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Jason Stefaniak

It's been an exciting few months.

But Not For Me

But Not For Me - one of 108 films to screen out of 2,331 submissions from 144 countries - had its sold-out World Premiere on June 4th at the Brooklyn Film Festival. AM New York called the film a "must-see" at the festival.  The film closed the festival with a packed screening and took home the Audience Choice - Narrative Feature and Best Original Score awards! We're very proud of the film we made, thankful for all the support and encouragement we've been shown by many of you, and excited the film is starting to make it's journey out into the world. Next, we have a sold-out screening on July 6th at Videology in Brooklyn, New York, with more news to come!

Check out a Town & Village article about the making of the film and an Indiewire article about all the Brooklyn Film Festival award winners.


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Middle Ground

Based on my efforts writing, directing, and editing the short film, Middle Ground, I was nominated by the faculty of the NYU Graduate Film program for the James R. Janowsky Award. I didn't win, but it was awesome to be recognized with a nomination. Middle Ground had it's festival premiere in April at the Take Two Film Festival, playing in New York's historic Anthology Film Archives. The film will be released online this summer, but if you can't wait to see it, respond to this email and I'll send you the password to watch it online now. 

A Warm Spell

On Thursday, June 4th - the same night as But Not For Me's World Premiere - I helped introduce a screening of A Warm Spell held at the Asia Society as part of the New York Japan Cinefest. The film went on to win the Audience Choice award and just this week played at the Short Shorts Film Festival in Japan. 


Fog City

Fog City, a short film I co-produced, had it's World Premiere at the Oak Cliff Film Festival in Dallas, Texas, on June 12th. Congrats to Liam Brady (writer, director, and star) and to the whole cast and crew!


Untitled Joshua Marston Project

In March and April, I had the incredible opportunity to assist filmmaker Joshua Marston (Maria Full of Grace, The Forgiveness of Blood) on set of his new movie starring Rachel Weisz, Michael Shannon, Danny Glover, and Kathy Bates. Joshua is intelligent, encouraging, meticulous, and even-keeled under the most strenuous of circumstances. It was amazing to observe him and learn from him and I hope the relationship we built will offer us many opportunities to work together.

I have lots of stories from the shoot, but here's one: One day, I was asked to drive Danny Glover around the city for a few errands. He's an incredibly nice man, warm and talkative. The last stop was the famous Katz's Deli, where he wanted to buy dinner to take back to his hotel room. I helped him out of the car and he grabbed my hand and offered to buy me a sandwich. I refused. He offered again and I refused again. After refusing a third time - just attempting to be courteous, even though I was hungry, and was beginning to change my mind - Danny finally accepted my denial and walked away. Instantly it struck me, and I knew I would never live it down: I just turned down Danny Glover buying me a Katz's Deli sandwich. What the hell was I thinking?!

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Director/Writer/Producer Jason Stefaniak

On May 9th, I married my high school sweetheart Melissa Brown, 12 years + 1 day after we started dating in high school. Photos were posted online using the hashtag #TheNewStefaniaks

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