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SLOCOG Board Releases Final Draft of SR 227 Study for Public Comment

Traffic congestion, side street access, and multimodal access are three important themes addressed by the SR 227 Operations Study. After three public workshops, presentations, and a benefit-cost analysis, the draft SR 227 Operations Study was presented to the SLOCOG Board on October 12. The Board voted to release the study for a final public comment period, through November 16, and will consider adoption at its December 7 meeting.  Among other findings, a roundabout corridor is seen as the most cost-effective option for lowering corridor travel times, substantially reducing delay times for side street turns, improving safety, accommodating the Edna-Price Canyon Trail, and taking up a smaller footprint.

More information is available on the study web page >>

Additional information can also be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Jeff Brubaker at 788-2104 or

2017 Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP)

In October, the 2017 Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) was adopted by the SLOCOG Board. It is a comprehensive listing of the San Luis Obispo County Region’s surface transportation projects that receive federal funds or are subject to a federally required action, or are regionally significant.

The 2017 FTIP: Features and Highlights 

  • The 2017 FTIP is compliant with the federal requirements of FAST Act.
  • The 2017 FTIP includes projects with funding programmed through various previous processes in the next four federal fiscal years (2016/17 through 2019/2020). 
  • The 2017 FTIP will include approximately 130 transportation projects.
  • The 2017 FTIP includes federal, state, and local funding of approximately $242 million programmed in the four year cycle. 
  • Between 2015 FTIP and 2017 FTIP revenue is down approximately $84m (-26%).

The 2017 FTIP lists projects to be funded with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds for the next four year period.

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2017 FTIP Map 

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The 2017 FTIP lists projects to be funded with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds for the next four year period.

More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact John DiNunzio at 781-5764 or

Status of Projects

This SLOCOG Board was presented the status of the agency’s discretionary funding investments committed to surface transportation improvements. The status summarized any issues that may arise with respect to project budget, scope, and/or schedule for each project.

Staff also presented last year’s funding needs assessment for the current portfolio of surface transportation investments which demonstrates a massive funding shortfall to complete the projects in the queue.

Staff requested the SLOCOG Board defer further action on all highway investments until after the State Legislature completes the special session on transportation funding (end of November) and pending the outcome of the November election with respect to Measure J. The current comprehensive multi-modal investment approach may need to be revisited by the Board subject to the outcomes of the two issues noted above.

Later this fall the California Transportation Commission (CTC) will award grant funds for statewide competitive bicycle and pedestrian projects. The SLOCOG Board directed staff to return in December with a review and update of SLOCOG’s active transportation program investments. Pending the outcome of the CTC grant program, the SLOCOG Board may elect to commit set-aside funds for local and regional active transportation improvements.

More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Rich Murphy at 781-5754 or

SLOCOG Annual Report

An overview of the accomplishments and activities carried out by the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments during FY 2015/16 was presented at the October board meeting, including completion of major plans, improvements to transit services and transportation demand management (TDM), enhanced visibility of SLOCOG, receipt of fair share funding, tactical accomplishments and addressing upcoming challenges.

The annual report is based on major goals established at the beginning of the fiscal year and documents SLOCOG's continuing efforts to address our funding dilemma, increase efficiency and system effectiveness, address bottlenecks and enhance system inter-connectivity, multi-modalism, and community livability.

The SLOCOG Board authorized staff to develop a short video presentation for distribution at the January board meeting.  
More information can be found in the staff report.

FY 2016/17 Proposition (Prop) 1B Transit Programming

At the October 2016 meeting, the SLOCOG Board approved $1.32M in Prop 1B “Transit” funds on 2 regionally significant projects with immediate funding shortfalls. These funds can only be used for transit-related capital projects and are ineligible for highway, street, and road improvements. After 10 years of Prop 1B programming, these regional discretionary funds are coming to an end ($1.55M in regional discretionary remains).  

The 2 projects approved for funding are as follows: 
  1. Grover Beach Train Station Expansion Project Land Acquisition ($320K) – Purchase of 42,000 square feet of property to expand the current station south to accommodate Amtrak Throughway Coaches (and future South County Transit) passenger staging on the west-side of the railroad tracks. The overall project will accommodate a number of multi-modal modes (i.e. rail, public transit, van/carpooling, bikes, and pedestrians).
  2. San Luis Obispo Multi-Modal Transportation Center ($1M) – After being awarded $4M in Federal 5339-b grant funding, a $1M match is required to advance the project. The project will relocate the current transit center in San Luis Obispo on Osos/Palm Street to Higuera Street between Toro and Santa Rosa Street. This project will accommodate both local and regional transit, as well as bikes and pedestrians. It is still undecided if this will be a joint public/private partnership, as well as who will be the lead agency to administer the grant. 
More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Tim Gillham at 781-1520 or

Airport Ground Access Study Approved

The San Luis Obispo County Airport Ground Access Plan has been approved. The Plan is a federally required document purposed with auditing routes to the three public airports in the county: San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport, Paso Robles Municipal Airport and Oceano County Airport.  Studying the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport, this document considers recently completed and in-progress projects, proposed projects, airport wayfinding signage, transit access, private vehicle operations and recommendations for farther ground access improvements. Similarly, access to the Paso Robles Municipal Airport reflects proposed projects, wayfinding signage and a series of recommendations. Finally, the Oceano County Airport discussion incorporates existing conditions, proposed projects, wayfinding signage, and recommendations.   
More information can be found in the staff report.

Questions? Contact Pete Rodgers  at 781-5712 or

FY 2017/18 Unmet Transit Needs & Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvement Requests Wanted!

SLOCOG holds an annual Unmet Transit Needs (UTN) study and public hearing as required by the State prior to programming Transportation Development Act (TDA) funding for next fiscal year.

Submit your unmet transit needs requests one of three ways:
  1. Submit online (click here)
  2. Email
  3. Attend the public hearing Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 8:30 AM in the County Board of Supervisors’ Chambers located at 1055 Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo. A Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement public hearing will immediately follow.

The last day to submit UTN requests for the FY 2017/18 study is Wednesday February 8, 2017.

RFP: Safe Routes to School On-Bike Education and Encouragement

SLO Regional Rideshare, a division of the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG/Rideshare), is soliciting proposals from qualified entities to provide Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Learn-By-Doing on-bike education and encouragement.

New Train Connections from San Diego to Grover Beach and SLO

Beginning November 7th, the train that currently arrives on the Central Coast at 1:00 PM will start in San Diego. This northbound Pacific Surfliner Amtrak train currently starts in Los Angeles at 7:30 AM. Because of recent cost-savings and more efficient use of equipment, the train will start from San Diego at 4:00 AM on weekdays and 4:40 AM on weekend and holidays.

The new, very early morning departure from San Diego provides several options; it allows passengers to arrive in Los Angeles at 7:00 AM for the first time, and longer-distance “through passengers” can arrive at the north end of the corridor by mid-day.

Visit to schedule your trip.

Questions? Contact Pete Rodgers  at 781-5712 or

Down the Road...

The next scheduled meeting of the SLOCOG Board will be held at the San Luis Obispo County Government Center, 
Wednesday, December 7, 2016. 

Upcoming items:
  • Draft State Route 227 Operations Study
  • Draft 2017 Federal Transportation Improvement Program
  • Highway 41 Corridor Study
ADA accommodations may be requested by contacting SLOCOG offices at 781-4219. Please note that 48 hours advance notice is necessary to accommodate your request. 
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Holiday Office Closure

Please note that the SLOCOG office will be closed from December 23 - January 2.
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