Special Announcement for Corona Virus Information
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I will be reprinting two articles in this special addition to help you, the patients understand that the media has over-hyped this illness and you can actually make yourself sicker by their over-reactions.

Please read the following articles to help educate yourself on the fact that the information you are being given by the media is misrepresented and in some cases, possibly downright fraud.

Please have an open mind. These statistics come straight from the CDC and other doctors on the front line.

It is up to you to be educated and to make up your minds.

Blessings to all.

Covid-19 Model vs Data David Christopher, M.H.
Two California Doctors, Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi presented up-to-the-minute data on COVID-19. They presented unfiltered original research data from Kerns county California, where they have seven clinics, along with updated CDC data from around the world.   Locally they tested 5,213 people with 340 testing positive, equaling 6.5% positive COVID-19 cases.  

As of April 23, 2020 California records 33,865 positive COVID-19 cases from testing of 280,900 or 12% positives. Given a limitation of time frame it is impossible at this time to have tested everyone. The solution is to extrapolate the data resulting in a probable 4.7 million positive cases in a state population of 40 million residents with an absolute known 1,227 deaths from COVID-19.

This shows that the chances of contracting and dying from COVID-19 is 0.03%. Another known fact is that 96% of COVID-19 cases recover with no harmful residual effects.   Also, as of April 23, 2020 the USA has tested 4 million residents, double the tests of any other country, and has logged 802,590 positive cases of COVID-19, or 19.6% positives. Through extrapolation we determine 64 million positive COVID-19 cases out of the 328 million Americans. With 60,000 deaths the chances of dying from COVID-19 is 0.1%.

The CDC informs us that every year between 37,000 and 60,000 die from the flu. Which results in a 0.2% chance of dying from the flu. Yearly flu cases hover in the range of 50 million.   The dangers from COVID-19 vs the common flu are statistically the same, for now. With more testing it will inevitably be determined that COVID-19 is much less virulent than the yearly flu, even in the New York City hotspot. COVID-19 may end up being a shorter season, so it may seem more intense, but the curve is virtually the same as any other previous viral infection (i.e. SARS, MERS, H1N1.) Once the virus has taken out the low hanging fruit (i.e. comorbid diseased population), it dies out.

People are going to die from viral-diseases and it is tragic. However, the controllable tragedy with COVID-19 is the devastation of our economy. It wasn’t this corona-virus that nearly destroyed our economy but rather it was fear. This fear of an unknown virus wreaked havoc and could devastate our very beings.

This is the first time in history that politicians quarantined the healthy instead of just the sick. I realize that bureaucrats were pressured by a hyperactive press and by theoretical medical models (i.e. two million deaths in USA) but the blame lies not only with them, but with all of us for letting them take away our constitutional rights to assemble, to disagree through free speech, and to religion, along with other rights.   Lacking science, precedence, data, and common sense our leaders ripped our precious rights from us and nearly crashed our economy.

Luckily, for comparison, at least three areas of the world called the world powers bluff, by not locking down and fairing no worse for their actions.    These areas are Sweden, South Dakota, and Taiwan. Taiwan even has a daily interchange of 200 thousand people with mainland China. Yet Taiwan not locking down suffered no more ill effects than neighboring totalitarian regimes who did lock down. Norway locked down and Sweden did not. In Sweden all schools stayed open, cafes stayed open and no one lost their jobs. Norway decimated its economy and yet has statistically no better health than its rebellious neighbor. South Dakota had its residents recreating normally. Michigan, on the other hand, made arbitrary decisions on how to recreate without any scientific basis. One example is the residents could recreate in kayaks but not in motor-boats.

California beaches, Florida beaches and all other beaches should open now because the sun’s rays destroy viruses. All of us should get back to work because a viral sickness is temporary and yet the social destruction from lock down can be permanent.   It is our individual immune system that protects us from viruses, whether that virus is from bats, birds, pigs or from outer space.

Our immune cells are designed to recognize our own cells and protect them. They also detect foreign cells and destroy them.   Our immune system becomes healthy through healthy eating and strong through exposure to antigens. Our immune system is enhanced by acquiring friendly flora from physical contact with each other. It is destroyed through exposure to chemicals (i.e. antibacterial soaps, disinfectants and sun-screen).

The sun heals through gradual exposure and will destroy viruses. Remember to never burn in the sun.   By individually defeating viruses we can collectively be safe. Perhaps exposure to this data can build our confidence and help us demand change from our elected officials.   
David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also cohosts the popular radio show "A Healthier You" and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.



"There is no conclusive evidence that the use of face masks protects healthy people in their day-to-day lives," Pauline Jose, MD, a clinical instructor at UCLA and family medicine specialist at pH Labs, a national nonprofit health information organization, tells


"Keep in mind how small a virus actually is," says Denise Pate, MD, board-certified internal medicine physician at Medical Offices of Manhattan. "The typical length of a virus ranges from 200 to 1,000 nanometers (for reference, a red blood cell is about 10,000 nanometers), and many of the masks on the market — which are commonly used improperly — can't prevent something so small from entering our bodies."


"The best defensive strategy is proper hand-washing, mindful covering of your mouth upon coughing and sneezing and not touching your eyes, nose and mouth," Dr. Pate says.




Hate to break it to you, but wearing gloves — whether winter gloves or the surgical kind — isn't the best way to avoid germs.

Gloves are like a second skin — they pick up the same pathogens your bare hands do. Subsequently, they can also transmit — and infect you with — harmful bugs if you touch an unclean surface and then touch your face, according to Flushing Hospital Medical Center.

In other words, for gloves to serve any protective function at all, you would have to wash (or change) them as regularly as you would your ungloved hands — which pretty much defeats the purpose of wearing them.

Please watch the video below from two different

doctors, one an ER physician giving you the truth

behind the masks. The other is the country’s leading virologist:

Two Doctors Say Wearing A Mask Hurts Your Immune System

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