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                                                                        Winter 2013

Thank You!

It’s been a challenging year for many RAPPs due to the difficult economy, severe weather, staff changes and other events.
Even in the face of these challenges, RAPPs have been hard at work addressing the needs of grandparents and other relatives who are primary caregivers of children by focusing on their mental health needs, working on behalf of families with incarcerated parents, creating programs to engage teens and youth, ensuring families have access to a navigator that can connect them to much-needed services, providing fun activities through intergenerational programming and addressing health and wellness by making sure caregiver families take care of themselves through exercise and healthy eating.

Above all, RAPPs have made collaborations a priority because they know that these partnerships are essential to meet program goals and to sustain or expand services to these very special families.
This issue of the Reporter highlights some of your programmatic initiatives and provides resources that can help all programs providing services to relative caregiver families.

Thank you for all you do!

The Relatives As Parents Program

The Relatives As Parents Program (RAPP) was created in 1996 and is designed to encourage and promote the creation and expansion of supportive services to grandparents and other relatives who have taken on the responsibility of surrogate parenting due to the absence of the parents.
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