Diakon Youth Services' Flight Program participants and graduates are heading back to Haiti!
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A 20-mile hike Aug. 9 from Pine Grove Furnace
to Boiling Springs, Pa.
Help support the Flight Program's mission to Haiti!
Donations can be made per mile or as a lump sum. Proceeds will help to fund the Flight’s mission to Haiti this December.
You can make a convenient credit-card donation at this link.
Over the New Year, participants of Diakon Youth Services' Flight Program (which helps young adults who have aged out of traditional youth programs continue on the path to success) will "move outside their comfort zones" by spending a week serving orphans in Haiti, working in ministry support with Freedom Global Outreach. As in past years, Flight participants will assist team members in a variety of ways, providing assistance to nurses, working with builders, and helping to take care of the children in several orphanages.

"Witnessing a Flight graduate tenderly holding and rocking a crying toddler to sleep, or lying on the floor for hours coloring pictures with six or seven orphaned children huddled around…or simply passing a soccer ball back and forth under the hot Haitian sun just to bring a smile to a child’s face," says Rob Kivlan, Diakon Youth Services development officer and founder of Flight, "are moments I cherish ... in those moments our young men of Flight embody the mission of the program. They have become great men, living honorable lives and helping others in need."

Today, we ask that you help them to help others.

If you have questions or need additional information about this campaign, please contact Rob Kivlan.