New Courses Start February 1!

We have 5 new courses starting on Monday, February 1, and most of these courses are perfect for winter training with dogs of all ages and experience levels.

Sign up to reserve your spot now, and be ready for the spring agility season!


Ninja Weaves!

This 16-week course taught by Karen Holik is one of our most popular courses. It is appropriate for all levels—from true beginners to competition-level dogs looking to proof skills or correct gaps in training. Emphasis is on independence, reliability, speed, entries, exits, and discriminations.


In the Connection Zone

In this 8-week class with Lisa Schmit, you'll learn to create a calm, thinking, responsive, and connected dog. You'll get tools to help you reconnect with your dog when he disconnects (whether it's because he's too high or too distracted) in training or competition. Regardless of what sport you compete in, transform your working relationship with your canine partner. 


Winning Walk-throughs

In this 4-week course with Kama Rueschenberg, you'll learn how to develop and execute course plans with confidence. You'll get tips and tricks for finding the best path for your dog and making handling decisions based on your team's skills, learn how to improve your mental habits for walk-throughs, and more. 


My Awesome Puppy

There is so much involved in raising a puppy to become our agility partner, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you have a training "MAP." Jubie Rueschenberg's training program provides a complete plan for starting your 8-week-old puppy with the essential behaviors and strategically building skills as your puppy develops into a 6-month-old adolescent puppy athlete. 


7-Day Scent Challenge

Teach your dog to detect a new scent in just 7 days with fun, 5-minute training sessions. You'll get a new lesson daily, but have 8 weeks to ask questions and submit videos. Carla Simon's proven protocols have worked for hundreds of detection teams around the world, including professional detection teams and pet dogs alike.

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