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December 2016:

Aspects of the Divine Influx:

Communication, Group Consciousness,

Exposure, Law of Brotherhood

PL 257

Christmas Message from the Guide
PL 219 December 1973

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2016 feels eerily similar to 1973

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Our planet experiences simultaneous solstices on December 21st:
the darkest day of Winter in the Northern hemisphere,
the lightest day of Summer in the Southern hemisphere.
May we all celebrate the resiliency of the human spirit
as our holidays celebrate the ever renewing cycle of light.
Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy New Year! 


December 1973 Christmas Message from the Guide,  PL 219

This extraordinary consciousness, the sublime consciousness, must be awakened within the course of the evolutionary journey of each entity.
Perhaps you can see your tree that you light, as a symbol expressing the many, many candles that have to be lit and be aflame within you in order to bring the total consciousness to its eternal glow on the outer level of your manifest existence.  Each recognition, each insight, each honest admission, each shedding of a partial mask, each breaking through of a defense, each step of courage and honesty where you take responsibility for your negativity is a lighting of yet another candle.  You bring light into your soul by bringing truth into your darkness.

But as long as you project your darkness outward in order not to face your own shadows, you cannot light the candles.  The great lighting of the whole "tree" ‑‑ the tree of life ‑‑ is an ongoing process.  And the more candles are being lit, the greater the joyousness and the glory becomes.

In this message I want to convey to you that there is nothing whatever that need be rejected, nothing whatever you cannot accept and forgive.  The only thing that is truly destructive and makes you lose your bearing is not doing so and therefore acting out.

In every negative quality, there is imbedded a positive one. The negative traits are nothing but distortions of positive divine expressions. True strength, true creativity, true love, true security, all these are candles that spring aglow from your honesty, your courage, your truthfulness, and from the faith you cultivate little by little that makes you overcome your fear to go all the way with yourself, to go through the fear and keep the possibility open that there is no abyss.
PL 219

The Connection Between Ego and Universal Power PL 152

Video Intro on YouTube -- November topic

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Communication, Group Consciousness, Exposure:
Aspects of the New Divine Influx PL 257

Week 1:  The New Divine Influx
Week 2:  Group Consciousness

Week 3:  Conscious Communication
Week 4:  Exposure and the Law of Brotherhood

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Week 1:  The New Divine Influx
            Blessings, my dearly beloved friends.  God's light envelopes you all.  This light contains all you need.  Try to perceive it, try to feel its reality.  It is always there for you, and to the degree you refine your inner being through the purification process, you cannot help being aware of this light that flows through all the universes, through all of creation.  Those of God's children who have chosen to make the very best of their lives through such a path in which to purify and therefore being able to serve are specially blessed.  For they fulfill a great need in the great plan.
PL 257
Week 2:  Group Consciousness

When two entities -- individual or collective ones -- are involved in a negative interaction and even if this interaction has a most undesirable result at the moment, a deeper purpose is being fulfilled. The higher self of both entities is always at work.

It is not that the higher self has created the negative interaction per se. It is that what already exists is being used for the purpose of dissolving it. This dissolution and transformation of negative material could not possibly take place unless there is an outright manifestation.

Even if the involved entities are totally in the dark about the part they themselves play in this interaction and are still on the level of self-righteous one-sidedness, a higher purpose is served nevertheless.
PL 257
“Dear Uncle Leonard,” the email from the boy began... “Did anything inspire you to create ‘Hallelujah’”?

Later that same winter day the reply arrived: “I wanted to stand with those who clearly see G-d’s holy broken world for what it is, and still find the courage or the heart to praise it. You don’t always get what you want. You’re not always up for the challenge. But in this case — it was given to me. For which I am deeply grateful.”
Article on Leonard Cohen by Leon Weiseltier

Film and Reading Suggestions

The Price of Certainty 7 mins
Dr. Arie Kruglanski is best known for his theory of “cognitive closure,” a term he coined in 1989 to describe how we make decisions. “Closure” is the moment that you make a decision or form a judgment. You literally close your mind to new information. If you have high “need for closure,” you tend to make decisions quickly and see the world in black and white. If you have a low need for closure, you tolerate ambiguity, but often have difficulty making decisions. All of us fall naturally somewhere on this spectrum.

