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The Corona Virus and it's myths.
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Kibbeh Nayyeh (Raw Kibbeh)

Green, raw, oat, breakfast smoothie

Humor: Laughter Is Good Medicine
What's New at the Clinic?
1.) FINALLY, Our new book has been published! Curing Chronic Disease With A Raw, Vegan Diet has been released and is on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats. It should be available at the clinic in the next week or so in paperback as well.

Click here for purchase on Amazon for paperback.
Click here for purchase on Amazon for eBook.

2.) We still have room for students for the Nutritionist Level 1 class. It starts March 28th and runs for two Saturdays for six hours each. A passing grade earns a certification in Nutrition.

Click here for more information and to sign up.

3.) Reiki classes still have a few openings for starting April 25th and runs for two Saturdays. A certificate is earned with a passing grade for each level taken.

Click here for more information.
THE CORONA VIRUS and it's myths.

I have been receiving numerous requests from patients about information on the Corona virus.

I am re-posting a couple of newsletters written by David Christopher in his response to the hysteria abounding due to the media.

Chicken Little and the Corona Virus David Christopher, M.H.
I have received a few concerned calls about the newest world health epidemic, the coronavirus. This follows a pattern. It happened after SARS, Ebola, Zika, and whatever new scare is revealed by an over-reactive press. The press and entertainment industry sensationalize these events and terrorize the public. I liken them to Henny Penny, the Chicken Little character, that whipped everyone into doomsday hysteria that, “The sky was falling!”  

I assure my callers that the sky is not falling and point out that there are over seven and a half billion people on the face of the earth and your chances of getting this newly emerging virus are one in more than a billion.  Your chances, of course, increase if you travel to areas where the virus is present. Even in those areas, however, your chances of getting the virus are slim.

You decrease your odds of getting any virus or bacteria if you frequently wash your hands in soap and water. Soap makes the surface slippery and the viruses slide right off.  Wipes may not remove the viruses and certainly cannot kill them.

Technically viruses are not alive but are a bundle of genetic materials that cannot reproduce on their own, instead they mechanically inject into your cells and then reproduce by commandeering your reproductive abilities.

One virus can enter one of your cells and replicate into a million viruses. When the cell dies the viruses are released and can enter a million of your cells. This proliferation can occur because your immune system doesn’t attack its’ own cells. However, the more important fact to know is that all cells are nourished and all cells need to eliminate. When an infected cell eliminates, genetic traces of the invader are released and your own macrophages envelop this genetic material and present it to a T-helper cell which promotes the creation of specific T-Killer cells that inject toxins into the infected cell that destroy the invading virus. In essence, only your immune system can save you from viruses.  

It is essential to have a healthy and active immune system. Healthy Immune cells rely on the same nutrients that your other cells require. So, throw away your Twinkies and Coca Cola (i.e. all junk food) and eat fresh raw produce to protect yourself from all viruses.

Specific nutrients required for viral protection include Vitamin D (obtained free from the Sun), Vitamin A (plentiful especially in carrots as carotenes which are converted to Vitamin A in the liver) Vitamin C (highest in bell peppers and abundant in fresh produce) and Iodine (stored safely, and easily released in kelp) 

Echinacea is the king of the herbs for activating your immune system, specifically the Macrophages. Elderberries have been studied and are a definite preventative for all communicable diseases.
Doomsday for Coronavirus David Christopher, M.H.

In my last newsletter (2/5/20) I presented how to avoid the coronavirus and not be ill-affected by hysterical media. I should also warn against hysterical politicians. We do not need a political Henny Penny clucking about a falling viral sky and wanting 8 billion dollars to stop it. We need to personally be prepared with a six-week supply of food and supplies for quarantine, mandatory or self-imposed. We do not want to be controlled by the same professionals that currently have 14,000 deaths nationally from influenza so far this year.

In my last article, I explained why viruses are not subject to anti-biotics. I explained that your immune system destroys these invaders. Let me emphasize that only your immune system can save you from corona or any other viral infection. Your best defense is a healthy immune system.  Immunity is bolstered with fresh raw produce and impaired with highly processed junk food.

