Daishin GITO (1657-1730)

Daishin Gito (1657-1730)
 Hanging scroll, dated 1727
10 1/4 x 15 in. (40 3/4 x 16 in.)
2305 Tomita Keisen

Daishin Gito (1657-1730) was one of the last of a separate lineage of Daikoku-ji monks. A native of Kyoto, Daishin entered the monastery at the age of ten and was trained by a disciple of Seigan Soi (1588-1661). He was also trained in the Ritsu order of Buddhism and became an authority on monastic discipline. At Daitoku-ji he rose gradually through the ranks, becoming head of the Koto-in sub-temple in 1686 and, in 1709, abbot oth the entire monastery. Soon thereafter, however, he was summoned to Edo to serve as abbot of Tokai-ji, the chief Zen monastery in the Eastern Capital. With this appointment he had attained the most prestigious official positions within the Zen community, and in this respect Daishin may be contrasted with the reclusive Zen monks of this day, such as Hakuin, who kept their distance from the large metropolitan temples. Before his death in 1730 Daishin returned to Daitoku-ji and headed several sub-temples, including the Daisen-in. (Yoshiaki Shimizu and John M. Rosenfield: Masters of Japanese Calligraphy 8th-19th century, p. 170).

"Each has their own gifts, depending on their character. - In the year of Teibi (=1727) on the New Year's day at the beginning day of spring."

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Calligraphy 有其此持一々及 Sore kore no moteru ari, itsuitsu ni oyobu.
Date 丁未歳正月春起日 Teibi no toshi, Shogatsu, Haru tatsu hi.
Signature 紫野大心 Murasakino Daishin
Daishin-Seal 大心 Daishin
Seal II
Scroll mounting
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