Happy New Year! Are you a Stay up all Night Partying type of person or an Oof- It’s 9:30, I Think I’ll Call it a Night type of person? I’m more of the latter usually. I’m an early bird, my brain doesn’t let me sleep in past 6:30am most days- too much painting to look forward to, I guess.

I thought it’d be fun to do a recap of my top five posts from this year:

Click on any image for a closer look of any of these photos or to watch the videos!


This painting, which you guys helped me choose the name for- Dream Catcher


This moody painting


Apparently kindling a fire was a popular idea in 2021


At number 2, we have a very satisfying varnishing video


And…my number 1 post from 2021 is this video which shows me creating this painting from start to finish. Click on the image to watch the video for yourself.

Which of these is your favorite?

Hope you have a happy and blessed New Year! See you in 2022!