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November 2015 

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Claiming the Total Capacity for Greatness
PL  212

Request for Assistance
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Ghostly Images of Past and Present

The Most Important Thing, and It's Almost a Secret
Staying conscious about the  bigger picture

Human Genius at Work
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Claiming the Total Capacity for Greatness
PL  212

Weekly Topics - starting November 7th:
Note: Jan is not available to facilitate Oct 21st or Nov 21st
You may use the software to hold an informal discussion.
Week 1:   The Spiral of Development
Week 2:   Aspects of Development that Obstruct Your Greatness
Week 3:   Attachment to Self-Serving Enterprises as an Obstruction
Week 4:   Awakening Positive Intentionality
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Week 1:  The Spiral of Development: PL 212
Again a working season draws toward its end [i.e. June 1973]. But each end is a beginning, as each beginning is also an end.  These are the endless cycles, cycle upon cycle, the waves that constitute the infinite flow of the river of life.  If you are within the flow, you grow and expand more and more into the universal oneness.  If you stop the flow through your obstructions, you accumulate the force and the energy, which then become blocks.  Blocks are pain and suffering. At each beginning and end of a working season I give an overall view, a map that gives something like a bird's eye view of the phase you have left behind, which then makes you ready for the phase to come.  

One of the most important gauges of this Pathwork can constantly be used to determine your state:
What is your life manifestation telling you?
How rich and full is your life?
How much joy, peace, and abundance is increasingly open to you? 
How much less are you afraid and reluctant to meet and expose the deepest regions of your innermost self? 

When you meet the inevitable inner blocks as momentary crisis, how fully do you "travel" through them to find yourself more fully you?  
PL 212

“The path is a spiral movement. You know this. You have heard this and experienced it. Each round of the spiral is a new layer, and at the entrance of each round a new and deeper commitment needs to be made. The rounds or circles are not closed, they have openings. As you discover a new opening, you need to make a new commitment, on a yet deeper level: to let go and to let God; to give all of yourself to the truth -- to the truth of being -- to no longer hide from your truth.
…There is a specific spiral configuration that applies to the development of your soul in this respect…  As the soul begins to evolve and grow, it enters a new spiral phase or round.”
PL235, Anatomy of Contraction


Week 2:   Aspects of Development that Obstruct Our Greatness
Aspects that obstruct our greatness:
1. The Little Ego vs. the Godself
2. The fear of still existing inner evil
3. Attachment to Self-Serving Enterprise (week 3)
PL 212

What value does the Ego Personality have in Enlightenment?
Weak Ego = incapable of coping with life;  too small; 100/100
Overgrown Ego = hinders reaching towards the real self;  ego too big; 100/100
Healthy Ego = it ‘knows’ it’s ‘place’.  The Healthy Ego
a) chooses to accept life
b) choose to want to understand itself; knows there’s a ‘package’ inside.
Integrated Ego = the Ego is integrated with divine consciousness
and moves out into life as the Real Self.
Moira Shaw
The fear of still existing inner evil
If you identify with the higher self, your spirit, without truly being aware of the lower self, the mask self, your defenses, your dishonest devices, and your negative intentionality; identification with the higher self becomes an escape and an illusion. This is not at all truthful.  
PL 195 Identification and Intentionality

Request for Assistance

I've outgrown my current inexpensive website, and need to set up a new one. Lots of time left for the older materials -- renewal doesn't come up until 2018 -- but I won't be able to upload new study guides after June 2016 because of space limitations. 

Since 2007. I have created and managed my own websites using a WYSIWYG software program with In taking out a new domain and web hosting contract, I learned that website management has become far more complex. For instance, I don't understand how WordPress or Joomla templates work or how to do FTP migration. I'm not certain I want to make major changes -- but my current hosting company can't (or won't )make a backup copy of my website. 

If you have experience with website creation or development (and can work with a novice) I would appreciate any assistance you can offer.

Thanks for even reading this technical request!
 email  if you can offer any assistance.
Ghostly Images
A photographer removed the digital devices from a series of his black and white photographs.  The result can be seen as disturbing, fascinating -- or both at the same time.