Meditation without Meditating
Controlled breathing exercises can be a way to mediate without having to learn complex protocols -- or even try to control the mind.
Let your breath do the work for you!

Orwell in America 4 mins
At the 2:50 mark in the play, Orwell illustrates the incredible difference between daily and weekly food rations the US put into place from 1943 to 1945, and the limitations in Britain that lasted an entire decade -- 1940 through 1950.
Orwell believed that experience trumps perception;
that is, we may think something is reasonable -- until we experience it.

Hoarding: Perfectionism Gone Astray
Therapy for hoarders: speaks to doing things 1 step at a time, a little each day. And how the ideal of perfectionism can become so distorted that it is no longer recognizable as its original ideal (see the 2015 study guide on Perfectionism PL 97). 
Note from Jan:  I hoard by having multiple clocks and pairs of scissors in every room of my home. One compensates for my tendency to lose track of time -- the other may represent a fear of becoming tied up in energetic 'red tape' !!!
Does any anxiety about life manifest as multiple possessions in your life?

The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker 1hr 45mins
I am committed to understanding both the spiritual and temporal dynamics of the US election. Becker's writings have inspired several documentaries, and there are audio recordings of this 1972 book on YouTube. The most relevant section of this documentary (re: Pathwork concepts of Dualistic Thinking PL 143 and Forcing Currents PL 77) is a 15-minute section 45:00 mins - 60:00 mins. Studies of how our thinking process changes once we are reminded of our own mortality may help to explain how social media and a 24-hour news cycle may be contributing to the polarization (and viciousness) of current global tensions.
We are experiencing a 'big bang' of worldwide communication and technology that dwarfs anything the human race has previously experienced -- and we are experiencing these disruptions to culture and belief systems simultaneously.
The Ego would see such changes as destructive = death of what was.

Create Something of Value from Regret
Gordon Marino NY Times
Soon the conversation pivoted to Vietnam and his experiences as a draftee there. One time I had just gotten paid and I was gambling, playing poker with this 14-year-old Vietnamese kid. A great kid. He was studying English — wanted to make something of himself! Well, he won fair and square. He cleaned me out of my whole paycheck. I was drinking heavily back then. I picked up my M16, pointed it at him and demanded my money back. He gave me my money.” 
 “I haven’t had a drink in decades. But you know I’d give anything to be able to see that kid now grown.” His voice swelled with emotion. “I would get on my knees and ask his forgiveness. I would say that I hope he has had a great life and that I am sorry.” Kierkegaard observed that you don’t change God when you pray, you change yourself. Perhaps it is the same with regret.

12 small, practical steps to help our planet heal.
Please forgive the framework of US politics, and allow the larger message of contributing more actively to your community to inspire  you.

The Spiritual Significance of Political Systems PL 242
"In its divine expression the human soul deeply knows that no matter how distorted and negative another human being may be, he is nevertheless a divine manifestation and, as such, truly equal to him -- on that deepest level." PL 242
There are a number of lectures that directly address the differences between social and cultural assumptions. The titles begin with  'The Spiritual Significance of..." 

Weekly Pathwork Lecture Quotes

 Saskia Hontele, a Pathwork Helper in The Netherlands, offers a free subscription to weekly lecture quotes. Dutch version available via her website   For an English version, email Saskia at
Saskia on Facebook:

Several of Saskia's quotes have inspired monthly topics for these newsletters. On November 13th, I received a quote from PL 257 and decided that it was more relevant than the topic I had prepared, Transition to Positive Intentionality PL 198 (moved to January).

