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March 2016:

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Prayer as Meditation PL 36

Week 1: The Spiral of Development

Week 2Active Meditation

Film and Reading Suggestions

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New Process Groups meeting May / June
Topic: How Prental Images Affect our relationships

Week 3: Foreground and Background Thoughts

Week 4: Faith as Positive Creation

Daily Review

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Prayer as Meditation
Study Guide for Online Meetings on PL 36 & 194

Week 1: The Spiral of Development
Week 2Active Meditation
Week 3: Foreground and Background Thoughts
Week 4: Faith as Positive Creation

Highlights from each weekly section are included below.

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Week 1: The Spiral of Development

Worksheet by Dottie Titus for the Pathwork Teachers Helper Database:
            In many lectures, the Guide talks about the “spiral” of spiritual development.  Lecture #39 (Image-Finding) speaks to the importance of recognizing where you are on the spiral and of understanding why you feel differently at different points.  He encourages us to view our new found knowledge “from various angles.” 

There is a specific spiral configuration that applies to the development of your soul in this respect…  As the soul begins to evolve and grow, it enters a new spiral phase or round.
Each round of the spiral is a new layer, and at the entrance of each round a new and deeper commitment needs to be made. The rounds or circles are not closed, they have openings.

As you discover a new opening, you need to make a new commitment, on a yet deeper level: to let go and to let God; to give all of yourself to the truth -- to the truth of being -- to no longer hide from your truth.”                                      
PL 235, Anatomy of  Contraction
“You know that you are working with different levels and layers. You know about the spiral movement that seems to bring the same sequence up again and again.” 
PL 255, The Birthing Process – The Cosmic Pulse

The ego says "look - it manifests."  The reality is that  "man begins to notice”.  Universal life principle is always spontaneous.
Connection between Ego and Universal Power PL 152
Week 2: Active Meditation
The higher the development, the more truthful and real an entity's thoughts and concepts are, the more powerful will be the energy with which the entity creates.

There is also a correlation between the accuracy of knowledge, visualization of new possibilities of expansion and experience, proper concepts, on the one hand, and receptivity of soul substance, on the other.  When concepts are real and the limitless abundance of the universe is therefore perceived, attitudes will be positive and in accordance with the cosmic laws of truth and love; hence no defenses are required.  
Meditation: Its Laws and Various Approaches PL 194
The hidden, feared, guilt‑producing, and denied thoughts and feelings are more powerful in their negative creation than anything you deal with on the conscious level.
Man’s Innate Capacity to Create PL 208
It is up to the individual man or spirit to overcome the separating wall between his lower self and God's grace, God's strength, God's mercy, and God's love, as well as all the other divine attributes.  And prayer is an essential part in order to achieve this goal.
Prayer PL 36

Film and Reading Suggestions



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Process Groups forming for May / June Meeting Series

Topic: How Parental Images Affect Our Relationships

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Week 3: Foreground and Background Thoughts
Observing your Thoughts
From Suppression of Positive and Creative Tendencies PL 68
Foreground thought: Voluntary. If you want to think something, and follow it through, it is a foreground thought.
“The Universal Intelligence does not push itself on man unbidden.” PRS 6
Background thought: Involuntary. If thoughts come unbidden – if you are a victim of them – they are background thoughts. These are:

1. Symptoms of disturbed emotions, of inner conflicts that never express the conflict itself.
2. You re-experience events or conversations or impressions in snatches and fragments.
3. Wishful thinking
PL 68
This strength can be acquired by everyone by facing the truth and shedding illusion about the self and life. Any truth of yourself and the nature of creation results in inner security, trust, fearlessness.  Ignorance creates fear. 

 Fear creates an inner atmosphere of closing, and your mind will not use the powerful substance to create more expansion, but rather more tightly shut defenses.”
Fear of Bliss vs. Longing for It PL 170
Week 4: Faith as Positive Creation
Steps of Positive Creation
Part 4 of a Worksheet on PL 194
by Susan Thesenga for the Pathwork Teachers Helper Database

  • cannot enforce faith as act of will (superimposing wishful thinking)
  • REQUEST help from inner divinity
  • FAITH is not blind faith, but an openness to new possibilities, to seeing beyond current limitations (including any either/or limited options), (note "Faith and Doubt in Truth and Distortion" PGL #221)
  • If lack of faith, investigate where you have decided not to be open; may be a childhood decision to not risk, etc.
Work on issues of faith:
  • Work with childhood images of faith; experiences of religion (superimposed concepts about God/ truth, etc.)
  • And with adult rational/ materialistic world-view (the modern Western "religion") .. rigid belief structure also.
  • Work with prejudices against "primitive" religions of Brazil (African and Indian) and against Catholicism (pious priests, etc.)
  • Moving toward real faith = inner knowledge/ experience.

Daily Review PL 28

Exercise: Keep a record of incidents that disturb you. Focusing upon subtleties may help us from becoming distracted by exaggerating or over-dramatizing a situation. Notice feelings of discomfort, where your suspect you may be uninformed, ignorant, unprepared, or unaware.

Each week, see if you can relate with the sub-topic.

Eventually, this can become a thought process. The Guide refers to Daily Review as ‘spiritual hygiene’.

All you need is a ½ page of lined paper per day.  Create 4 columns. At some point during each day, jot down brief notes about each incident (limit:10 per day).

1. Two to three words to identify each incident (no details)

2. What feelings or emotional reactions came up

3. The judgments or conclusions you came to at the time

At the end of each week, read through your entries and complete the last column:

4. What do you notice today that you did not notice at the time? Are there patterns?

5. Using your preferred form of meditation (sitting, walking, or while doing 'mindless' chores) create a picture of desire fulfillment. What would you have to address in your current life to achieve this fulfillment?

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