December, 2015
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Did You Know:  Your Money Is Probably Lobbying Against You!

The Largest Money Managers Don't Insist That Corporations Disclose Their Political Spending

Does Vanguard Manage Your IRA/401(k)?

We know that large donors and corporations are channeling previously unthinkable amounts of secret money into our elections.

But did you know, they may be doing it with YOUR retirement savings?

The stock market is the financial lifeblood for many corporations. This allows investment managers, like Vanguard Group which controls about a quarter of the entire stock market, to have an incredible amount of power and influence. 
But the money they control isn't their money - that money represents the retirement savings of millions of everyday Americans.

Vanguard has failed to support resolutions to push corporations to disclose political spending for years. It's time for Vanguard to stand with the people who trust it to manage their retirement savings, not with the CEOs who want to exploit Citizens United to distort our democracy.

As the single largest manager of retirement savings, Vanguard has the power - and responsibility - to combat the corrosion of our democracy.

Tell Vanguard: Keep our retirement savings out of secret money politics.

Not only is taking a stand against Citizens United corruption the right thing for Vanguard to do, it’s also the responsible thing to do in order to protect its customers’ retirement savings.


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 Washington Wire

Carbon Fee with Dividend!  Better World Club's Stance Shared by the American Sustainable Business Council.

Well...BWC Is on the ASBC Board of Directors.

Also Shared by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) who Has Introduced It in the Senate.

As the risks of climate change become clearer, the need grows for comprehensive action to cut carbon pollution. By far the simplest and most effective action we can take is to institute a nationally-administered, economy-wide carbon fee. If implemented correctly, this would result in dramatic carbon dioxide reductions and create a market-based transition to clean, renewable energy.

A carbon fee fixes an inherent marketplace flaw:  the marketplace does not force corporations producing "externalities" (i.e. carbon) to assume the cost of the harm they do. 

Carbon is a bit tricky--it requires a fee beyond the cost of clean-up because short-term clean-up just doesn't recognize the long-term costs.

So, it is important that there be a dividend back to the American people of the fee beyond the cost of clean-up.  The real impact of the fee is to adjust the cost of fossil fuels.  Americans will still have roughly the same amount of money, but with the higher cost of fossil fuels, alternative energy becomes more attractive. (The government might even be able to stop subsidizing the development of alternative energy.)

Check out the American Sustainable Business Council's Petition in support of a carbon fee--and add your voice!

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This holiday season we are offering all new members 20% off plus a free associate.

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Story of Stuff Microbeads VIDEO 

Learn how tiny plastic microbeads are designed to go down the drain and into our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

California, New York, and Canada have taking steps to ban the use of microbeads. 

The US House of Representatives recently passed a bill that will phase out the environmentally harmful beads beginning July 1, 2017. It now heads to the US Senate for approval.

Are microbeads in your favorite products? Check out this list of products

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Which companies make the list for the fight on climate change?

Unilever and Tesla topped the list of good actors according to a survey conducted by GlobeScan and SustainAbility.

The survey asked 624 sustainability experts from 69 countries about their expectations ahead of the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris. In addition they asked which companies they considered leaders in the fight against climate change.

Click Here to see to see the full article from The Guardian.

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Exactly who owns what now?

The top ten food manufacturers are said to have a combined revenue of $450bn and account for 15% of global food sales.

But what exactly is a food corporation these days? 
Look at some of the following examples to learn how complex that question has become.

Where are your dollars are actually going?

Click Here to see the full image

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