Empowering children and teens to embrace and express their inherent divinity.

Director's Note

Where does prayer fit into your life?  For many people, prayer is a "hail Mary" pass ... the last ditch effort to make something happen or to deal with catastrophe.  What they don't know is that staying 'prayed-up' can guide us and keep us from those edge-of-the-cliff moments.  I'm not saying that prayer insures success or diverts all challenge away from us.  But remaining in prayer consciousness can shine a light on the way to our good, and reduce the fear and anxiety that accompanies challenge.  Prayer helps put things in perspective and connects us when we feel overwhelmed and alone.  In our conversations with God, we come home to our true selves ... our Spirit selves, in all of our glorious possibility.  You can help your children make prayer an everyday part of their life ... as regular as brushing their teeth or reading a bedtime story.  In prayer, you and your children will find peace, uncover gratitude, and place yourselves in God-Mind for the day to come.  Whether prayer begins or ends your day (or both!), dedicate a minute or two to connect with the God of your understanding and see how the energy changes around you.

Thank you, Hana and Welcome, Sara!  Beloved Unitots childcare provider, Hana Echevarria is stepping down from Unitots to give herself some well-deserved work-free Sundays.  We thank her for her loving care of our children and participation in our special events.  No goodbyes necessary -- just make sure to say hi to Hana when you see her at the Sunday services.  We are happy that Unitots will remain in loving hands with Sara Shaaban.  You might know Sara as our Social Media intern, but she also comes to UNS with church nursery (and mom) experience. We welcome Sara and her two beautiful children to the Soul School family!

We need teachers for all of our classes!  It takes a village to raise our children and teens up in Unity, and we're reaching out to you!  Help us by giving us one or two Sundays a month that you'll teach in Soul School.  We have wonderful teacher-friendly curriculum that will teach you as much about Spirit as it does our youth.  See Kate.

This Week's Angel Affirmation:  “Prayer should be the key of the morning ... the lock of the evening." - Owen Fellthan

Rev. Kate Jordan, LUT, CSE
Youth and Family Ministry Director

This Sunday in Soul School

Soul School starts at 10:25 am, with our Sacred Circle, where we share the Daily Word, our affirmations for the week, and our Love Offerings.  Please sign-in your child(ren) in the Garden Room by 10:20 am, so we can get started on time.

We are now planning our Youth-Led Service that will take place on May 5.  Please bring your child(ren) to Soul School as often as possible to help rehearse this special service.

Unitots (Infant - Pre-K):  Loving childcare in a free-play environment.

Unikids (Gr. K - 2), Unitweens (Gr. 3 - 5), Uniteens (Gr. 6 - 8), and YOU (Gr. 9 -12):  We hear the first part of the story of Holy Week, then rehearse our classroom presentations for the Youth-Led Service.

Easter Egg Hunt on April 21 after Service

Join us for this fun annual tradition as Soul School students hunt for colorful eggs filled with candy and other treats!  Rain, snow or shine, we'll have a great time celebrating the sweet side of the season!  The hunt will take place after Soul School and children are welcome to bring their own baskets to collect their eggs.

We'll then empty the eggs (so the Easter Bunny can use them again next year) and children will get one more special gift.

Youth-Led Service Home-Stretch!

These next weeks are critical as we rehearse our Youth-Led Service presentations.  We hope to see our students every Sunday before our May 5 service.

On May 5, our dress rehearsal will take place at 9 am in the Sanctuary.  Families should plan on arriving a little before start time to make sure they are ready to go.

Keep rehearsing a little each day at home to help your child(ren) feel comfortable and confident for May 5 ... and thanks for all you're doing to help make our Youth-Led Service a success!

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