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SLOCOG Approves Next Steps for 9-year, $225M San Luis Obispo County Self-Help Local Transportation Investment Plan

At its June 1st board meeting, the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments approved the next steps for the San Luis Obispo County Self-Help Local Transportation Investment Plan. The Plan is based on a proposed 9-year, countywide half-cent sales tax to fund local and regional transportation priorities. The Plan was heavily influenced by a comprehensive public outreach program that asked residents to identify their priorities for future transportation programs and projects and will now go to every city council in the county and the County Board of Supervisors for approval to be placed on the November 2016 ballot.

More information can be found at

Questions? Contact Stephanie Hicks at 781-4462 or

2016 Active Transportation Cycle 3 Recommendations

At the June 1st SLOCOG board meeting, staff reported anticipating eight applications to be submitted by member agencies for funding consideration under California’s Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 3.

Grant applications for the ATP are due June 15th and funding recommendations for the ATP-Cycle 3 program will be made by the California Transportation Commission (CTC) October 2016. The ATP program guidelines encourage Metropolitan Planning Organizations to evaluate the regional significance of candidate ATP grant applications and determine how local priorities relate to the regional priorities established in long range planning documents (i.e. 2014 RTP/SCS) in advance of their submittal for grant funding.

At the meeting, the SLOCOG Board approved funding recommendations for priority projects and programs and accepted the Preliminary Safe Routes to School Prioritization Tool Report as a resource for informing ATP Cycle 3 applications.

More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Rich Murphy at 781-5754 or

2014 RTP/SCS Amendment #1 - Regional Definition of Disadvantaged Communities

At its June 1st meeting, the SLOCOG Board adopted an amendment to the 2014 RTP/SCS to incorporate a “regional definition of disadvantaged communities”. This amendment includes new language in the Sustainable Communities Strategy chapter of the RTP, as well as a new technical appendix to address the 13 variables considered in the definition, as well as data sources, data analysis methodology and subregional maps to show the neighborhoods of the region that are considered meeting the regional definition of disadvantaged communities.

Having this definition in place may allow SLOCOG, Rideshare and member jurisdictions be more competitive in statewide grants that typically award additional points to plans and projects that consider and provide benefits to disadvantaged communities in a given region.

The associated GIS spatial data, symbology layers, and supporting materials are available on SLOCOG’s Data Services page.

More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Geoffrey Chiapella at 781-5190 or

Airport Ground Access Improvement Plan

The state and federal agencies that provide planning funding to SLOCOG request a periodic assessment of ground access issues for the commercial service airports in the region. The last study was completed in the 1992. SLOCOG intends to conduct an analysis of the pertinent issues associated with access to the airports, with most of the attention on the San Luis Obispo Regional Airport, since it is the only facility with passenger air service.

Proposed focus areas will include:
  • Status of roadway improvements to SLO Airport
  • Transit and Transportation Network Company (TNC) opportunities at SLO Airport
  • “First & Last Mile” options and recommendations for improvement  
More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Pete Rodgers at 781-5712 or

San Luis Obispo County Loses $45.1M in State Transportation Funds

$1.5 Billion Shortfall at the State Forces Cuts and Delays 

Atascadero and Morro Bay
Triennial Performance Audits

The TDA Performance Reviews for Atascadero and Morro Bay Transit were completed and adopted by the SLOCOG Board  at its June meeting. 

The full reports are available online here >>

More information can be found in the staff report.

Down the Road...

The next scheduled meeting of the SLOCOG Board will be held at the San Luis Obispo County Government Center, 
Wednesday, July 6, 2016. 

Upcoming items:
  • Sales Tax Expenditure Plan discussion
ADA accommodations may be requested by contacting SLOCOG offices at 781-4219. Please note that 48 hours advance notice is necessary to accommodate your request. 
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The San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG) is an area-wide planning and programming agency for issues of regional concern. SLOCOG is also the federal-designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the state-designated Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA), the Service Authority for Freeways and Expressways (SAFE), the Census Data Affiliate (CDA) and the Regional Ridesharing Program for the San Luis Obispo Region. Member agencies and their designated representatives are listed below:
President - Jan Howell Marx (San Luis Obispo)
Vice President - Lynn Compton (District 4)

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