Fall edition 2012- 
Fall edition newsletter Nov. 2012
Welcome to fall,
the season of color!

Harvest your rain water
Gifts for gardeners

We offer delivery and planting services. Our fruit tree packages will save you time and money. For more info refer to the "Packages" link above.

What can I plant  in fall?

It's cold and rainy out there. What can I grow in this weather? 
The truth is there are many crops that prefer cold and wet climates to sunny and dry weather. Take advantage of the oregon rain and plant for abundance of crops such as: 
1) Cover crops (Last chance) - November is your last chance to put the nitrogen back to your soil by planting cover crops. Cover crops such as Crimson Clover, Oat and Rye grow nicely and put back the nurtiens that was taken out by other summer vegtables. Ask us about the varities we offer for small and big veggie gardens.

2) Fava beans, garlic bulbs, shallot and onion sets are other cold hardy plants you could plant along with your cover crops. Plant these for a nice early harvest next spring.

Protect your plants

Save money on buying new plants every spring by following these 4 easy steps in fall.

1) Identify sensitive plants in your pots or garden.
2) Cover plants that are on borderline of zone 7 & 8 (we are in zone 7 in most parts of Portland) with frostguard fabric.
3) Bring zone 9 and up plants inside or in a covered insulated place. Plants such as citrus, banana, some varieties of cana can easily be stored in a guarage from November until March.
4) Water the plants in your covered insulated place occasionally. Do not over water! Just enough for the roots to have a little moisture to protect them in a deep freezing night temprature.

Every gardener knows that a successful growing season requires a lot of water. However, with hot long summer we experienced this year, meeting those water demands to ensure that a garden is productive and flowers are flourishing can be a costly operation. The Bushman Rain Barrel can help you collect, store and use free water running off your roof. Ask for this product at our nursery.
Product Details
- Extra large 60-gallon capacity
- Lid with locking feature for safety
- Sealed system keeps out mosquitoes, pests and sunlight
- Quick and easy to install and winterize
- All parts for installation and use are included
- Includes spigot and garden hose adapter
- Includes connection kit for down spout
- 3 year full replacement warranty included
- Hole saw included
- Dimensions 39” Tall x 28.5” Upper Diameter
3 Easy steps to install
- Drill Hole in downspout with hole saw
- Install diverter into the downspout
- Connect hose to diverter and barrel

Gifts for gardeners

Bring the coupon on the link below and receive a free gift from garden Frog Nursery.

Free Garden
Frog Gift Coupon

Garden Frog Nursery has it all:

We carry a terriffic selection of fruits and berries, a wonderful addition to any garden style.  Or perhaps our fountain assortment may tickle your senses?  Our lucious evergreen 
trees and shrubs create a great garden backdrop or color for the winter garden.  Those fall leaves piling up on you?  A wide selection of rakes and other tools awaits you.   Not to mention soil amendments, hardscapes, pond supplies, gifts and so much more.  

Any garden center may appear the same - trees, flowers and landscape elements, however these are simply tools that we utilize to create that ideal space for you.  Wheter it is answering your questions, solving your problems and designing your dreams.  Its as simple as planting little seeds that will grow into big beautiful things.  We are here to cultivate your imagination into reality!

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