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Director's Note

Make time to take time.  Watching a sunset, laughing with loved ones, savoring the juicy sweetness of a fresh peach ... none of these are on anyone's To Do list, but in their own ways they are as vital as paying your bills, getting that big project done, or fulfilling your obligations to work and family.  Making the time to take time for awe, joy, love, contemplation or peace is key to creating balance in your life.  It doesn't have to throw your whole day out of whack.  Sometimes it might be as simple as going outside and taking a deep breath of springtime air.  Or maybe it's putting down the laundry you're folding for a minute and cuddling with your child.  Give yourself the gift of laughing out loud at your favorite movie or fondly recalling a joyful memory.  The endorphines that will flood your body as you spend even a few minutes in bliss will energize you for hours and days afterwards.

I will be up at the Spring Unitreat in Wisconsin this Sunday, but please make sure your children are at Soul School to rehearse the Youth-Led Service.  Our students are still very unsure of their lines, so please rehearse with them a little every day, so they can speak with clarity and confidence.

Looking for Summer Cool Specialists:  During the summer months, we offer a different cool, interactive class each week for our K-8th grade students.  Will it be Art?  Yoga? Puppetry?  Music?  Dance?  Cooking?  Acting?  Crafts?  Gardening?  It all depends on our Summer Cool Specialists!  What engaging hobby or activity can you share with our Soul School one Sunday this summer?  Do you know someone with an activity they could share?  Contact Kate or look for the sign up sheet in the Atrium in May.

This Week's Angel Affirmation:  “How many times did you laugh yesterday?  If you were too busy to laugh, too busy for joy, then you were too busy."

Rev. Kate Jordan, LUT, CSE
Youth and Family Ministry Director

This Sunday in Soul School

Soul School starts at 10:25 am, with our Sacred Circle, where we share the Daily Word, our affirmations for the week, and our Love Offerings.  Please sign-in your child(ren) in the Garden Room by 10:20 am, so we can get started on time.

The Youth-Led Service is only two Sundays away!  So please make sure your children are here this Sunday to rehearse!

Unitots (Infant - Pre-K):  Loving childcare in a free-play environment.

Unikids (Gr. K - 2), Unitweens (Gr. 3 - 5), and YOU (Gr. 9 -12):  We rehearse our classroom presentations for the Youth-Led Service.

Uniteens (Gr. 6-8):  At our Spring Unitreat in Wisconsin.

Hands-On Tech Camp Demos and Info Session on May 5

Right after our Youth-Led Service, we invite you and your family down to the Garden Room to see the cool things that PowerUp Tech Academy has in store during the week-long tech camps that will be held at Unity on the North Shore this summer.

Students will learn about Coding, Minecraft, Robotics, YouTube, Video Games and more!

Come try all the cool activities for kids ages 6 - 15.  You'll be amazed at what your kids can do!

Please share this event with your friends and neighbors ... we'd love to have a full house of kids, and to get the word out about this great summertime opportunity.

Youth-Led Service Home-Stretch!

We are two weeks away from our May 5 service, so please bring your children to Soul School this Sunday.

On May 5, our dress rehearsal will take place at 9 am in the Sanctuary.  Families should plan on arriving by 8:50 am to make sure they are ready to go.  

Keep rehearsing a little each day at home to help your child(ren) feel comfortable and confident for May 5 ... and thanks for all you're doing to help make our Youth-Led Service a success!

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