The first line of defense for your immune system is the thin layer of mucus that covers and protects all tissues that line the entrance orifices of your body. Macrophages and other white blood cells can enter this thin layer of mucus and devour invading viruses and present the invader’s genetic code to T-helper cells that activate T-Killer cells. This signaling is accomplished through the chemical messenger Interleukin-1. This immune activating signal also elevates the body temperature set-point, triggering a fever. This life-saving mechanism amplifies the immune response and impairs the invading viruses. The worst thing you can do, in a fever inducing disease, is to take a drug to stop the fever (aspirin, Tylenol, etc.). The drug interferes with the interleukin-1, stopping the fever which consequently shuts down your immune response. Therefore, you cannot adequately rid yourself of the invading virus.

This thin layer of mucus traps all incoming viruses then sluffs off running the invaders out of the nose and being coughed out of the lungs.  This is when you are most contagious, so stay home.  Remember you do not want to stop your body from working by taking cough suppressant or suppressing the running nose.

As the immune system kicks into high gear the mucus thickens with the debris of destroyed viruses and damaged white blood cells. At this point, we encourage expectoration. We boil a pan of water, remove it from the heat, spray into the boiled water certain essential oils, which are contained in Dr. Christopher’s M.P.R formula and inhale the steam and MPR deep into our sinuses and lungs, which stimulates coughing and blowing the waste out of our bodies. 
If the waste stays in then pneumonia sets in, and that is what kills people.

If you catch the flu or any other fever triggering virus help the body with the juices mentioned in the last article, keep well hydrated (the body controls temperature through perspiration), do the steam procedure with the MPR, drink raspberry leaf tea, take Dr. Christopher’s famous anti-plague formula, employ Dr. Christopher’s fever treatment (found in his Herbal Home Health Care book), and don’t take an aspirin that stops a fever.

With the proper education taught at The School of Natural Healing or found in Dr. Christopher’s books and by applying the principles therein, you can have the confidence that I have (I can sleep when the wind blows). Then when some Henny Penny tries to scare you with an impending apocalypse you can, like me, kick back and sing the words to the famous song, “Don’t Worry be Happy.”         

Love Can Overdo

Mishelle Knuetson M.H
Dr. Christopher starts his Herbalist Seminar DVD course by talking about how “Love can overdo.” He taught in this lecture series that in order for a person to be healthy, attention must be placed on the mental as well as the physical level. Dr. Christopher mentions that cancer stems from the emotion of hate. His advice to the students was, “Until we find out why we are sick, let’s go on and learn about love and we will find that we get sick automatically, if we don’t do it, if we do it, we will get well.”
Dr. Christopher was known for being a loving and caring person, he loved everyone. When his feelings got hurt, in few minutes he would be happy again. He said he didn’t hold grudges. At one point in his life a doctor told him he had cancer of the thyroid. With his experience, Dr. Christopher knew it came from hate, yet how…..he loved everybody. With the help of a well accomplished individual in the Dynetics field, he went down the time track of his life at different ages and remembered many things he hadn’t remembered before. When he reached the age of just over a year, hate portrayed itself. It was because his blood mother and father left him in an orphan’s home; at 14 months old he was left alone.  He hated that woman for doing that “yet that hate was inside of me, it wasn’t outside. It was in the depth of my soul.” Then he realized this is where the cancer had come from and he knelt down and asked for forgiveness even though his blood mother was already dead. “I asked that she pick up the vibration and forgive me for hating her. I got well. The thyroid cleared. I was forgiven and the hate was out of my body. That hate can cause cancer in any part of the body, if we allow it to stay. ”

