April 2016

1% to the Planet


Better World Club Announces This Year's Carbon Offsets...and More

BWC Supports Cutting Edge Projects in India, Turkey (U.N. Gold Standard) and Ohio (That' s in the U.S.A.)

In 2016 Better World Club offset 1,500 metric tons of carbon.

Those offsets came from several sources:
  • The Akbük Wind Farm Project involves the development of an onshore wind farm in the region of Aydýn Province, Didim District in Turkey.  105 GigaWatts/year will be produced by this U.N. Gold Standard project and delivered to the national grid.
  • In Visakhapatnam, India, electricity will be generated by the utilization of waste heat from a petroleum coke production process.
  • In Sandusky, Ohio, landfill greenhouse gas will be captured.
Every year, Better World Club donates 1% of our revenue to environmental cleanup and advocacy. Carbon offsets are a large part of that effort, and we're careful to choose projects that have a lasting and non-trivial impact on global warming, pollution, and resource management.

These donations offset the first 2,000 miles of our insurance customers as well as the average flights of our travel customers and the carbon produced by the company itself.  (In addition to the new purchases above, Better World Club is also using offsets in our "cache, offsets purchased in prior years.)

In FY 2016, we also donated to the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, 1000 Friends of Oregon, Parks & Trails New York among others and provided free roadside assistance memberships to a number of charity auctions across the country. 
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Share Kicking Asphalt

 BWC Discount!

Earth Day Discount!

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 AAA Watch


Ho..Hum...Mid Atlantic AAA Adds Bicycle Roadside Assistance 12 Years After Better World Club

Hmmm...And Their Press Release Says They Have  a long history of bicycle safety and sharing the road with motorists

But Wait...Isn't This The AAA That Opposes Bike Lanes?

Better World Club congratulates Mid-Atlantic AAA for adding bicycle roadside assistance to their services. (Of course, you have to sign up for auto service to get it.)

But...really...they're pro-bicycle.  Since when:

Here's a quote from a Washington Cycle article

"Two new bicycle lanes have opened up on Pennsylvania Avenue this weekend. However, AAA claims adding more lanes could make D.C. traffic worse than it already is. AAA is also concerned about a plan to add bike lanes to four other major streets."

And this has been going on for years

So, if you have a friend who turns to AAA for bicycle service, let them know that there is a club which actually supports bicycle riders:  Better World Club.
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  "Washington" Wire

Does Your Bike Need It's Own Sidewalk?

You're Darn Right It Does! 

Portland is the first US city to make protection the default for all new bike lanes

(Or Maybe It Needs a Wall?  Or a Condom?

We All Have Our Own Definition of "Protection".)

For decades, U.S. cities built roads around driving and (sometimes) walking. If people wanted to bike, they were left to decide among the sidewalk, the shoulder or the middle of the traffic lane.

Then, starting in 1967, a few cities tried striping bike lanes on the side of roads. In 1971 a Republican legislator in Jacksonville, Oregon, who biked for exercise convinced his colleagues to require bike lanes on most road construction projects. The Bike Bill, as it was known, included exceptions; but unlike any other law in the country at the time, it required anyone proposing a project without bike facilities to explain why not.

Over the 45 years that followed, the “why not” requirement in Oregon’s Bike Bill has gradually created a state with by far the highest bike commuting rate in the nation: 2.6 percent statewide, higher than all but eight major U.S. cities.

Last fall, Oregon’s largest city created another new policy. Effective immediately, every time Portland road designers recommended a bike lane, they would need to make it a protected bike lane — or else explain why not.

Read more from the streetsblog here

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Bike Activism

The California Bicycle Coalition, along with several coalition partners, presented a new idea to the California Air Resources Board (ARB). The ARB distributes funds for the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program, which offers rebates for electric vehicles; we're asking them to expand their rebate program to include the cleanest vehicle of all: the bicycle. Join their campaign

They are working on the creation of a $10 million Bicycle Purchase Incentive Pilot Program. The program would rebate half of the cost of bikes that are commonly used for commuting, up to a maximum rebate of $500. Under the program, California would pay for half the cost of cargo bikes, electric bikes, folding bikes, bike share, and other utilitarian bicycles used for everyday transportation. This could be huge.

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Investing Better from Green America

From urging companies to address a wide range of climate change issues to reporting on female pay disparity, from addressing deforestation to linking executive pay to progress on sustainability goals, shareholders are using their economic power to encourage corporate responsibility.

The 2016 shareholder season is underway! More than 400 shareholder resolutions have been filed on a wide range of social, environmental, and corporate governance issues. If you own direct company stock, be sure to vote your proxy ballots to let corporate management know you want corporate practices that support people and the planet.
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Membership Discount

BWC's Member Discounts More Than Pay for a Membership!

Velofix is giving Better World Club Member's living in Portland a 15% discount on in-stock parts and accessories.

let them know you are a BWC member and you will save.

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