June 2018
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Major Better World Club Update
We're Turning 16 in July...and We're Celebrating...By Giving You Presents!

And a Major Announcement...

Then we'll party like a teenager who just got their driver's license! 
Better World Club turns 16 years old this
We want to celebrate…by giving you gifts.  (Isn’t that how birthdays should work?  The one celebrating should give the gifts.)
So next month we'll be announcing a number of contests—with some special prizes. 

We also know that getting older means getting wiser.  We love being the nation's only green auto club, but there's a much bigger need for corporate social responsibility. We can't wait to share with you what we're been planning for the years ahead!

Our July contest will come with a major announcement that you won't want to miss! Stay tuned!  

Member Discount 

Let The Sunshine In!

Solar Spectrum & Better World have teamed up to offer you a $1000 rebate on new Solar System installations. 

As Members, you already know the importance of alternative fuels and energy sources. But did you know that Solar Spectrum offers the following ways to make it easier than ever to access solar? 
  • No upfront cost
  • Save money on your electric bill
  • Systems are custom designed to fit your home and lifestyle
  • 20-year equipment warranty* 
  • 20-year performance guarantee
See how much you can save by clicking the button below or calling 877-328-7033 and mention your Better World Club Membership to get a free quote. 

*Warranties and performance guarantees may vary depending on the financing option you choose. Ask your solar consultant for details.
See How Much You Can Save
 Happy Summer! 

It's The Perfect Weather for Cycling.

But does your city have a safe way to get from here to there? 

We had a wonderful time at the Bike Expo in New York City this month and even met some new friends that we can't wait to introduce you to! Meet Ouvos, a community based navigation app that allows cyclists to share real time road conditions and receive hazard notifications. The app is currently in Private Beta, and they're inviting you to become a beta tester! Everyone who signs up at is also entered to win a GoPro Hero 5 or a Garmin Vioactive 3! We can't wait to watch this app take off!
Speaking of you have a plan in place if you get a flat tire on the road? 

Our nationwide emergency roadside assistance for bicycles starts at $39.95 per year 

Car Corner

What happens to electric-car sales when tax credits sunset?

Each maker differs.

GM and Tesla both declined to comment on this article.

$7,500 federal tax credit for their purchases of plug-in vehicles.

While the tax credit ended up surviving the massive tax-cut bill passed in December, some automakers are still about to face the end of the incentive.

As designed and implemented in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, signed into law by President George W. Bush, buyers can take the full benefit for the first 200,000 vehicles any particular carmaker sells.

Then the tax credit starts to drop. And every automaker has been fully aware of this 200,000 limit since before it sold its first modern electric car.

It's also no secret that the three makers that have sold the most qualifying EVs are getting closer and closer to the 200,000 limit. 

So what happens when they hit the limit? We asked the three makers—General Motors, Nissan, and Tesla—who are nearing the limit.

Washington Wire
EPA Is Rolling Back Fuel Economy Standards.

It's not our fault that there never seems to be good news to share about the EPA.

Image result for scott pruitt

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt announced Monday that   
he would revoke Obama-era standards requiring cars and light trucks sold in the United States to average more than 50 miles per gallon by 2025, a move that could change the composition of the nation’s auto fleet for years. 
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Member Alert

Member Fees Don't Increase for Basic Members, Bicyclists,   Associate Members...

But If You're a Premium Member, You May want to Renew Before July 1st
Better World Club hasn’t increased rates for nearly two years, so we will be raising our Premium fee for Primary Members to $97.95 on July 1st.

If your membership is expiring soon, renew before July 1st to get the lowest rates! 

Better World Club remains less expensive than AAA in most of its regions and will continue to match AAA’s regular pricing when we are not. 
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AAA Watch

Consumers Often Rate Better World Club Higher Than AAA 

We'd guess it's our looks!

Or could it be our values? 

Roadside assistance is an industry where there are going to be complaints. It’s the nature of dealing with thousands of contractors—the service providers who come to help you. 

And is complicated by a number of factors:  whether you’re in a garage that a truck has difficulty accessing; whether the police have diverted a provider heading to you to someone else.

Therefore, we are pleased that Better World Club is often rated higher than AAA—especially when that rating is based on customer evaluations.

So, Better World Club is rated higher than AAA by Consumer Affairs (www.consumeraffairs) and by the Better Business Bureau (where Better World Club receives a 100% rating--not so for many of the AAA regions.

There are nearly 60 AAA regions, so there are a lot of evaluations out there and Better World Club isn’t always going to be rated higher than every AAA region.  (And, it’s the nature of online consumer evaluations that complaints are going to exceed compliments. Certainly in this industry.)  

So we appreciate the response that we’ve received.  "We're Number 1!....often."

At Better World Club, we try to resolve the inevitable complaints to our member’s satisfaction.

Thanks for being a member of the Club!

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