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What's New at the Clinic?

1.) Local Reiki classes still have a few openings for starting May 23rd and runs for two Saturdays. A certificate is earned with a passing grade for each level taken.

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2.) We are happy to announce we have the course Nutritionist Level 1 ONLINE at the clinic store. A passing grade grants you a certification as a nutritionist. The class is $125 for the full certification.

3.) Family Herbalist Course ONLINE. Learn to help heal yourself and your family from many of the common issues, illnesses and emergencies that can arise in your daily life ... NATURALLY. Learn to make your own medicines! You can earn a certification as a Family Herbalist.

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What Causes Autism?


David Christopher MH


Although Autism is multi-faceted and there are no easy answers, I have always believed answers can be found in observing large populations to determine which groups are subject to a disease and in which groups it does not occur. Looking at the entire population of the world we can observe that Autism was non-existent or so rare that it was not observed until the 1930’s. The observations of those living in that time-frame was that a small segment of society was subject to autistic children and that was the segment of society that were wealthy and well educated. In the 1940’s the demographic changed and autistic children were being born into middle class families. Then in the 1950’s poor people were subjected to their children developing Autism. In the 1970’s the rate of autism in children was 1 in 2000. By the 90’s the rate had grown to 1 in 1000 and today 1 in 60 children develop autism. The Geneticists inform us that it cannot be genetically caused, it would be impossible to spread that rapidly. It must be something that we are doing as a society! So again let us observe our society and see if there is a segment of our community that is not subject to having autistic offspring. There was.


A UPI reporter, Dan Olmsted, searched for autistic Amish children in an area of Lancaster
County in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Statistically he should have found 130 cases of Autism, instead he found none. Statisticians could attribute it to using horse and buggies instead of cars or a total rejection of electricity coming from the Grid or any number of connections. However, included in the Amish rejecting our technological society, was their wholehearted rejection of vaccines. The only difference between this community and the rest of the population, that is valid, is the rejection of our mass immunization program. The Health Department went door to door convincing this community to vaccinate their children, which they did. Now we find Autism occurring in the Amish community.


In the1930’s, only rich, informed parents could afford the vaccines, their children first suffered autism. When vaccines became more affordable the middle class vaccinated and then Autism plagued them. When Government paid for the vaccines, everyone, including the poor, was subject to Autism. The Health Department convinced the Amish to vaccinate their children and now all segments of society can suffer this prevalent disease.


Individually we can become more informed; we can reject these vaccines for our children and avoid this modern day plague. All States have exemptions, you should use them.

To learn more may I suggest the excellent book Make an Informed Vaccine Decision by Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH

David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer. 


David Christopher M.H.

 Through keen observation of life, we can determine the natural process of healing.  We are not at war with disease, for we have observed that the organisms involved in disease are opportunistic. Therefore we focus on prevention through improving the personal environment, making disease less likely to develop. Many in the health field respond to disease with a weapon-like mentality using anti-inflammatories, anti-pyretics, anti-pruritics, anti-histamines, and of course let us not forget the ever present anti-biotics. Natural healing observes and asks: why is the body producing inflammation, fever, itching, and histamine; and how does the body deal with invading organisms.


At the School of Natural Healing we teach that inflammation is part of the healing process and we observe that the body uses inflammation to rid itself of damaged tissue in preparation for the replacement with new tissue. Instead of stopping inflammation we help the body’s circulatory process and help facilitate the removal of the damaged tissue through the eliminative system.


The school trains our students to work with the body, not against it. Instead of stopping a fever we help the body use the heat process to rid itself of the invaders. We understand that macrophage cells recognize the invading organisms and send a chemical signal (IL-1) that initiates a fever which is also the signal that kick starts the immune system by activating T-helper cells.  You cannot have it both ways.  If you block the fever with aspirin or any other drug, then you also block your immune system from ridding the body of the very invaders that started the process.