In the book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die it states, “There is a mind-body connection to the DNA. We can liken it unto a radio broadcast.”  According to Dr. Chopra, the “mind is sending out impulses of intelligence, DNA receives them…” Dr Chopra further states, “You may not think that you can ‘talk’ to your DNA, but in fact you do continually. Thinking happens at the level of DNA, because without the brain cell sending out a neuro-peptide or other messengers, there can be no thought…Everything in life pours out of DNA — flesh, bones, blood, heart, and nervous system; a baby’s first word and toddlers first step;…the play of emotions, thoughts and desires that flicker like summer lightning through every cell. All of this is DNA.”
The thoughts, feeling and emotions that we experience can affect each of our cells either negatively or positively. I think we should follow the lesson that Dr. Christopher was outlining for us… “Love can overdo.” To come from love, forgiveness is the first step, as Dr. Christopher illustrated. Forgiveness is a dynamic, creative and practical force that has the power to manifest miracles. Let go of judgment and come from love. Free yourself from not only the emotional pain that can come from holding on to past traumas, grudges or guilt, but the physical effects that it can have on your body as well. The power of forgiveness is misunderstood and underused. It is a sacred gift from faith in a higher power. Just the words “I forgive…I am forgiven…and Will you forgive me?” hold a great power for change…. A change to love.

Natural Herbal Treatment of Bronchitis Without the use of Steroids or Other Drugs- Jim Spalding M.H.

Have you ever been unable to breathe well? What a desperate feeling! What an equally helpless and panicky feeling to watch as a small child or other loved one struggles to get breath to sustain life.
If you know what I am talking about you have probably been through the conventional route of treatments. Antibiotics, possibly inhalers, maybe even oral steroids like cortisone. Some people may wonder what is wrong with these conventional treatments.

Before getting into the natural herbal treatment of bronchitis, consider the regular drug treatments that are given. Medical textbooks say that you will find inflammation of the bronchial walls and/or spasm of the muscles surrounding the bronchioles when bronchitis is occurring. These can be brought about by infection or irritation to the area.

When we use antibiotics, we treat bacterial infection. If there is viral infection then antibiotics do no good at all. An antibiotic will not kill a virus. The antibiotic will also be useless if the bronchitis is due to an irritation - either chemical or allergic. Even if the condition starts with a bacterial infection, an antibiotic is not effective in getting rid of the inflammation or bronchial constriction. The only positive action of an antibiotic is to kill bacteria. Their side effects can range from mild digestive distress such a diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting to fungal infections, kidney damage, deafness, and even fatal anaphylactic shock. They are Russian roulette in a pill. I personally will not take them unless there is absolutely no other effective remedy for a situation. I have not found that situation yet.

Inhalers can be helpful as a temporary crutch in some types of bronchitis. They can contain a drug that relaxes the muscles surrounding the bronchial tubes or a drug that reduces the swelling in the wall in the bronchial tubes. They also have side effects including increased blood pressure, nervousness, tremors, headache, bronchospasm, anaphylactic shock, oral thrush infection, and weakening of the muscles of the larynx. These are only a few of the problems reported. Among all drug treatments for bronchitis, these are the least harmful.
Oral steroids such as cortisone are drugs that treat only the inflammation (swelling) in the walls of the bronchial tubes. They do not do away with the cause of the swelling.  The side effects of these drugs would take a couple of pages. Among them are suppression of our own natural steroid production, disruption of the menstrual cycle, worsening of diabetes, acne, weight gain, fragile skin, depression, insomnia, osteoporosis leading to bone fractures, and so forth. In short, they can possibly ruin your health. There must be a better way!
I am so relieved that there IS a better way. One of the best remedies of which I am aware is a tea made from a combination of Mullein and Lobelia in a 3:1 ratio. When you hear this story, you will be able to understand my gratitude to our Creator for these herbs.
A few months ago I found out that my little grandson - going on three- had been sick with bronchitis for at least three weeks. Two rounds of antibiotics later he was still suffering. Mama and Papa were getting very little sleep as he struggled to get his breath. Brothers and sisters were irritable because they weren’t sleeping well either. My grandson looked bad. When I found out about this, I immediately went out to the farm and educated Mama on how to use these herbs. She did it. A tea of these herbs was made and applied to the chest. When I followed up with a phone call the next day I was told that he was breathing easily and all had slept better!

I hope that this makes life better for someone you love.

The Urinary Tract

by Jo Francks, MH

The urinary tract consists of the kidneys, bladder, ureters and the urethra.  The kidneys function is to remove waste from the blood and regulate fluid levels.  The kidneys process about 200 quarts of water per day and excrete about 2 quarts of waste products and extra water through the bladder per day in the form of urine.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the second most common type of infections in the body and account for over 8 million doctor visits per year.  UTIs can happen anywhere in the urinary tract, but most common is the bladder.  Women are more likely to develop a UTI than men.  One in five women will suffer from a UTI and about 20% of those will likely have another bladder infection.

