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Hello, you. It's summer here, and I'm savouring fresh fruit and slow sunsets, and turning over some fun questions: 

How can I infuse more pleasure into my commitments?

What is the relationship between what I hold sacred, and the tactile feelings I crave?

How are we collectively and creatively holding space for laughter, sensuality, and free-spiritedness amidst everything else that requires our attention?

These questions are bringing me back to myself after a few months of tooling around in rather heady, theoretical pursuits that lit my intellectual fires but left me feeling disconnected from both my body and the ground beneath me. Sometimes when I discover new ideas and teachers who expand my mind, I find that the work I do in that realm feels utterly separate from the work of, say, preparing a meal with my family or patching a hole in my kid's jeans. After a while, I wake up to the ways I've compartmentalized my life and look for ways to stitch it back together. 

One way I compartmentalize is to put "work" in one (very serious) bucket and "pleasure" in another – even when the work I'm doing is creative, pleasurable work. But today, as I sat down to write to you, I remembered how fun and delicious work can feel, when the stars align. 

I *love* writing to you. It is a genuine pleasure. And? I want to remember that truth when I see "draft email newsletter" on my to-do list, because I often forget that while it is indeed a commitment, it is a deeply pleasurable one. 

My friend and colleague Tara Caffelle once shared her to-do list with me, and it was filled to bursting with JOY. The first item on it was, "Love up my clients." Not "catch up on emails" or "Reply to client requests"; "Love up my clients." 

With that in mind, I'm changing "Draft email newsletter" to "Draft love + curiosity note." 

And I invite you to look for the places your serious commitments could benefit from a dose of whatever makes you feel free, delighted, and well-fed. 

If you're inspired to share your replies to the above questions, I'm listening. Just hit reply and send them my way. 

Recent output:

The radical subversiveness of building a "lifestyle business" I'm pretty proud of this piece, which has garnered some excellent responses from other entrepreneurs as well. And Honour your ick is about that nagging feeling that what's supposed to be good for your business isn't actually right for you.

Recommended inputs:

Queer love in colour. My favourite of the Bourdain tributes: "Eat what you're offered." A therapist writes about what his male patients are saying about #MeToo. "When you translate radical or subversive texts into the language of Empire, you eventually get Imperial texts.” Zora Neale Hurston's interview with the last slave-ship survivor in America. "'Kind' is an equation that includes you." An artist illustrates 100 dialogues with her inner demons.

Also, this delightful turn of phrase from The French Laundry Cookbook, by Thomas Keller:


Hannah Gadsby's Nanette is a devastating masterpiece. Watch it, watch it, watch it. Two beautiful humans teach a lesson in LGBTQ+ sign language. (The sign for "trans" brought tears to my eyes.) Brass + Rage Against the Machine + dissent + fresh take = radically poetic. 

And on a (much) lighter note, I am 100% here for the Backstreet Boys and The Roots performing "I Want It That Way" on classroom instruments. (Questlove & Black Thought's facial expressions are pure joy.)


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