The body sends out a signal of itching so that the area can be stimulated sufficiently to increase circulation.  Scratching achieves this purpose but can damage skin.  The School of Natural Healing instructs that heat or cold or alternating both can achieve the same purpose of increasing circulation, hence no more need for the body to send more signals (itching).


The school teaches that histamine is produced by the body to quarantine invaders.  If you take anti-histamine you run the danger of releasing the invader to the rest of the body.  We as natural practitioners help the body again through the circulatory and eliminative process.


The definition for anti-biotic, is anti-life.  We as natural practitioners are not against life and we recognize the body’s ability to recognize life that is friendly to itself, from life that is antagonistic. We do not use anti-biotics that kill all life.  The School of Natural Healing teaches its students to trust the body’s discriminatory immune system and rely on time tested foods and herbs that destroy invaders but protect friendly flora.

As natural practitioners we implore you to use the safe and effective procedures taught at the School of Natural healing.  Enroll in the first level and you will have the tools to treat yourself and your family free from the dangers presented by standard medicine.  Take all 22 levels and you will obtain the knowledge necessary to become a blessing to mankind.


David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer. 

Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

by Jo Francks MH

An important part of Dr. Christopher’s Incurables Program is the sunbath.  He recommended that you “take a sunbath each day in the nude and not through glass but in the direct sun.”  There are two types of ultraviolet light from the sun, UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are longer and penetrate deep into the skin to produce a dark tan. When in the sun too long they cause wrinkles and sun spots.  UVB rays are shorter and cause the skin to burn. They are also the only rays that make vitamin D. Vitamin D is actually a steroid and is a powerful antioxidant.  It is an important nutrient in preventing cancer including skin cancers. It is important for proper immune function and to prevent autoimmune diseases.  It helps with proper brain function, diabetes prevention and is needed for absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

“Only allow two minutes on the front and two minutes on the back the first day. Then add two minutes front and back each day, but no more.”  You should never stay in the sun long enough to get burned.  The body stops making vitamin D once the skin starts to turn pink. When SPF sunscreen is applied it stops vitamin D production and may make you more susceptible to some skin cancers. 
“The sun is the world’s greatest doctor but must be used by building up the exposed time in the sun gradually so as to not burn.”  The best time for vitamin D production from the sun is 11:00 am until 1:00 pm or when the sun is the brightest.  That is when the UVBs are most direct.  They are not as effective when they come in at an angle and they are easily filtered out by smog, pollution, fog, clouds and windows.

“If it is a cloudy or cold day, use a sunlamp, but do not allow a burn.” The best source for vitamin D is from   natural sunlight, but in the winter, it is not possible to get adequate amounts of vitamin D from the sun. Sunlamps or tanning beds are another option and some provide both UVA and UVB rays for vitamin D production.
Most salon tanning beds are calibrated to produce about 95% UVA light, but there are some that will produce both UVA and UVB rays.  The same caution should be used with a tanning bed as with sun exposure and they can safely produce vitamin D in the winter months. Dr. Michael Holick of Boston University has shown that vitamin D produced by UVB radiation from a tanning bed maintains longer lasting and more consistent levels of vitamin D than taking vitamin D supplements.  Dermatologists have found that tanning makes the skin give off endorphin’s  which improve feelings of well-being and make you feel happier.
by Mishelle Knuteson M.H.

I have been very blessed these past few months to be an apprentice to my yoga teacher learning a healing therapy called Thai Yoga Massage. The origins of Thai massage can be traced back 2500 years to India. At this time the Thai Buddhist temple was an operation center for the health care of the common people. The walls of the temples bear epigraphs depicting the sen, the body’s energy line network. There are also various stone-carved statues eloquently holding Thai massage postures outside the temples.

