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Shine a Light, Even in Dark Times
By Rev. Kurt Condra

Beloved Unity author Rev. Eric Butterworth once shared the story of a commuter who reflexively dropped a few coins into a "beggar's" pencil box and hurried on to catch his train. Realizing the limiting nature of his attitude, he turned back, took a pencil from the box, and said, "Forgive me, dear man, for not recognizing your enterprising spirit. I see now that you are not a beggar but a merchant selling wares. This pencil is just what I need to finish a puzzle on the ride home. Thank you. I wish you much success."  Some months later, the man was pleased to discover the pencil seller had established a thriving newsstand in the same station. 

Taking spiritually grounded action, especially in dire circumstances, can be tricky: If the consciousness underlying our response is tinged with sympathy (You poor thing. I feel so bad for you...) then the energetic contribution of even well-intentioned action reinforces lack, limitation and negativity rather than supporting transformation.

On the other hand, if our response arises from a consciousness that God and good are active even in the crises, the same worldly action (coins dropped in a cup) shines light. It meets a temporal need while opening the door for divine solutions to be revealed.

With the possible exceptions of Jesus, Buddha and a few other masters, none of us shines light perfectly. So to be light, especially for others, I highly recommend watching this 3-1/2 minute video on how to tell if your consciousness at a given moment perpetuates darkness or shines brightly. Click here

What Does Jesus' Life & Death Mean for Us? 
Friday, April 19
7 p.m.
Love Offering

This powerful, multi-faceted experience with music and readings is adapted from a collection of unpublished writings by Rev. Richard Billings titled, "Those Who Knew Him. Together, we'll explore Jesus’ life and death from the perspectives of Biblical figures making meaning of their encounters with him.  We will leave with a deeper understanding of Jesus' divine humanity and how it's reflective of our own. 

'Paint It Out' 
with Bojit

Saturday, April 27
1:30 -3:30 p.m.
Donation: $50
Facilitator: Bojana Ilic
Register Now

Relax, sip, have fun, and with BOJITT’s guidance, paint your motivational word or expression on canvas.  You will leave feeling empowered with a wonderful art piece you’ve created to motivate you for years to come.  All art materials included in the price.  BYOB.  Register now.

Unity Convention & Rev. Garza Ordination
June 17-21
Marriott Hotel
Overland Park, Kansas

Travel to the 2019 Unity People’s Convention to dive into the ongoing conversation: “One Humanity, Many Stories,” and support Rev. Christina Garza's ordination as a Unity Minister. Through inspiring keynotes, musicians, and workshops, we'll take time to engage with others, and to reflect on our own stories, remembering that like a prism divides light into a rainbow of colors, humans express God in infinite ways. Click here for convention and hotel registration info. 
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