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Newsletter 21 - Dec. 2016 - Keeps you informed about Strong Roots!
We wish you a good Christmas and a blessed New Year!
Dear friends,
We  again look back on a special and good trip that we (Frans and Els) made between mid October and mid November. One of the highlights was the CHE - trainers training we conducted with a group of pastors in Louis Trichardt (above).
During this trip we visited the grave of Pastor Edward Luruli and his son Todani in Maungani.
On the tumbstone the verses of Efesians 4:11-16 are written:

"Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ. This will continue until we all come to such unity in our faith and knowledge of God’s Son that we will be mature in the Lord, measuring up to the full and complete standard of Christ"..... Read more

Edward's vision for his ministry was based upon these verses. He thoroughly realised that the Church of Jesus Christ can only fully function and have its full impact when the members evolve a broad spectrum of different ministries. We tasted this in our cooperation with him. He had a very broad vision that was transcending the vision of many others and had a deep urge for unity and cooperation. There for he was also very enthusiastic for the CHE ministry.
His wife, Jane, puts her shoulder to the wheel to continue his work, together with other pastors in this ministry. When we were staying with her during this trip she was so deeply happy and encouraged by our visit. We would like to continue to give her our support, among others by coaching and training the CHE group in Maungani.

It is wonderful to be able to take part in this work for the Kingdom of God. We are very grateful for it and we hope to be granted the opportunity to continue with it for long!
We want to thank you for your interest, involvement and support.

We wish you all a real Christ - celebration and God's richest Blessings in the New Year,
Frans and Els
Above the grave and tumbstone of Pastor Edward Luruli and his son Todani.
More pictures of the recent trip you can see on the Blog of the website and the Facebookpage of Strongroots
Underneath you can read more details about the trip of  October-November. The places that were visited are in three Provinces of South Africa: the central Gauteng, the most northern province Limpopo and the most South Province, Western Cape. See the map of South Africa. Venda is the northern part of Limpopo.
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Next trip: 
5 March - 2 April 2017
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Pastors from Sinthumule area (Venda)
Trainers training
With a group of nine Pastors from around Louis Trichardt we did a trainers-training (TOT1) of four days. This in addition to a CHE vision seminar we did with the same group in June/July. What a great group of enthusiastic people! That they immedeately wanted to start implementing, we could conclude from the phone call we received the next day: one of the Pastors made contact with the Chief of Sinthumule to talk about the CHE program. This is one of the essential first steps that must be taken to implement the CHE programme; the leadership of a community must give full support to the program. This will pave the way for all CHE trainers who want to start with CHE in Sinthumule. Underneath some more pictures of the training:
Above bottom right: 'the road to development' - an exercise to discover together the biggest stumbling blocks that hinder a healthy development in a community. Afterwards the group will discuss these different problems and decide about possible solutions.
Leaders of Ha-Makuya (Venda)
CHE Vision Seminar of two days
In July we did a first CHE-Vision Seminar with a group of people from Ha-Makuya. (A vision seminar is a workshop of one or two days in which the CHE-program is being explained. More information)
Because a number of leaders from this community were not able to attend that time, we now conducted a seminar again with the people that really can play a role in implementing a CHE program. The plan now is to train a group of trainers (TOT1) in one of the next trips at Ha-Makuya.
It was extremely dry in the surroundings of Ha-Makuya. See the pictures underneath. There was no green gras anywhere and the cattle there were terribly underfed.
How amazing to see that some trees have such deep roots and therefor find water. So they make green leaves anyway!
Coaching of CHE-groups
CHE group of Mukula ( Venda)
This group has done a trainers-training in October 2013. The group consists of members from Tshitereke, Maungani and Mukula.
During our previous visit we could not do any training with this group because of the sudden passing away of the initiator of the group, Pastor Edward Luruli. We were not sure about who will now take responsibility for the continuation of the group. But after arrival it became clear that Pastor Mukhuba was ready to take the lead of this CHE-group. 
We have been working with the group during two evenings. We paid attention to modules about prevention of diseases, a healthy home, making of vegetable gardens and a healthy life style. The members of the group will share these lessons in the coming months with their neighbors and family members. 
We also visited here the impressive tumbstone of the grave of Pastor Edward Luruli and his son Todani. See top of this letter.
Above Mashudu, one of the members of the Mukula CHE group, who lives in Tshitereke. She is so happy with the income she has now through making and selling the traditional Venda beadwork.
Underneath pictures of the chicken project in Maungani, where Tendani is active as CHE-worker.
Through Tendani's support and encouragement, her neighbor has extended his chicken project since our visit in July: a new building!
He now has groups of chickens of different ages. There for he has now almost continuous income from his project.
The manure from her neighbors chicken project Tendani uses for her vegetable garden.
The road in front of the shop of Tendani is now asphalted - that results in more customers!
CHE group of Pulaneng (near Tzaneen)
This group has done a trainers training (TOT1) in September 2015

We were pleasantly surprised with the activities that this CHE-group, with nine very young participants (teenagers), have been engaged in after the training in July this year. They did 40 home visits in the Pulaneng community to raise awareness for the CHE program! During those visits they did all kinds of small chores for community members, gave lessons about a healthy life style, encouraged children to go to school and shared the Word of God.

During the two days of our visit we have done complementary lessons that can be of value during their home visits. They also made a new action plan for the coming months.

CHE group of SCDO
(in Venda, the North of Limpopo)
In 2014 we have done a TOT1 with a number of Home Based Carers, who do their work under the wings of the SCDO
SCDO=Soutpansberg Community Development Organisation)
With reverend Nefefe, the leader of the SCDO and of the Reformed Church in his region, we talked again about his wish to introduce the CHE program to all pastors in his region. It becomes more and more clear to him that he and his assistant Lufuno have too much plans for the capacity they presently have.
So they will have to make some choices. We will see in the plans for 2017 which plans will be further developed.
Regional network Southern Africa
Kevin en Erica Pippert,
regional coordinators of the CHE network of Southern Africa
In the last week of our trip, in which we also took some holidays in the Cape Province and visited friends, we had the opportunity to spend a day with Kevin en Erica Pippert. What a wonderful people with a great heart for the Lord and CHE! We were able to share a lot of experiences and share ideas about the CHE-work and the future of CHE in different parts of Southern Africa.
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