Thai Yoga Massage is performed on the floor in loose, comfortable clothing. When a person receives a Thai Yoga Massage they also receive the benefits of practicing yoga. A Thai Yoga Massage session incorporates martial arts moves, rhythmic motion, palming and thumbing along energy lines, gentle stretching and breath work. A session not only stretches and tones the muscles, Thai Yoga Massage also improves circulation, relieves muscular tension and spasm, helps expedite metabolism, boosts the immune system, and balances the body energetically, inducing a calm mental state.  The recipient receives both a physical and an energetic massage.
The practitioner and the recipient perform a series of yoga positions that creates what many call a graceful or flowing “dance”. The practitioner uses his/her hands, feet, arms and legs to gently guide the recipient into various yoga positions. The practitioner works from a meditative state of metta (loving kindness) while moving in a rhythmic flow, transitioning from one posture to the next. There is a strong emphasis on safety and on using the least amount of effort to achieve the maximum results.
The systems of the body stagnate when they are not pumped, stretched or worked out. The body systems that are helped through Thai Yoga Massage are the skeletal, circulatory, muscular and nervous systems.

Skeletal System - The human being is the only animal that walks erect. Keeping this upright position puts a lot of pressure on the spine. The spine is designed to perform six distinct movements which are incorporated into the Thai Yoga Massage session: flexion and extension, left and right lateral flexion, and left and right rotation. Stretching the spine increases the space between the vertebrae and allows the fluids to circulate more effectively.
Circulatory System - The compression touch of palming (pressing on the marmas; pressure points or energy centers) and thumbing (tracing the sen lines; energy lines of the body’s organs) in Thai Yoga Massage acts as an assisting pump to the heart. This stimulates blood flow without causing any strain to the heart. The pressing and pulling of the extremities also stimulates circulatory pathways.
Muscular System - Muscles work on a “relax and contract” system. The muscle in action (an agonist) is balanced by the work of a muscle stretching in the opposite direction (the antagonist). The stretching and messaging in a Thai Yoga Message session activates the circulation of blood which will in turn increase the muscular relaxation and elasticity which effects the mobilization of the muscle. 
Nervous System - The nervous system breaks down into two categories; the autonomic nervous system that regulates involuntary action, and the somatic system which guides sensation and movement. Further breakdown of the autonomic nervous system is the parasympathetic system, nerves that calm the body, and the sympathetic system, nerves that prepare the body for action. Thai Yoga Massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which helps to lower the pulse, slow the breath and relax the body.
A short example of how Thai Yoga Massage has helped clients of my yoga instructor: She was on a trek with several youth. One young girl twisted her knee during the hike. By the end of the day her knee was swollen and it was painful for this young lady to walk. After just 15 minutes of palming and running the sen lines, the young girl felt better and by night fall she was running around with the rest of the group. In the morning her knee had swollen up a little yet the pain was gone. Another 15 minute session allowed her to hike all day with the rest of the group. There are numerous similar stories but not enough room to share them with you! 
My husband has been my willing recipient as I have been practicing the techniques of Thai Yoga Massage. He has two bad knees that affect his mobility from time to time. So far he is loving the results that he is getting through the sessions. We are hoping that with continued therapy he will recover faster from muscle stiffness and joint pain following racquetball games as well as enjoying greater flexibility in his daily life.

Nutritive Herbs to store for Survival

by Dr. John R. Christopher

The following herbs are nutritive as well as medicinal and can be relied upon as concentrated food sources during times when fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds are not very abundant.

Alfalfa (Arabic for “father of foods”)

It contains protein, chlorophyll, vitamins A, B12, K, C, P, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. The tap root of alfalfa can extend as much as 40-70 feet below the surface of the ground, picking up many minerals from deep within the earth. This is something a plant with a shorter root could not do. Alfalfa can be used as a food or a food supplement. It contains essential hormones and enzymes necessary to keep the pituitary and adrenal glands functioning.