Symptoms of a urinary tract infection may include cloudy urine, foul smelling urine, a reddish color if blood is present, painful or burning sensation during urination, frequent urge to urinate, and a low grade fever.

If the infection reaches the kidneys, other symptoms may appear such as pain in the lower back or side, nausea and vomiting, chills or fever, tired or general ill feeling.

Herbal treatment for UTIs:  In her book Dr. Mom’s Healthy Living, Sandra Ellis says she has never seen the following treatment fail:  Take 2 capsules of Dr. Christopher’s Kidney Formula with 1 capsule Solaray Cranactin 3 times a day and drink a gallon of distilled water per day.

Sandra says “There is an ingredient in cranberries that keeps the bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall, the kidney formula kills the infection, and the gallon of distilled water flushes it out.” 

Dr. Christopher’s Infection formula can be added to the above treatment if necessary.  Take 4 capsules 3 times a day.  Other herbs that could help with a bladder infection include dandelion which acts as a diuretic and blood purifier; buchu which helps relieve the burning sensation; uva ursi which is a strong diuretic and helps to dissolve stones; marshmallow root to help soothe the irritation; astragalus to boost the immune system; garlic to fight infection and boost immune function; cranberry juice, rose hips, yarrow, couch grass, juniper berries, corn silk, and hydrangea root to dissolve stones.

Prevention is the key – especially if a person has experienced a bladder infection in the past. Don’t resist the urge to urinate, and make sure the bladder is completely empty each time.  Wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria around the anus from entering the vagina or urethra. Take showers instead of baths.  Drink a gallon of distilled water every day.  Eliminate sodas, sugary drinks and processed foods.  Eat more green foods (try a green smoothie) and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Carrot juice, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are all good to help change the Ph of the body to more alkaline.  Disease can’t grow in an alkaline environment.


by Jerem Eyre
It has now been three weeks since my daughter broke her collarbone, and if I hadn’t seen her healing with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it. The medical profession says a collarbone typically takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal. My daughter’s took two. Many of you, like my wife, won’t be surprised by this, but having not come from an herbalist’s background, things like this still amaze me. My wife has been studying herbs and natural healing for quite a while, so as she saw this healing occur her reaction was simply “Well yeah, that’s the way it works.”

On a Monday morning, my 4-year-old fell off the couch and landed just right to break her collarbone. She immediately began screaming in pain. The type of screaming where you immediately know something is definitely wrong. She couldn’t be touched, she couldn’t be consoled, and she wouldn’t calm down.
Suspecting that something might be broken, we quickly went to the doctor’s office to get x-rays. The x- ray confirmed our suspicions and clearly showed her broken clavicle. While very nice and professional, the only thing the doctor suggested was a sling and gave her a prescription for Tylenol3. We thanked him very much, didn’t bother to fill the prescription, and went home. Now that we knew it was a broken bone, we knew exactly where to start working.
We immediately started giving her Comfrey tea with Willow to drink. Comfrey is a bone and tissue healer while Willow helps to relieve pain (Aspirin was actually derived from Willow). We put a Complete Tissue and Bone (formerly known as Bone Flesh and Cartilage or BF&C formula) fomentation on her collarbone and kept it there for the rest of the day. We also gave her homeopathic Arnica dissolved in water frequently. Arnica has been used since the 1500s for treating injuries such as sprains, breaks and bruises.
Our routine over the next several days included 5 to 6 cups of Comfrey tea with Willow in it, fomentations most of the day and at night, Complete Tissue And Bone powder added to our green drinks in the morning, Complete Tissue And Bone oil rubbed on her clavicle, and homeopathic Arnica dissolved in water 3 or 4 times during the day.
So what were the results?

On Tuesday, the day after the accident, her collarbone was very painful, and she needed help with everything including going to the bathroom. She couldn’t color, and she spent the day watching movies, which kept her still. Wednesday she had a lot less pain and was generally moving around a lot more. Thursday her cousins came over and she played with them for several hours. She wore a sling for a few hours that day to remind her not to move her arm too much. Friday she went to see a ballet, took the sling off because it was annoying her, and was active all day. By Sunday she was happy and playing, carrying her baby dolls, dressing up, and even running, though her collarbone hurt slightly while running.

