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Director's Note

We remain One.  Even in the midst of Shelter in Place, we remain One.  In the face of uncertainty, we remain One.  As we help keep ourselves and others healthy by practicing social distancing, we remain One.  No matter the physical space between us, there is nothing that separates us as the family of God.  If anything, this is bringing humanity closer together, working toward a common goal.  And you and your families are connecting in ways that we haven't seen since our grandparents' days, and in technological ways that they could never have imagined.  Whether we've been calling or emailing, we find ourselves in touch with the people we love more often than usual.  And we're taking better care of ourselves, too.  In all the craziness, there is good to be found. 

Soul School is rolling with the changes, too.  We will be utilizing Spiritual Playdate as our curriculum over the coming weeks, in addition to continuing work on our Youth-Led Service.  We might not know the date of the service, but we are confident that when we come through this challenging time, we will choose a date to share our Soul School wisdom with our congregation.  See below for the online Soul School Zoom link.

This Week's Louise Hay Power Thought Card Affirmation:  "I now go beyond other people's fears and limitations.  It is my mind that creates my experiences.  I am unlimited in my own ability to create the good in my life."

Rev. Kate Jordan, LUT, CSE
Youth and Family Ministry Director

This Sunday in Soul School

We are happily offering Soul School through the Zoom platform.

Our meetings begin at 9:45 am each Sunday and will go until about 10:20 or so, to give you time to take a break before the beginning of Unity's online Zoom service (Meeting ID: 802 341 217).

Click SOUL SCHOOL to access the Online Soul School meeting:

Meeting ID: 658 218 644

We'll start off together and then break into our class virtual breakout rooms.  Each Sunday, we'll also continue to talk a little bit about our Youth-Led Service presentations.

Unikids (Gr. K-2), Unitweens (Gr. 3-5), and Uniteens (Gr. 6-8): Fear and Anxiety
"What is Fear?"

YOU (Gr. 9-12):  Spiritual Exploration

Bringing the Easter Fun!

We're looking at some ideas for keeping the same fun in our Easter celebrations while maintaining our responsible social distancing.

The Easter Bunny was very proactive this year and got her Easter Egg Hunt supplies way ahead of time.  Parents: Would an Easter Egg Bag dropoff to your doorstep on a chosen date be something that you'd be interested in, or would you prefer to forego Easter goodies from us for the time being?  (We can always hang on to the Easter goodies until we're ready to gather once again.)  Please let me know.

We're also looking for more ways to bring the Easter Spirit to an online experience.  Please contact me at to share your ideas.

Our Favorite Mantra for Vibrant Health

Here's a great song to sing together every morning ... it's one of our favorite Joy Songs and it will become your everyday mantra for health and vitality.  Here's the link to a YouTube video you can sing along with:

Every Little Cell

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