Are our devices leading us away from connecting with others in the moment, while at the same time bringing us into more intimacy with ourselves? 

New devices (electricity, cars, airplanes) tend to disrupt established patterns of behavior for a while, until we learn to integrate them into our lives and our societal interactions.

New knowledge disrupts established thought patterns.

For a while, we may only feel the void of what has been lost. Then we begin to see new possibilities.

Week 3:   Attachment to Self-Serving Enterprises as an obstruction
No human being, no individual, no entity can ever find peace and inner fulfillment, joy, wholeness, security, and his intrinsic genius with which he uniquely contributes to creation unless he can be dedicated to a cause outside himself. 
This must not be a therapeutic ploy.  You must not force yourself in a dutiful way to now be dedicated and selfless in order to gain these desirable rewards of glowing health and fulfilled living.  But it is something you ought to clearly understand and use as yet another signpost to where you are. 
You should honestly admit, once again, if you still see the ultimate of life's fulfillment as a totally selfish and self‑serving enterprise in which everything is supposed to be geared around you so as to suit you.  If you explore your fantasies in this respect, you will see exactly where you are. 
PL 212

Week 4:   Awakening Positive Intentionality

Your life speaks the truth to you about this, as in all other matters.
He who deprives himself of the supreme satisfaction of giving to a cause beyond the little ego and the little self‑interests cannot know peace, joy, fulfillment, self‑esteem, and the deep sense of being deserving of the best that life has to offer.  There is an exact correlation: to the degree you offer generously and trustingly the best you have to give to life, allowing God to take over, to that very same degree will you feel perfectly entitled to spread your arms wide to receive the best life has to offer.  To the degree you hold back in puny fear that this might damage your self‑interest, to that same degree you must hold back from receiving life's riches.  There can be no mistake in this calculation.  There is this finely calibrated mechanism installed in the deepest regions of your psyche that works in absolute perfection.
When your giving to life becomes so whole that you are deeply willing to forego the little vanities for appearance's sake, for the sake of the greater truth in a sense of responsibility that this is necessary, then the abundance of your life will surpass your present understanding.
Perhaps you can visualize for yourself a new state of greatness in humility, without ego, without proving anything, without comparing yourself positively or negatively with others.  Visualize yourself unafraid of the worst in you because the worst will transform into the most beautiful, wise, strong, loving force.  In the hiding, it becomes puny and dangerous.  In the exposing, you make it possible to envisage this new potential.
PL 212
The Most Important Thing, and It's Almost a Secret
Nicolas Kristof for the NY Times
Kristof invites us to see how global poverty, illiteracy, and disease have been reduced dramatically -- yet this greater reality is hard for 95% of Americans to perceive, because of how news articles are selected:

This article exemplifies how facts and details can deceive us. Kristoff relates his realization of his own 'selection bias' in reporting the news: "We cover planes that crash, not planes that take off. Indeed, maybe the most important thing happening in the world today is something that we almost never cover: a stunning decline in poverty, illiteracy, and disease.

He describes how 95 percent of Americans are "utterly wrong" in their perceptions about world poverty. "The world's best-kept secret is that we live at a historic inflection point when extreme poverty is retreating."

Similarly to personal process work, when we focus upon what doesn't work we need to keep the larger context in mind: undertaking any form of self-development is an act of the Higher Self, a manifestation of positive intentionality.
Human Genius at Work

I was recently blown away by a NY Times multi-media article entitled 'Greenland Is Melting Away'. The fantastic integration of video and interactive software offers a window into boots-on-the-ground aspects of scientific detective work, detailng the passion and dedication of those called to serve on this project. Budgets are tight. In sub-zero weather, gel hand-warmers are sacrificed to keep batteries from failing. Bottles of pee double as hot water bottles. If they make a mistake and fall into the water, the mortality rate is 100%. 

Click on this link -- when you have a big screen to watch it on!

