History is a story always unfolding. Learn the latest discoveries about Anne Evans and the Evans family, and their extraordinary contributions to Colorado's Cultural Development.

Barbara Sternberg's Book about Anne Evans

Welcome to Anne Evans News 
by Barbara Edwards Sternberg

Why the email? I am thrilled to report that the historical biography I wrote with Jennifer Boone and Evelyn Waldron, Anne Evans-A Pioneer in Colorado's Cultural History: THE THINGS THAT LAST WHEN GOLD IS GONE sold out its first printing! We are into the second printing and excited to notify you and your network that the book is now available on our updated website:

Why should you or your friends and family read this book?
Readers have shared that they were fascinated by all the stories that they had never known nor heard of about the development of Denver and Colorado. They were especially intrigued to learn about the extraordinary individuals and groups that were involved in establishing the cultural infrastructure of Denver and Colorado, which we enjoy today – the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Public Library, the Civic Center, the restoration of the Central City Opera House and the Summer Festival and much more. 

The story is told through the intriguing life of Anne Evans, the daughter of John Evans, the second territorial Governor of Colorado. The book, through extensive research, explores many questions including: Why did Anne Evans order all of her personal papers and communications destroyed upon her death? Why did she never marry? Why did she never join the Methodist Church, the Church to which her parents and family were so devoted? Did Anne Evans' passionate interest in the culture and welfare of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico arise out of guilt for her father's (Governor John Evans) role in the Sand Creek Massacre?

Since the book was published, some new information has come to light. With this Newsletter I hope to bring you these new historical discoveries to intrigue you further about Anne Evans' life and contributions, along with that of her family and other key figures in the early development of Denver, Colorado, and New Mexico. I would also like you to know about my upcoming talks. Please share the Anne Evans News with your friends, colleagues, and family by clicking on the link below. Also, visit my LinkedIn Site and please Invite me to connect with you and your network! For those of you who received this Newsletter from a friend, please go to subscribe the the Newsletter and download a FREE CHAPTER of the book!

Book Cover with IPPY Award Sticker

Anne Evans historical biography wins the prestigious Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY) for Best Regional Non-Fiction!

"Congratulations to Barbara Sternberg, Jennifer Boone and Evelyn Waldron for winning the Bronze IPPY award! The Independent Publisher Book Awards were conceived in 1996 as a broad-based, unaffiliated awards program open to all members of the independent publishing industry. The awards are intended to bring increased recognition to the thousands of exemplary independent, university, and self-published titles produced each year, and reward those who exhibit the courage, innovation, and creativity to bring about change in the world of publishing." The Independent Publisher Book Awards
Anne Evans Exhibit - Denver Public Library

Joint Exhibit about Anne Evans was a Great Success

Inspired by the book, and based on much of the information that we discovered in our years of research, a Joint Exhibit about the life and contributions of Anne Evans was organized and beautifully displayed by the Denver Public Library Western History Department, History Colorado, and the Byers-Evans House Museum. Jim and Maggie Barrett, the originators of the Alan True Exhibit and documentary film, initiated this project. Special appreciation goes to Evelyn Waldron who volunteered to chair the committee who brought the exhibit to fruition. I want to acknowledge Jim Kroll, head of the Western History Department at the Denver Public Library, Spydr Wren of History Colorado, and Kevin Gramer of the Byers-Evans House Museum, all of whom contributed so much time and creative energy to bringing Anne Evans to life. The exhibit took place in August, 2012 and was a huge success.  
Anne Evans Painting - Catkin

Anne Evans Painting Discovered!

 Anne spent much of her time in the years between 1897 and 1999 training to become a professional artist. In 1896 she was accepted as a professional member of the recently-formed Denver Artists' Club, the organization which eventually became the Denver Art Museum, on the basis of her Portrait of her Father, Governor John EvansThat portrait, together with a painting of her young niece Margaret - both of which hang in the Byers-Evans House Museum - were the only two works by Anne Evans known to exist when I first started the research for my book about her life. During the years before its publication a third painting, A Little Winter Scene, was discovered by Deborah Wadsworth as she conscientiously digitized the entire art collection of the Western History Department of the Denver Pubic Library. Imagine, then, the excitement when a private show/sale of "important early Denver and boulder painters" advertised a landscape, Catkin, by Anne Evans! Imagine also the dismay, when it was reported almost immediately that the painting had been sold. And imagine, finally, the relief when we learned that the buyer was Hugh Grant, and that the painting was to become part of the Kirkland Museum's collection.  
Many questions remain about Anne Evans and her art. Why did she apparently decide, quite early and quite definitely, to give up her own painting and devote herself to nurturing the careers of other artists, and to helping the young cultural institutions of Denver and Colorado to flourish? And what happened to the scores of drawings, sketches and paintings which she must have produced in the many years of her artistic training? The discovery of the landscape, Catkin, gives me hope that more of her work - perhaps now hanging in private homes or lingering in basements or attics, may yet be discovered.

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