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Hello Hazelwood Friends!

Thank you all for your expressions of concern and your prayers as I have been sick with covid. I would love to be able to say that I am completely recovered, but unfortunately, I am still dealing with several side effects. Therefore, I think it is best that I cancel my plans for the four Praying with the Mystics Sunday sessions at this time. Prior to getting sick, I had already purchased 4 books for me to use during the study and then had planned to donate them to Hazelwood. I will still do the latter so that those of you who are readers and might be interested in learning about any or all of the 4 modern mystics, who I had planned to explore with you, may do so on your own.

On another note, in the July 6 newsletter I had shared with you about the Doctrine of Discovery which was used as justification by Christians to oppress and brutalize non-Christian people and to colonize their lands. If you missed that, I highly encourage you to read it by clicking HERE. After much thought and prayer, I feel I would be remiss to not also share with you about how history is attempting to repeat itself in a way of thinking by some Christians today that is referred to as Dominionism or Christian Nationalism. This is something I have only learned of in the last couple years, but political analyst Frederic Clarkson explained it well in a 2016 article:

Dominionism is the theocratic idea that regardless of theological view, means, or timetable, Christians are called by God to exercise dominion over every aspect of society by taking control of political and cultural institutions. Analyst Chip Berlet and I have suggested that there is a dominionist spectrum running from soft to hard as a way of making some broad distinctions among dominionists without getting mired in theological minutiae. But we also agree that:
  1. Dominionists celebrate Christian nationalism, in that they believe that the United States once was, and should once again be, a Christian nation. In this way, they deny the Enlightenment roots of American democracy.
  2. Dominionists promote religious supremacy, insofar as they generally do not respect the equality of other religions, or even other versions of Christianity.
  3. Dominionists endorse theocratic visions, insofar as they believe that the Ten Commandments, or “biblical law,” should be the foundation of American law, and that the U.S. Constitution should be seen as a vehicle for implementing biblical principles.

Christianity Today, which leans conservative, featured an article in 2021 that explains Christian Nationalism, how it differs from both Christianity and patriotism, and why it is dangerous. I strongly encourage you as faithful Christians and as American citizens to read it and to be aware of this movement which uses the name of Jesus as cover for limiting religious freedom and the rights of those who do not agree with Christian nationalists. As the article also points out, Christian nationalism is an ideology held overwhelmingly by white Americans, and it thus tends to exacerbate racial and ethnic cleavages. In recent years, the movement has grown increasingly characterized by fear and by a belief that Christians are victims of persecution. Some are beginning to argue that American Christians need to prepare to fight, physically, to preserve America’s identity, an argument that played into the January 6 riot.

You may read the complete Christianity Today article by clicking HERE.

Additionally, I offer you this article from Sojourners Magazine, which leans progressive and to which I subscribe, which was published in May of this year. In this article, the author addresses these questions: What should Christians against White Christian nationalism do? And how do we nurture faith communities to increase their immunity from nativist gospels, militarized White-Jesus idols and xenophobic personality cults that incubate theologies of oppression? While disorienting Christian nationalism demands a large-scale, interdisciplinary and ecumenical movement, there are a few things that we can do in everyday life right now.

You may read the complete Sojourners article by clicking HERE.

I hope that you all are well and that I will see many of you on Sunday!
Rev Pamela

PS: Be sure to scroll down to the Announcement section to read the update from the Pastor Search Committee!!
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Sunday, August 14
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
Scripture: Ezekiel 18:5-9
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Christian Ministries' Food Pantry

Volunteers are needed for Tuesday, August 16, from 9:45am-12:30pm and for Wednesday, August 17-Friday, August 19, from 8:45am-12:30pm to help with the Christian Ministries' Food Pantry. Two volunteers are needed each day to bag groceries for the clients.

To volunteer or for more information, please contact Shirley Bookout at 765-744-1207.

Note of Appreciation

Hello. My name is Celesia King, a partner family with Habitat for Humanity. I would like to thank you for your support in helping me become a new homeowner next year.
Thank You!

Our sympathies go out to Dave Rowe and family on the passing of his father, Denver Berlin Rowe, on August 2.

