 
Wednesday, April 5, 2017. 

Upcoming items:
  • Transit Fund Programming
  • Safe Routes to School Capital Project Improvement Programming
  • Final 2050 Regional Growth Forecast
ADA accommodations may be requested by contacting SLOCOG offices at 781-4219. Please note that 48 hours advance notice is necessary to accommodate your request. 
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