PL 257 was delivered in January 1973.  10 days later, Richard Nixon was sworn in for his second term as President. The Watergate hearings were broadcast live 5+ hours a day from May through July. Nixon was impeached a year later.  Objective timelines don't fully convey the terrifying day-to-day uncertainty of these 18 long months.

Lecture 257 feels just as relevant today:  "The new influx, also called the new age, also effects outer events. What may appear as an entirely undesirable, negative occurrence is, in reality, a necessity in order to establish new values, to reestablish life based on spiritual premises, truth, and love. In other words, destructiveness that has advanced so far that it can no longer be changed, molded, transformed, needs to be destroyed before a new and better structure can be erected. Many destructive events in your earth are of that nature."

Week 3:  Conscious Communication

Communication is a by‑product of a highly developed consciousness.  To the degree development of spirit exists, the ability to communicate, to listen and express adequately and appropriately also exists.  To the degree development is still impaired, the ability to communicate is limited.  So you see innumerable people who cannot and will not even try to put into words what they really feel and think.  They are too proud, or they demand from others to be understood without having to labor to make themselves understood.  For it does require some labor.  The ability to communicate is an art that can and, indeed, must be learned by everyone.  It contains good will.  It contains a positive intentionality and a will to cooperate.

The ability to communicate (honestly) is an art, which can prepare us for union.
PL 257
Week 4: Exposure and The Law of Brotherhood

Through psychology, and recently through profound spiritual work, exposure of self has reached new depths as never before in your history, with the exception of the initiates, the few minorities in different cultures.  Now exposure of deeper levels of self has reached unprecedented degrees. 

Even the least knowledgeable people have attained a certain degree of awareness that there are deeper levels of being that determine their lives.  This is now being taken for granted, but it was by no means always so. 

This ability to explore the self is a combination of communication and exposure, two aspects of this lecture.  The willingness to expose leads to communication, and communication leads to oneness
PL 257
Law of Brotherhood

Without brotherhood there is no love, without love there is no brotherhood. Love is union. Hate is split, dissension, isolation. Love means mutual understanding. But in order for such understanding to grow, effort and good will have to exist. 

In other words, love is not something that happens like a miracle, nor is the experience of union.  Union with God cannot be experienced unless you are able to experience union with your brothers and sisters, even those who you think are your enemies.  On the outer level, friendship with them may not be possible to achieve, for it takes both parties to really desire the truth and union.  But on the inner level, you may well be connected, quite
consciously, with the higher self of that person.
But you do need to sacrifice your pride, your stubbornness, your pleasure in having a case, your fear of finding out that you are wrong and bad.  All this must be put aside.  In that way you will greatly contribute to the ever growing flow of communication in your era that is unprecedented as compared to previous times.
PL 257

Daily Review PL 28

Each week, focus your Daily Review on one of the sub-topics:
Week 1:  The New Divine Influx
Week 2:  Group Consciousness
Week 3:  Conscious Communication
Week 4:  Exposure and the Law of Brotherhood
1. Consider the events of the day during the last few moments before you fall asleep, or after you wake up. Recalling disharmonious events and feelings enables us to stay conscious of them. It can be helpful to write these down, using just 2-3 words to describe each segment:
            The event, or what part prompted you to remember it
            Your feelings or emotional reactions
            Thoughts or judgments about what happened

2. Notice, from day to day, any experiences or feelings that re-occur.
3. At the end of the week, notice any similarities in these feelings and experiences.
           Is there a common denominator, theme, or pattern?
           Did your perception of these disharmonies change during the week? How?

4. At the end of a month, see if you can notice any connections between the most common intense feelings and experiences and your childhood memories.
            Glance through the titles of Pathwork Lectures 30 to 165, which focus upon the connections between childhood struggles, images, and relating with others. Make a list of any lecture titles that seem relevant to the repetitive emotional patterns you have noticed. Notice any themes or overall concepts.

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