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When to "Do" vs. When to "Be"

By Rev. Kurt Condra

Abundant spiritual living demands a careful balance between prayerful presence and focused action. And, wouldn’t you know, it’s trickiest when we’re most passionately committed to a thing. We can become so focused on outcomes that we sabotage our ability to see the divine rushing to support us. In that state of consciousness it’s all-too-easy to usurp Spirit's role.
Thing is, there is no magic formula. Just when we clearly understand what’s ours to do and what to trust the universe to accomplish, the balance often shifts. Like all aspects of spiritual mastery, discerning when to “be” and when to “do” will look different in different situations. It also shifts as our understanding of God and self evolves.
My advice: Look at your pattern. If your tendency is to “make it work” and the energy of your “doing” has a frantic, less-then-joy-filled quality to it, then resist the urge to act. Instead, choose to “be."  The urgency you feel may well be compulsion’s attempt to reel you in. Much of our most powerful spiritual work rises out of what Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore called, “The Silence.” Cultivate that state of consciousness by affirming, “Peace. Be still.” Learn to treasure inner peace and calm and you’ll be amazed by the synchronicities that begin to unfold.
On the other hand, if your inclination is to claim, “It’s all good,” and wait for divine intervention, then summon the courage and will to take whatever action first comes to mind. We’re co-creators of our experience. We have a role to play. Our 5th Unity principle calls us to take concrete action based on spiritual guidance. Affirm strength and wisdom, and remind yourself, “I am divine, born to create heaven on earth.” Then move your feet in the direction of your good. Step out fearlessly and you’ll be astonished by the ease with which your accomplishments accrue.

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