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March 2016:

Connection Between the

Incarnatory Process and the Life Task

The Pathwork Version PL 216
Week 1:  The Roles of the Mind, Ego, and Real Self

Week 2:  Human Life Task

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Week 3: Incarnatory Process Begins with Death

Week 4: Connection between
Incarnatory Processes and the Life Task

Daily Review

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Connection between the
Incarnatory Processes and the Life Task

Study Guide for Online Meetings on PL 216

Week 1The Roles of the Mind, Ego, and Real Self
Week 2: Human Life Task
Week 3: Incarnatory Process Begins with Death
Week 4:  Connection between Incarnatory Processes and the Life Task

Highlights from each weekly section are included below.

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Week 1: The Roles of the Mind, Ego, and Real Self
The beginning has to be set in motion until the creation takes on its own momentum.  
This infusion of energies by the inner being interpenetrating the outer person is directly connected with the willingness to go through with what seems most difficult.  This is truly a very simple gauge for you.  In that gauge you find all the answers. 
First the disconnected, conscious mind must make a deliberate effort and be ready for other possibilities.  
That means opening the doors of the mind.  Opening the doors of the mind is an exceedingly important process in changing the tide because the fragmented aspect of consciousness must find its way back through its own means since it is not aware of its essential connection.  
PL 216
The ego says "look - it manifests."  The reality is that  "man begins to notice”.  Universal life principle is always spontaneous.
Connection between Ego and Universal Power PL 152
Sense + Mind = Reality
The Eye that see is not a mere physical organ but a means of perception conditioned by the tradition in which its possessor has been reared.
Week 2: Human Life Task
The Life Task 
The aspect to be purified is “sent out” into a realm of consciousness that is commensurate with it’s own state.
An incarnation is thus chosen in order to fulfill specific tasks
The task lies always where the personality is still separate from the essence.
When the inner being permeates the outer personality, the task will be fulfilled.
Indications that the Life Task is not being fulfilled
Vague Longing Discontent that cannot be placed       Anxiety           Neurosis
In reality, neurosis is being produced as a result of not establishing the connection with the inner self, as a result of not fulfilling the contract the soul has come to carry out.
Future Incarnations
Stage set as a result of the life plan of the last incarnation
Plan is the result of the former life and death processes and simultaneously sets stage for the birth process
PL 216

Film and Reading Suggestions


Finding Beauty in the Darkness
"While the political displays we have been treated to over the past weeks may reflect some of the worst about what it means to be human, this jiggle, discovered in an exotic physics experiment, reflects the best. Scientists overcame almost insurmountable odds to open a vast new window on the cosmos. And if history is any guide, every time we have built new eyes to observe the universe, our understanding of ourselves and our place in it has been forever altered." Full article

Gravitational Waves!  4:36 mins  

On 9/15/2015 scientists were able to prove the existence of gravitational waves. It's a game changer for physicists. This short documentary does a great job of explaining what happened and how we were able to prove it happened.
New Yorker Magazine: Gravitational Waves Exist:
The inside story of how scientists finally found them.

Extended article by the New Yorker Magazine:

Hiking for Emails  8:54 mins
How getting Internet services to to a distant village in Nepal changed an entire community -- and also made checking one's email easier.

A Lifetime of Craftsmanship 4:23 mins
A Fraught Search for a Successor 5:23 mins
An elderly bookmaker in a small town in Oregon can't find anyone willing to take over his business. Making such a connection might be possible with social network tools -- yet neither the bootmaker nor  his successor is likely to use.

Consciousness, Movement, Experience PL 119
Items for review:
Mary's Room - The Knowledge Argument 5:18 mins
"Understanding is not the same as experiencing."
Kierkegaard and the Holocaust in 'Son of Saul'
The Oscar winning film creates an immersive experience.
What is it like to be a bat?
Imagining the Lives of Others

Note: the NY Times and The New Yorker Magazine have a paywall, but allow non-subscribers to view 10 articles a month. 

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Week 3: Incarnatory Process Begins with Death

The gauge with which to measure the completion of the task is inner peace and fearlessness and organic living and dying

Change possible over lifetimes or instants
Now, it is the task of every fragmented, apparently disconnected aspect of consciousness to realize its true identity and connection with the real self.  This happens through an often laborious groping, searching, and attempts of the mind to expand its own narrow limitations.  The mind holds this potential of expansion, for even in its disconnected state it contains every aspect of divine reality.  It only depends on which way it turns, which way the will directs it, which thought it chooses in any given instant.
PL 216

Week 4:  Connection between Incarnatory Processes and the Life Task

The incarnatory process is complex beyond human understanding:

I have to speak tonight about the process of birth, and I have received permission to do so from higher authority. 
My dear friends, let me tell you first, whatever I will say to you can only be a very small and limited part of this extremely complicated procedure for which the human understanding cannot possibly be adequate.  So please understand that my words will only represent a rough outline and are perforce "squeezed" into the limitations of human understanding.
Before I will explain the technical procedure of birth, I will have to talk a little bit about the spiritual and psychological implications that govern karmic law, although some of this is familiar in its broad outlines to most of you.  But since the technical procedure of birth is directly connected with and dependent on karmic and spiritual law, I have to somewhat show you in this lecture the connection so that you will be able to understand birth as such to some degree.
PL 34
Material life = low vibration and rigidity: 
When you are not embodied, when you are aware of your total being, you are also aware of those aspects in you that have remained untended and need healing and purification.  It can also be said that a process of re-education is needed in which new -- in actuality very old -- knowledge is to be gained.
Now, in order to follow through the process of spreading, on the one hand, and reunification, on the other, the aspect to be purified is, for lack of a better word, "sent out," as it were, into a realm of consciousness that is commensurate with its own state.  And that is the material level of life, as you know it in your conscious being.  This realm of existence is the expression of the limited state of consciousness of the disconnected aspect -- the personality -- and in this more ignorant and less aware state, all vibratory functions of life are grossly slowed down.  The flow of energy rigidifies and makes things and people fixed.  The flow becomes invisible.  The same with the entity itself.  It is invisible and only the grossly condensed form of its essence appears as the sole reality.
PL 216

Daily Review PL 28

Exercise: Keep a record of incidents that disturb you. Focusing upon subtleties may help us from becoming distracted by exaggerating or over-dramatizing a situation. Notice feelings of discomfort, where your suspect you may be uninformed, ignorant, unprepared, or unaware.

Each week, see if you can relate with the sub-topic.

Eventually, this can become a thought process. The Guide refers to Daily Review as ‘spiritual hygiene’.

All you need is a ½ page of lined paper per day.  Create 4 columns. At some point during each day, jot down brief notes about each incident (limit:10 per day).

1. Two to three words to identify each incident (no details)

2. What feelings or emotional reactions came up

3. The judgments or conclusions you came to at the time

At the end of each week, read through your entries and complete the last column:

4. What do you notice today that you did not notice at the time? Are there patterns?

5. Using your preferred form of meditation (sitting, walking, or while doing 'mindless' chores) reflect upon your early childhood experiences. 

Do an exercise in trust in which you open yourself for the possibility that the universe will yield you whatever you need.  Experiment for the moment with this thought: "How would it be if I were to trust the universe, if in this particular situation I gave up the fear that is a result of my distrust and therefore of pride and self‑will?"  Allow your central core to fill you with an inkling of a state in which you can react without self‑will, pride, and fear.   


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