Pathwork Process Groups 
Pathwork in Daily Life: Practical Spirituality
Online Groups 4 Meetings $130
 7pm US ET on Tuesdays, Fridays or Sundays during Nov/Dec
(Start times are flexible between 4pm - 8:30pm)

In Manhattan - 4 Thursday Meetings $180
Facilitated by Jan Rigsby • Assisted by Alan Saly 
Daily Review
Exercise:  Keep a record of subtle things that disturb you. Focusing upon subtleties may help avoid any tendency to distract ourselves with exaggeration or dramatization. Notice feelings of discomfort, when and where you suspect you may be uninformed, ignorant, unprepared, or unaware.

During this month of study, see if you can relate to the four sub-topics:

Week 1:   The Spiral of Development. Noticing where we seem to be in a similar situation yet are more aware, more mature, more developed – and there seems to be more to learn here.

Week 2:   Aspects of Development that Obstruct Your Greatness. Where do you notice the ‘little ego’ or fear that you secretly harbour some negativity? (It is an act of the Higher / Real Self to recognize deficiencies and negative attachments).

Week 3:   Attachment to Self-Serving Enterprises as an Obstruction. Notice your feelings about giving (or not giving) to others, in terms of personal time and energy (vs. financial donations).

Week 4:   Awakening Positive Intentionality. Notice where you are honestly humble. Notice any moments of false humility. We have to be aware of what to address before we can address it.

All you need is a ½ page of lined paper per day.  Create 4 columns. At some point, jot down each day these brief notes about each incident (limit:10 per day).

1. Two to three words to identify each incident (no details!)
2. What feelings or emotional reactions came up
3. The judgments or conclusions you came to at the time

At the end of the week, read through your entries.

4. Notice any patterns or common denominators.  Jot these down in the last column
5. Using your preferred form of meditation (sitting, walking, or while doing 'mindless' chores) reflect upon your early childhood experiences and how they might relate.

In Connection
 October Newsletter from the Pathwork Foundation
This is the link to the latest copy of In Connection, the Pathowrk Foundation newsletter:

The newsletter is free and sent quarterly. This edition contains an article about the new Free Resources page at that I have been working on, and also a new Members Only section that is still under development.

Check out the free online materials, similar to these newsletters and study guides!

     The Members Only page was developed as a way to attract annual donations for the Foundation. Membership is $30 a year. 

     The Members Only section currently offers all of the materials from the Pathwork Lecture DVD-Rom; Unedited versions of the lectures (the 1996 edited ones are available to everyone), Question and Answer lectures, Additional Materials from the Guide, Eva, and senior Pathwork teachers, plus The Path to the Real Self manuscript which I used as a basis for the monthly topics in 2014-2015.

   Documents that will be uploaded to the Members Only section by the end of this year:

PTH Database

    The Pathwork Teachers Helper (PTH) database was originally available only to Helpers. I use them in my study guides, so many will be familiar to you.

Jose Ascencio: Session Tapes 1959-1965

     Jose recorded all of his Helper sessions with his primary Helper, Susana, as well as his 'image sessions' with Eva Pierrakos.

     Eva was not only the leader of the Pathwork community and the medium for the Guide: she also gave private sessions, based upon her trainings in dream interpretation as well as her understanding of Pathwork concepts.  

     Eva had to listen to the tapes of the Guide lectures and study the printed copies just like everyone else. When she was transmitting the Guide's voice, it was difficult for her to hear it clearly.

     The collection includes 136 session recordings: 10 with Susana, 3 private 'trance sessions' with the Guide and 123 'image sessions' with Eva. It is a unique opportunity to hear Pathwork as originally taught and practiced by Eva herself. For instance, she taught Helpers to dictate notes during each session, to summarize for the worker what was realized. In the tapes, you can hear her talking out loud as she writes or dictates notes to Jose.

     Eva's notes feel like the best possible summary for each tape. I am seeking assistance in transcribing these notes in order to create a master index, to help people find topics of particular interest without having to listen to over 200 hours of audio!  Please contact me if you are interested in working on such an index.


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