New Courses Start April 7!

We have new interactive courses starting in the Clean Run Learning Center on the first Wednesday of each month. We are also releasing new self-study programs that are available immediately.

Many of the courses are perfect for small space training. Check out the new classes and self-study programs now or take a look at our entire catalog of offerings.


Ninja Weaves!

16-week course with Karen Holik. One of our most popular courses! It is appropriate for all levels, from true beginners to competition-level dogs that need to proof skills or correct gaps in training. Emphasis is on independence, reliability, speed, entries, exits, and discriminations.


Got Distractions? Focus Prep for Sports Dogs

6-week course with Bronagh Daly. Learn the skills you need to build your dog's focus and confidence around the distractions that your dog loves too much or the ones he has negative feelings about. From stationary focus to focus on the move, we will build the foundation your dog needs to excel in your chosen sport.  


Fantastic Running Contacts

12-week course with Jordan Biggs. Each lesson progressively builds the skills needed to teach your dog a successful running dogwalk and A-frame. Jordan uses a mat work method, focusing on teaching obstacle commitment after the dogwalk while creating and maintaining the mat criteria.


The Handler's Toolbox, The Opposite Arm

Self-study course with Tracy Sklenar. It used to be called the "evil" arm, but now we know the "opposite" arm can be used in a variety of ways in agility to tell your dog where you want him to go. You'll learn how to train and use the opposite for collection on tight turns, backside pushes, lead changes, threadles, turns on the flat, side changes, and more.  


The Importance of Jumping Mechanics & A Method for Teaching Them

Webinar Plus with Susan Salo. Many dogs aren't naturally gifted jumpers. Without a methodology for teaching the mechanical skills for jumping, you "get what you get" each weekend. The dog's jumping may be brilliant at times and awful others. All dogs can learn to jump more efficiently and with more confidence if they learn how to make their bodies work for them.


Focus on Jumping

Self-study course with Bobbie Lyons, CCFT, KPA CTP. Learn specific exercises that will help your dog jump with less effort, but more power and fluid motion. Improve your dog's muscle engagement, strength, and overall understanding of how to use his whole body—not just power from the rear—to efficiently take a jump.


Dial Up the Distance

Streaming DVD with Kristy Netzer. Every handler needs solid distance skills in their toolbox, but it's especially crucial when your dog is faster than you. This comprehensive training program uses a clear, step-by-step approach to help handlers build these all-important distance skills with their dogs.

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