August 2015 

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Summer Themes 2

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The Forces of Love, Eros and Sex PRS 17 PL 44

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Some Aspects of Love
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The Forces of Love, Eros and Sex

Online Meetings based on PRS 17 & PL 44
Week 1:  A Holy Triad
Week 2:  Eros as a Soul Movement
Week 3:  Integrating Love and Sexuality
Week 4:  Finding Your Unique Balance
You may download the full month's study guide from (2015 teleconference page) or from

Summer Themes 2

This month, in a nod to the parts of the Northern Hemisphere where we are invited to focus upon holidays, family and friends, barbecue and beach activities, I thought to suggest one of the more delicious lectures: Love, Eros, Sex... what a menu!

Over the years I have addressed this lecture from many perspectives: as a triad in 2009 (video available at, study guides may be downloaded from  Then I addressed it in segments, in The Spiritual Symbolism and Significance of Sexuality PL207 (video,  Eros as a Soul Movement (audio only on my website), and Some Aspects of Love (last month's topic).

All three of these forces can easily become distorted.  Love becomes a rationalization for possessing or controlling others; Eros justifies ethical lapses or breaking social codes. Sexuality can be overused as an expression of the life force when other channels are blocked.
This month’s study guide emphasizes Eros because I feel it is the most misunderstood. I am a passionate advocate of the power of Eros to reveal – and help heal – distortions in the soul. Even Freud became annoyed at those who only associated Eros with genital activity! (see quotes from Wikipedia below).
These forces are often only recognized in the context of romantic relationships. Notice how the Pathwork Guide suggests a greater role for Love, Eros, and Sex, as powerful forces for change, growth, and self-development.
Warm regards, Jan

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 The Forces of Love, Sex and Eros
Excerpts from the Study Guide for PRS 17 PL 44
A Holy Triad

Since your inner spiritual self is the same as everyone else's spiritual self, the separateness is lifted he moment that you are no longer separate from your spiritual center.  The real you is the other person's real self.  There is no barrier between them.   Reaching the Spiritual Center  PL 116
Eros seems in many ways similar to love. It brings forth impulses in a human being that he would not have otherwise, impulses of unselfishness and affection he might have been incapable of before. This is why Eros is so very often confused with love. But it is equally often confused with the pure sex instinct, which also manifests as a great urge.    PL 44
The sex force is the creative force on any level of existence.  In the highest spheres, the same sex force creates spiritual life, spiritual ideas, spiritual concepts and principles as it also does on your earth sphere. PL44
Eros as a Soul Movement

What turns you on?
Imagine fully being able to accept, with an open heart, that desire is divinely designed
to lead you to what you are meant to have
Without Eros, many people would never experience the great feeling and beauty that is contained in pure love. They would never get the taste of it, and their yearning for love would remain deeply covered in their soul. Their fear of love would constantly remain the stronger urge. Eros is the nearest thing to love the undeveloped spirit can experience. It lifts the soul out of her sluggishness, out of mere contentment and vegetation. It causes the soul to surge up, to go out of itself.

When this force comes upon the most undeveloped person, he will become able to surpass himself. Even a criminal will feel temporarily, at least towards that one person, a goodness he has never known. The utterly selfish person will, while this feeling lasts, have unselfish impulses. The lazy person will get out of his inertia. The routine-bound person will naturally and without great effort get rid of his static habits, and so on and so forth. This erotic force will lift the person out of his separateness, be it only for a short time.

And this gives the soul a foretaste of unity and teaches the fearful psyche the longing for it; that is, this longing becomes more conscious after the erotic experience. During the experience of Eros, an otherwise thoroughly self-centered person may even be able to commit a sacrifice. So you see, my friends, Eros enables the personality to do many things that he is disinclined to do otherwise, things that are closely linked with love. It is easy to see why Eros is so often confused with love. Why then is it different from love? Because love is a permanent state in the soul. Love can only exist if, through development and purification, the basis for it is prepared.

Love does not come and go at random. But Eros does. Eros hits with a sudden force, finding the person often unawares and even unwilling to go through this experience. You should use this potent momentum of Eros as the propelling force it is to begin with, finding with it and from it the urge to go on further "on your own steam," so to speak.

