New Courses Starting March 3!

We have new interactive courses starting in the Clean Run Learning Center on the first Wednesday of each month. We are also releasing new self-study courses that are available immediately.

Many of the courses are perfect for small space training this winter. Check out the new classes now or take a look at our entire catalog of offerings.


B.A.M. Pre-Agility Foundation Training

6-week course with Sandy Rogers. This course is designed to be any dog’s or puppy’s foundation training for agility. The B.A.M. program accommodates both the experienced dog trainer and the newbie. The content is built on Sandy’s 30 years of teaching and training and her love for dog training, especially agility training.


Verbal Threadle Cues

5-week course with Tara LaBelle. Learn from the ground up how to teach your dog different verbal threadle cues so they can perform independent threadles on jumps and tunnels. These cues will also give you an easy way to make discriminations clear to your dog, and allow you to give information to your dog sooner so you can get farther ahead on course.  


Fantastic Foundations for Running Contacts

4-week course with Jordan Biggs. This course will prepare you and your dog for Jordan's Fantastic Running Contacts course, which starts in April. It teaches you how to build your dog’s body awareness, strength, and understanding of the foundation behaviors needed for successful running contact training.


Webinar: The Use of Regenerative Medicine in Dogs

This webinar with Dr. Sherman O. Canapp, Jr. covers everything from the basic principles of regenerative medicine to step-by-step techniques for patient procedures. It will help sports dog owners determine if their dog is a candidate for treatments, and vets will learn how to choose which technology to use and more. RACE approved - 1 CE


Webinar: Feet First

Footwork matters! Every step you take when you handle your dog in agility provides him with information on where to go next. But, are your feet telling your dog where you want him to go? Handling with your Feet First is the simplest way to correctly and consistently cue turns and set lines. In this webinar with Sandy Rogers, you'll learn the 5 key elements for smoother handling.


Self-Study: Got Pup? Puppy Pre-Contacts!

In this self-study course with Tracy Sklenar, you'll learn essential training games that will give your pup a fabulous foundation for starting "real" contact training when it's time. You’ll learn games that are applicable for running and stopped contacts, as well as games that work whether your pup is motivated by food, toys, or both.  


Self-Study: Beyond One More Step

Amanda Nelson and Brenna Fender take handlers through the basics of distance work, teaching important skills and techniques needed for success. You'll learn how to handle three common sequences—pinwheels, serpentines, and straight lines—at distances of 15 feet or more, and put these distance skills to work in short courses.

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