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You can blame Alex from our biz dev team for today’s subject line. Second best was ‘make sure you use data protection’ from our consultant Josh. Both say all you need to know about the folk at ODIHQ. 

If you haven’t guessed, this week’s theme is very predictably Valentine’s Day – what data says about love in the 21st century, what gifts to buy and how people are celebrating. Plus, the news that people using apps in the US increases by 11% on Valentine’s Day compared to the rest of the month. Who said data couldn’t be roam-antic? (Sorry again.) 

In more literal matters of the heart, new cardiac ultrasound software is being marketed in the US that uses artificial intelligence to help the user capture images of a patient’s heart that are ‘of acceptable diagnostic quality’. 

It’s not just puns we love – many of us at the ODI are also quite into film, so this dataset showing the demographics of Oscar winners from 1928 ‘til now really caught our eye.  

And finally, London is a city close to our hearts – literally, because we live here – and Time Out has given us a vision for the future on how AI is set to shape our city


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From the outside world

Love in the 21st century

Divorce rates are up, while marriage rates are down – discover what data can tell us about love, dating and friendship 

What we really want for Valentine’s Day


YouGov isn’t the first place you’d go for romantic inspiration, but their latest survey might help you decide what to get your loved one this year 

How people are celebrating Valentine’s Day

National Retail Federation

The National Retail Federation has surveyed consumers about how they plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day annually for over a decade

US drug administration is marketing cardiac ultrasound software that uses AI


The US Food and Drug Administration has authorised the marketing of software to assist medical professionals in cardiac ultrasound

London 2030: How AI will shape our city

Time Out

Here are five exciting trends, driven by AI, that London will be seeing in the coming years

From the ODI

The Open Hand: openness, trust and sharing

Poet Mr Gee riffs on how the qualities at the heart of the open data movement – openness, trust and sharing – have always allowed different groups of people to extend ideas and connections across borders

What do we mean by data institutions?

Our CEO Jeni Tennison explains what we mean by data institutions, and shares how we’ve been exploring this type of access model

From Opendatasoft

sponsored content

Three strategies for promoting your public agency with open data

What are the issues that public agencies run into while implementing their open data projects? How do they overcome them, and what are the lessons they learn? Discover the experiences of three French public agencies

Demographics of Oscar winners

Opendatasoft has shared this dataset listing the demographics of Oscar winners from 1928 till today, extracted from Wikidata 

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