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Gartrell Tunnel Safety Railing Installation

Safety railings will be installed on the Gartrell tunnel beginning tomorrow (Tuesday). The pedestrian tunnel and underpass trail will be closed for 2-3 days during the installation.

One sidewalk will be closed once work has begun until that side is finished and the sidewalk on that side can be re-opened. The other side will then be closed until the job is completed and the sidewalk on the second side and the tunnel will be re-opened.

Time to Turn on Landscape Irrigation Systems

By Rick Forsman

Depending on temperatures and latest precipitation, in about two weeks the District will turn on its extensive irrigation system for the watering season. Public Alliance and BrightView staff have been completing repair work identified last season and will be keeping a close eye for emergent problems as the system comes live. But, with so many meters and miles of piping, breaks and missing nozzle heads are going to occur. If you notice a water problem of any kind, please report it to District staff who will prioritize and dispatch staff to work on repairs as time allows. The District has a very large irrigation infrastructure, some parts of which are 10+ years old and prone to failures, at any given time there may be dozens of things that need attention while new issues arise each week.  We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work as quickly as possible on these many repairs.  
You also will see new signs in the common areas to inform residents that Inspiration now participates in the Aurora Water Department's "Large Property Variance Program." What does this mean? Essentially it recognizes that big areas that exist within a metro district cannot have too many meters turned on for irrigation at the same time, otherwise there would be a significant drop in water pressure in homes. Inspiration has 22 meters just for landscape irrigation and each can accommodate a large volume of water rushing through pipes to the irrigation zones. The District has to limit how many meters are activated at any given time, some will need to run at times outside the hours recommended for optimal watering. You may see some areas being irrigated at times that are not ideal, but the city permits this as part of the variance program and residents do not need to report concerns about the timing of irrigation.
As spring gets underway, individual residents will want to make decisions about when to turn on their own landscape irrigation system. Check with your system maintenance company for their advice, watch the local news, talk with staff at your favorite nursery, or chat with neighbors to learn when they will be going live. Pipes in the ground are usually safe to hold water in the changeable spring weather, but exposed sections could still be damaged if a prolonged or deep freeze occurs. If you are new to Colorado, welcome to that rollercoaster time of year when anything can happen weather-wise! An Irrigation System Overview Guide for Inspiration residents has been published by the Common Area Committee to provide helpful information for those performing their own maintenance or troubleshooting their system.
This is the third in a series of news items about water conservation in the District.

Reminder - Board Meeting Tuesday April 12th at 5:30 PM

The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors will be held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday evening. The meeting will be held remotely via Zoom, please use the link below to join. The dial-in number (if not joining via Zoom) is +1 669 900 6833 with Meeting ID: 863 732 2103. Please make sure your name is visible on Zoom for attendance purposes.
Zoom Meeting Link
View the agenda on the Board Meetings page. The meeting packet has been posted. There will not be a Developer Update presentation this month.
Meeting Agenda

Spring Fling Egg Hunt - Bring Your Baskets

The Easter Bunny will be at Inspiration Club from 9:00 AM until 10:30 AM this Saturday, April 16th. We'll have photo opportunities and hot chocolate available.
Age Groups and Time Slots

We'll run five egg hunts to allow everyone to have a chance at getting their fair share of eggs. The older kids will go first, the event lawn area will be restocked with eggs between the age groups. Please help us keep it fun and fair for all the kids by heeding the instructions of the referee.

A few eggs will have special treats inside or a golden raffle ticket, redeemable for a larger prize.

There will be additional prizes for Best Dressed kids, either a costume or springtime outfit.
Age 10 and up
9:15 AM

Age 7-9
9:30 AM

Age 5-6
9:45 AM

Age 3-4
10:00 AM

Newborn - age 2
10:15 AM
If you're able to volunteer to help at this event, please send us an email
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