New painting for the

CM Russell Art Auction

Pitamakan: Braver than the Braves

When I came across the story of Pitamakan I knew it was something I needed to bring to life through paint. I wanted to capture that bravery and leadership that she exuded. Please take a moment to read her story and let me know what you think of the artwork.

The only famous woman warrior of the Blackfeet Tribe was Pitamakan or Running Eagle. At the age of 15, she was allowed on a buffalo hunt and killed her first buffalo. After the death of her parents, she became the head of her family. She was a very attractive young woman. At 20, she took her dad’s rifle, dressed in men’s clothing and snuck onto a raid with her tribe. There, she was able to steal six horses and the whole tribe was impressed with her. After that, she did not have to sneak into the war parties- they considered her good luck. After many successful raids, she distinguished herself as a warrior and became a war chief and led her own expeditions. The French traders called her the Blackfeet Joan of Ark. Pitamakan Falls in Glacier National Park is named after this courageous indigenous woman.

This painting will be up for auction in August at the annual CM Russell Art Auction.

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