Empowering children and teens to embrace and express their inherent divinity.

Director's Note

It's time to draw a line in the sand and take a stand for your goals and dreams.  Good intentions, willpower, and discipline will always fall away when faced with negotiation.  There is always some logical reason to sidestep things we deem inconvenient.  We've all had these little conversations in our minds ... "Just one potato chip ..."  "It can wait until tomorrow ..." "It doesn't affect anyone but me ..."  Success Coach, Darren Hardy, tells us that we'll have the best results if we set some rules in stone and make them non-negotiable.  For him, it was sugar and how it was affecting his health.   He drew his line in the sand and said "No sugary stuff ... not at home, not at special occasions.  Never.  Period."  Once it was written in stone, he didn't have to rely on his willpower to muscle through temptation.  It was sacrosanct; untouchable ... and everyone around him knew it.  Where do you need to draw your line in the sand?  Maybe it's prayer or meditation time each morning before anything else.  Perhaps it's getting your work done before you sit down for a night of TV (that one's my nemesis!).  Or cutting out some negative habit.  Whatever it is for you, set your boundaries, and let others know what they are so they can honor them.  The line in the sand has been drawn and there will be no going back ... only forward!

We need teachers for all of our classes!  It takes a village to raise our children and teens up in Unity, and we're reaching out to you!  Help us by giving us one or two Sundays a month that you'll teach in Soul School.  We have wonderful teacher-friendly curriculum that will teach you as much about Spirit as it does our youth.  See Kate.

This Week's Angel Affirmation:  “I can face the waves, for I trust the One who made the ocean."

Rev. Kate Jordan, LUT, CSE
Youth and Family Ministry Director

This Sunday in Soul School

Soul School starts at 10:25 am, with our Sacred Circle, where we share the Daily Word, our affirmations for the week, and our Love Offerings.  Please sign-in your child(ren) in the Garden Room by 10:20 am, so we can get started on time.

We are now planning our Youth-Led Service that will take place on May 5.  Please bring your child(ren) to Soul School as often as possible to help create and rehearse this special service.

Unitots (Infant - Pre-K):  Loving childcare in a free-play environment.

Unikids (Gr. K - 2): Celebrating My God-Self 3 - "Who Am I in My Family?"  We each have roles in our families.  We read and discuss "Jesus is Found in the Temple;" and discover how we are Helping Hands.

Unitweens (Gr. 3 - 5): All Together Now 2 - "What is Meditation?"  We explore how meditation can help us access God's wisdom in all situations.  We do a "Hearing God's Voice" activity; and experience Meditation Island.

Uniteens (Gr. 6 - 8): Navigating Through Change - "Whom Do I Trust?"  We can change enough to accept and trust others.  We play Two Truths and a Lie; do a Standing Meditation; and a Trust Walk.

YOU (Gr. 9 -12):  
We will be scripting our Youth-Led Service Presentations.

Donate Your Gently Used Clothing

One of UNS' SpiritGroups is working with Vineyard Christian Church's Clothes Closet, which helps people find affordable clothing and accessories.  Proceeds from those sales fund training jobs at the Clothes Closet.

Please bring in your clean and gently used Men's, Women's, and Children's clothing by Sunday, March 24 and put your items in the bin in the Sanctuary on Sundays.  Thanks!

Help Provide a Happy Birthday to Area Children

There are many families who cannot afford to give their children birthday parties or even a birthday cake.  UNS is embarking on a very special service project: Birthday Bags for Hillside Pantry.  We're asking all of our congregants to donate boxed cake mix, canned frosting, icing tubes, birthday candles, and birthday cards that we will assemble into Birthday Bags so Hillside Pantry families can create birthday cakes for their kids.

This is a great family project ... so plan on staying after the service on March 31 to help put together Birthday Bags

Invite your friends and relatives to donate, too!  Please place your donations in the Hillside Pantry Donation container by the front door at UNS by March 31.

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