And when Eros comes to you, it will lift you up far enough so that you will sense and know what it is in you that longs for this experience and what it is that is your true self which is longing to reveal itself. Without Eros, you are merely aware of the outer lazy layers. Do not escape Eros when it wants to come to you. If you understand the spiritual idea behind it, you will use it wisely, and God will be able to lead you properly and will enable you to make the best of it.”            
The Forces of Love, Sex and Eros, PL 44


Integrating Love and Sexuality
Before you can truly reveal yourself to God, you have to learn to reveal yourself to another beloved human being. And when you do that, you reveal yourself to God too. Many people want to start with revealing themselves to God directly, to the personal God. And actually, deep in their heart it is only a subterfuge because it is abstract and far. What they reveal, no other human being can see or hear. One is still alone. One does not have to do the one thing that seems so risky and that needs so much humility and thus appears humiliating. By revealing yourself to another human being, you accomplish so much that cannot be accomplished by revelation to God who knows you anyway, who really does not need your revelation. By finding the other soul and meeting it, you fulfill your destiny. And when you find another soul, you also find another particle of God. And if you reveal your own soul, you reveal a particle of God and give something divine to another person.                                              
The Forces of Love, Sex and Eros, PL 44
Finding Your Unique Balance
I have been collecting articles that describe the forces of Love, Sex and Eros outside of individual relationship. See what you think; what forces are present here? What forces are in distortion? How does a distorted force blind us to reality?
On Parched Navajo Reservation, ‘Water Lady’ Brings Liquid Gold
How one person affects 221 lives  â€“ in addition to her day job!
Pluto Comes Into Focus
What drives a scientist? Last month we explored levels of love from PL115 – can a love for abstract ideas, such as knowledge, also be an expression of love for mankind, and even individuals? Separating love into levels is a useful way to explore where we might fear intimacy. And our substitutes may still express true love.
Nicholas Kristof | The Worst Atrocity You’ve Never Heard Of
Note: very graphic video essay re: injuries. There are several points of view to consider – what is driving the doctor who has lived in this area for 13 years? The president who bombs his own people? Those who fly the planes? What holds these families and communities together?
Consider how you affect the lives of those around you on a day-to-day basis. What would happen if you were able to live more lovingly? Channel your life force more effectively? Allow Eros to lead you into adventures that may be beyond the imagining of your conscious mind?

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Which lists words used frequently in the lectures 
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Tool of the Month

Looking at how the different forces of
Love, Eros, Sex 
manifest in our daily lives.
If you don't know where to start, begin with the links to stories in 'Finding your own unique balance' above. What forces seem most active there? By focusing upon one aspect at a time, we may find them in the strangest places... such as:

When You Give a Tree an Email Address...
In Melbourne, Australia authorities gave trees email addresses so that citizens could make condition reports. To their surprise, the trees began receiving love letters.

An Essay on Modern Love...
"The longer you are with someone, the more big and little “and yets” rack up. You love this person. Of course you plan to be with him or her forever. And yet forever can begin to seem like a long time."
Daily Review
Exercise Week 1: Become aware of feelings of LOVE, in you or in others. Don't edit in advance! Every time you sense a feeling of love, allow that there is a grain of truth -- a grain of real love -- present. Trust your senses in the moment, rather than throwing love away because it is imperfect, immature, or frightened.

All you need is a ½ page of lined paper per day.  Create 4 columns. At some point, jot down each day these brief notes about each incident (limit:10 per day).

1. Two to three words to identify each incident (no details!)
2. What feelings or emotional reactions came up
3The judgments or conclusions you came to at the time

At the end of the week, read through your entries. 

4. Notice any patterns or common denominators. 

5. Using your preferred form of meditation (sitting, walking, or while doing 'mindless' chores) reflect upon your early childhood experiences.
Exercise Week 2: Become aware of Eros, in you or in others. Notice when your heart seems to leap out of your chest, like a badly trained puppy who sees a cat to chase! Notice irrational urges that are fleeting, ideas that dash through your mind before you can even figure out what they are about. See if you can sense yourself opening up to a person, idea, project, like a flower opening up to gather the sun’s rays. 
Exercise Week 3: Become aware of your life force, which may be most easily recognized in an expression of sexual energies. Notice lust, desire, impulsiveness. Notice any Freudian connections, such as a sense of penetrating into conversations or allowing yourself to become totally enveloped within an experience (regardless of your personal gender or sexual identity, as we all possess various levels of masculine / creative and feminine / receptive energies).
Exercise Week 4: Become aware of which force, Love, Eros, or Sex, either dominates your emotional life or is missing from most of your daily interactions.

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P.S. on Some Aspects of Love

A 6-minute video on last month's topic was  uploaded to YouTube on July 8th;
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