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SLOCOG Board Votes to Continue Pursuit of Self- Help Status

At its April 2016 board meeting, SLOCOG instructed staff to work with local jurisdictions towards a possible Self-Help ballot measure in November 2016. Below is a pie chart representing a top-level look at the proposed Expenditure Plan. Self-Help funds would provide the region approximately $25M a year that can only be spent on transportation programs and projects that are clearly outlined in a voter-approved Expenditure Plan. In addition to the Expenditure Plan, the measure would include multiple safeguards; including, a sunset date for the tax and a Citizen Oversight Committee. These types of measures require a 2/3 vote of the population and prohibit the State or Federal government from accessing the funds. Funds generated must stay local and early analysis shows that ½ the funds would be generated by visitors to our region. SLOCOG will be presenting to all City Councils and the Board of Supervisors in April and May to gather input and feedback on the proposed investments.

To learn more about SLOCOG’s Self Help effort, visit the page at

Questions? Contact Stephanie Hicks at 781-4462 or

2015 Coordinated Human Services Public Transportation Plan Approved

At the April 2016 Board meeting, the SLOCOG board approved the final draft of the 2015 Coordinated Human Services Public Transportation Plan. This plan identifies the transportation needs of seniors, persons with disabilities, and individuals with low incomes and provides guidance for meeting the needs of these populations by prioritizing investments for funding and implementation. The 2015 Plan is an update to the 2007 Coordinated Plan, developed in response to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) mandate of 2005. The 2015 Update has simplified the recommendations of the 2007 Plan down to three (3) priority outcomes. To successfully address the three outcomes the plan presented five (5) priority actions.

>> Read the full plan online here.

More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Stephanie Hicks at 781-4462 or

SLOCOG Board Adopts Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan

The SLOCOG board adopted the San Luis Obispo County Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan (CRSMP) at the April 6th board meeting. The CRSMP was developed for the California Coastal Sediment Management Workgroup (CSMW) by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in partnership with Everest International Consultants, Inc. and the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments. SLOCOG staff provided local facilitation for the year-long planning process.

A CRSMP frames policy and guidance strategies to: restore, create, and maintain coastal beaches and other critical areas of sediment deficit; sustain recreation and tourism; enhance public safety and access; restore coastal sandy habitats; and identify cost-effective solutions for restoration of areas of excess sediment. The plan, which covers the coastal shoreline and environs of San Luis Obispo County, focuses on coastal stretches where mitigating existing and expected future coastal erosion and other co-objectives is or will be crucial.
For more information about the SLO CRSMP, visit the CRSMP page of the SLOCOG website at A final version of the plan is expected to be available on the SLOCOG website in the next week.

More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Geoffrey Chiapella at 781-5190 or

$626,909 in Transit Funds Awarded!

At their April 6th meeting, the SLOCOG Board awarded 4 projects in the amount of $626,909 from two different transit funding programs (Proposition 1B and Rural Transit Funds). Funding goes towards transit capital projects and to maintain existing regional transit service levels.  The following projects were awarded:
  • SLO Transit Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Upgrade System - $155,629
  • RTA/SCT/Paso Express ADA Bus Video Upgrade System - $100,000
  • Morro Bay Transit Replacement Vehicle - $71,280
  • RTA Operating Assistance 2016/17 - $300,000
  • TOTAL = $626,909
The SLOCOG Board also approved setting aside a $93K reserve in Rural Transit Funds to supplement funding shortfalls for rural transit operators due to a reduction in FY 16/17 Local Transportation Funds (LTF).

More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Tim Gillham at 781-1520 or

2016 Federal Transportation Improvement Program Update

2015 FTIP Amendment No. 12 addresses new project programming for: US101 Pismo Beach Congestion Relief project (environmental phase), SR41 ADA Pedestrian Path on Morro Rd. & Atascadero Ave, and Signals and various Collision Reduction and Highway Safety Features on US101 & SR41. Also included is the introduction of a pavement rehabilitation project in and near Cayucos to Harmony on HWY1, shifting of CMAQ funds to FY16/17 for Avila Beach Drive US101, SLO RTA FY16/17 operating budget and cost escalations on the Piedras Blancas realignment project due to labor cost estimate increases and revised cost estimates for the Scour Prevention at Pismo Creek Bridge US101.

More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact John DiNunzio at 781-5764 or

Transportation Development Act (TDA) FY16/17

Annually SLOCOG apportions TDA funds to the seven cities, the County, SLOCOG and Ride-On for the upcoming fiscal year. These funds are made up of Local Transportation Funds (LTF) and State Transit Assistance (STA). LTF is derived from ¼ cent collected in retail sales taxes. STA is a portion of the sales tax on diesel tax. 
For 16/17, the County Auditor has estimated LTF, after adjustment, at $12,570,000, almost flat compared to the previous year. An STA estimate has been received from the State Controller’s office which totals $1,346,244, a minor increase over prior year. Thus, the combined LTF/STA estimate is $13,916,244. 
Because of fluctuations in LTF deposits, particularly tied to the holiday shopping period, the Board has approved a fund reserve of $563,550. The amount then available to allocate to the jurisdictions (Table A below) is essentially flat compared to the previous year.

After deductions for the fund reserve and other required allocations, but before allocations to the San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority and South County Transit, the preliminary amounts available for apportionment are shown in Table A. Similarly, the proposed STA allocations are shown in Table B. 

More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Pete Rodgers at 781-5712 or

Ride-On Triennial Performance Audit

The TDA Performance Review for Ride-On Transportation was completed and adopted by the SLOCOG Board  at its April meeting. The review contains six (6) recommendations, two (2) being an expansion and continuation of 2012 recommendations.

The full report is available online here >>

More information can be found in the staff report.

16/17 Overall Work Program and Budget 

At the April board meeting, the SLOCOG board approved the FY 2016/17 SLOCOG Overall Work Program (OWP) and Budget. The draft 2016/17 OWP was submitted to FHWA, FTA and Caltrans on March 18, 2016. Their final comments and recommendations will be included in the final OWP.

The draft 2016/17 OWP is available online here >>  

More information can be found in the staff report.

Rideshare Triannual Report

Produced on a triannual basis, this report summarizes Rideshare activities and performance metrics over the last 4 months.

The report is available online:

Welcome, New SSTAC Members!

SLOCOG welcomes Sandra Pitts of Paso Robles and Carole Verschoor of Paso Robles to its Social Services Technical Advisory Committee. Both appointees bring valuable perspectives to the committee regarding the needs of seniors and transit riders in SLO County. Welcome!

Active Transportation Program (ATP) Call for Projects

Down the Road...

The next scheduled meeting of the SLOCOG Board will be held at the San Luis Obispo County Government Center, 
Wednesday, May 4, 2016. 

Upcoming items:
  • Sales Tax Expenditure Plan discussion: review comments and findings
ADA accommodations may be requested by contacting SLOCOG offices at 781-4219. Please note that 48 hours advance notice is necessary to accommodate your request. 
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