Over the following week she kept getting better and better. We kept the routine of giving her Comfrey tea with Willow, rubbing oil on her clavicle during the day, and putting fomentations on at night, though we reduced the frequency. By the following Tuesday, now two weeks since the break, she was acting as if it had never happened. In fact she even went swimming and was later bragging that she was able to do all of her strokes: freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and even butterfly. Later in the week she was even crawling.

It has now been three weeks and we still rub Complete Tissue and Bone oil on her collarbone and she has at least one cup of Comfrey tea each day. We also still add Complete Tissue and Bone powder to our green drinks in the morning. She is acting like our active 4-year-old little girl again and, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never guess that she ever broke her collarbone.
Herbs really are nature’s blessing for health and I am extremely grateful for everything we’ve learned from the School of Natural Healing that made an experience like this possible.


When you think of mistletoe, you might conjure up mental images of kissing under the common holiday herb. While mistletoe holds a key part in our winter holiday celebrations, this festive herb also holds its weight as a natural treatment for a variety of ills. In fact, its medicinal applications can be dated back to Ancient Greece. If you’re familiar with the botany of mistletoe, you’re probably aware that the American mistletoe plant is considered toxic. Mistletoe extract from the European plant, however, has been used to help treat a number of health conditions - most notably natural adjunct cancer treatments.

Before becoming a topic of study as a potential cancer treatment, mistletoe was used for centuries in European herbalism. It was often used historically in Old Europe for treatment of epilepsy and other convulsive nervous disorders. This may have been an effective treatment, as mistletoe is a nervine and a narcotic, and has a profound effect on the nervous system. It has also been used as a natural remedy for hypertension, headaches, menopausal symptoms, infertility, arthritis, and rheumatism.

It wasn’t until around the 1920s that the herb was studied for its application in treating cancer. Today, mistletoe is prescribed in Europe as complementary-based therapy since it appears to help in reducing adverse chemotherapy side effects as well as anti-cancer activity. In fact, using mistletoe extract for treating cancer is so widespread in central Europe, it is estimated that as many as 60 to 70 percent of cancer patients incorporate it into their therapy. 

This really isn’t too surprising considering that study after study keeps pointing to mistletoe's anticancer properties. For example, according to a 2005 study, " The results of our preclinical investigation demonstrate that intratumoural injections of a lectin-rich ME [mistletoe extract] can effect complete remissions in a pancreatic cancer xenograft." Whereas a study published earlier this year found that a mistletoe extract induces rapid cell death in melanoma cells. Mistletoe also helps modulate your immune system—revving up an underperforming system, yet calming down an overactive immune system--another critical component to preventing and treating cancer. In fact, a National Cancer Institute review of more than 70 studies of mistletoe's effect on cancer in humans found consistent results across the board: including tumor shrinkage, higher survival rates, improved blood counts, and better quality of life for the patients.

In addition, a compelling case can be made for careful investigation of mistletoe's anti-diabetic properties. African mistletoe has long been used to treat diabetes in Nigeria. In rats with diabetes, the health benefits of mistletoe have been shown to reduce blood glucose levels. Another study demonstrated that mistletoe extract stimulated insulin secretion from clonal pancreatic cells. Japanese researchers have demonstrated that both Japanese and European mistletoe extracts had blood pressure lowering effects in a study of cats.

Mistletoe extract is also frequently used to help treat convulsive coughing, bronchic asthma, and asthmatic attacks. Its calming properties help relieve the psychological tension that occurs when an asthmatic has difficulty in drawing breath.

Before you go and try out this herb for yourself, keep in mind that raw, unprocessed mistletoe is poisonous. Eating raw, unprocessed European mistletoe or American mistletoe can cause vomiting, seizures, a slowing of the heart rate, and even death. In the United States, mistletoe by injection is available only in clinical trials. However, you can get European mistletoe in some herbal extract formulations.

Laughter Is Good Medicine

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