Our sympathies go out to Rhea Morgan and family on the passing of her aunt, Ruth Prouty, on August 3.
Prayers requested for these Hazelwood participants (alphabetical by last name):
  • Earl Bruning
  • David Cartwright
  • Jeff Clary
  • Ruthanne Devroy
  • Jeane Garrett
  • Mariangella Glaze
  • Lois Gross
  • Louise Maley
  • Marcia Miller
  • Pat Patterson
  • Rev. Pamela
  • Jairen Rees
  • Bill Ritchie
  • Leah Ritchie
  • Ron Smith
  • Judy Thomas
  • Mark Wages
  • Molly Wantz
  • Annie Yingst
Prayers requested for these friends and family of Hazelwood participants:
  • Marianna Gill's mother, Kitty Tilton
  • Donna Dye's granddaughter, Heather Kruger
  • Rhea Morgan's sister, Joyce
Note, the friends and family list will re-set at the first of every month. At that time, we request confirmation that the one being named has given permission to continue to be listed on this newsletter prayer list, in order to honor their personal agency and privacy. Thank you for understanding the importance of this in the digital age.

Search Committee Update

The Search Committee has identified a candidate to fill the position of minister for Hazelwood Christian Church! That candidate has accepted the invitation and now several steps will need to be taken. First, the voting members of the Hazelwood Board will meet after the service this Sunday, August 14. At the meeting they will be presented with details about the candidate and will have a chance to ask questions. If there are any voting board members who wish to attend but cannot do so in-person, the church will work to try and connect via Zoom. Please email Board Moderator, Joanna Hahn, if that is needed. If the Board votes to accept the candidate, a congregational meeting will then be called for a later date.

Updates will be shared during announcements at Sunday service and will be shared through the church newsletter.
Search Committee Members:
Tony Gill, Joanna Hahn, Winnie Muhiga, Jason Ratts, Ann Wolfe

Garden Update

On Sunday, August 7, the congregation was invited to help themselves to the bountiful harvest from the community garden, but much of it was able to be donated to Muncie Mission. Thank you to Don & Cheryll Crose, Jim Reece, Donna Browne, and Ann Wolfe for picking this week’s harvest. The pretty silver bowls were donated last year by Mary Alice Lanning.

Upper left: green beans, squash, onions, and tomatoes with our church in the background
Upper right: sweet corn, green peppers, and border flowers
Lower left: green beans and sweet corn
Lower right: a bountiful harvest of yellow squash, zucchini, green peppers, cucumbers, and green beans galore!

2022 Nominating Committee: Seeking Recommendations

The 2022 Nominating Committee will soon start the task of finding candidates among the active participants in the Hazelwood congregation to serve in the following positions:
  • Vice-Moderator
  • Treasurer
  • Board Secretary
  • At-Large Board Member
  • Elders
  • Deacons
  • Trustees
  • Preschool/ELC Committee
Please take some time over the next couple of weeks to prayerfully consider who in our congregation may be a good fit for these open positions. If you would like to recommend someone, click HERE to submit a recommendation form no later than August 31.


Note: Rev. Pamela is available by cell phone/text, as well as by email. Please do not hesitate to reach out to her as needed. If you do not have her cell number, it is on the weekly paper bulletins, or you may call the church to get it from a receptionist between 9am-3pm, Monday-Thursday and 8am-noon, Friday. Please do not leave messages on her church office voicemail; use her cell phone instead.

Sun., August 14: Called meeting for voting board members, After Worship, Room 108 (downstairs)
Mon., August 15: Worship Team, 7pm, Zoom
Tues., August 16: Trustees, 5:30pm, Zoom
Tues., August 16: Epiphany Action Team, 7pm, Zoom
YTD Receipts through July 2022: $138,843.43
YTD Expenses through July 2022: $

YTD Outreach Disbursements through July 2022: $42,106.21
   New Church Development: $571.15
   Easter Offering: $905
   Christian Ministries' Food Pantry: $78.90
   Sleeping Room Project: $590
   Winnie's Kids: $19,000
   Week of Compassion: $2,356.16
   Muncie Afghan Refugee Resettlement Committee: $13,170
   Sulanke Trust Outreach: $5,435
      -Christian Ministries of Delaware County: $400
      -A Better Way: $400
      -YWCA: $400
      -Second Harvest Food Bank: $400
      -Motivate Our Minds: $400
      -Children's Clothing Center: $400
      -Muncie Mission: $1,635

      -Habitat for Humanity: $400
      -First Choice: $400
      -Muncie Soup Kitchen: $400
      -Special Olympics: $200
To make a financial gift online via Givelify, click here:
After you are in the Givelify site, to designate a gift to something other than the general fund, choose "Other" and then type in the message box to let us know to which fund you are donating.
Please submit items for the newsletter by Monday at noon each week.
Rev. Pamela J. Pettyjohn, Interim Minister
Stefanie Petty, Office Administrator
Rhea Morgan, Bookkeeper
Marianna Gill, Worship Coordinator
Lori Rhoden, Organist
Angie Lopez, Director of Weekday Preschool and Early Learning Center
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