There is a story we have told at many lectures and classes about the family that was incarcerated in a concentration camp during the Nazi occupation of Europe. This particular family found the strength to carry them through to the end of the war when they were released. The key was an alfalfa plant growing in the corner of the compound inside the fence. Each member of the family secretly permitted themselves a few leaves of the plant every day…allowing the alfalfa plant to replenish its leaves throughout the long months. The family obtained the necessary nutriments from the plant. These nutriments were not provided by the inferior and scarce prison food. The family maintained their health while others around them dropped dead from malnutrition.

Kelp or Dulse (dried and powdered or granulated)

These plants originate in the ocean. They also contain essential protein, vitamins (including B12) minerals, plus about 35 trace elements needed by the body in order to function well. The organic iodine supplied by kelp will rebuild and maintain the thyroid gland. Kelp also has a salty flavor because of the high potassium content, so it will flavor other foods as an excellent salt substitute without the ill effects of salt. We know of a couple who lived on a beach far from “civilization.” When mushrooms and other wild vegetable food was scarce inland, they survived on fresh kelp washed ashore from the sea. Often they made kelp soup or kelp drink sweetened with honey and using fresh water.

Slippery Elm Powder

This is high in protein and vegetable gelatin. One could thrive very well on slippery elm alone. We have attended several cases where small children were losing weight rapidly and becoming weaker from some wasting disease. Often they could not keep down any regular food. When they were placed on slippery elm gruel, a combination of slippery elm powder, water and honey made into a thin paste, they not only survived, but actually gained weight and regained their health. The taste is very palatable, too. It is filling, satisfying and nourishing.

Licorice Root Powder

The adrenal glands need a lift about every 5 hours to sustain the body’s energy. If a meal or some other nourishment isn’t available, licorice root will feed the adrenals. The armies of Alexander the Great carried licorice root with them on their long marching campaigns for energy, strength and stamina. A far cry from today’s K-Rations, a calcium-leaching sugar chocolate candy bar issued to the poor G.I., by the military.

Licorice root will also retain hunger and thirst. A tablespoon of licorice root powder in a quart of water (shaken thoroughly) and taken a mouthful at a time over a period of a day will sustain the energy of a person who needs to stay alert on a long automobile drive, for example.

Licorice root tea is a splendid pick-me-up. A group of women who worked on the night shift at a well known radio factory were getting caffeine jitters from ingesting quantities of the popular over-the-counter preparation for staying awake. They switched to licorice root tablets and found that their energy could be maintained throughout the night without the consequences of caffeine.

Licorice root is an excellent choice for a storage herb, it was even found in Egyptian tombs! Do not procrastinate in obtaining the substance, however. We import tons of it from the middle east every year for commercial medications and the licorice candy industry. Only the Good Lord can say when a transportation strike will cripple the nation’s economy and we will woefully bemoan our fate that this valuable herb has now become unobtainable. There is a species of licorice that is native to our country and it grows in high mountain areas. You can check local herb guides for pictures and localities. Another possibility is to try to obtain some starts for licorice at a nursery and cultivate it in your garden.

Comfrey Root Powder or Leaves

This herb is nutritive as well as medicinal. Comfrey root powder or comfrey leaves are unexcelled foods. Comfrey contains high quantities of protein as well as calcium. Comfrey root or comfrey leaf can be made into a tea or be included in green drinks (if you are fortunate enough to have electricity available for your blender and green leaves for your drink). Several folks we know have used the root powder as a thickening agent in their soups and stews: far more valuable than flour or cornstarch.

Marshmallow Root Powder

This is an invaluable herb which can be used as an herbal food as well as a soothing bath for healing the worst of open sores, especially gangrene. Marshmallow root powder can be reconstituted and used as a drink (a tea or thicker if desired) that can keep one from starvation. It is full of vegetable protein. It also promotes the flow of mother’s milk.

By Noell Larsen M.S./M.H.           
I have heard it said that the Chinese refer to the alliums – garlic, onions, leeks, shallots, scallions, and chives – as the “Jewels among vegetables”… and I must agree. If there is one thing I have prized from my studies in the School of Natural Healing, it is the many ways in which I can use garlic to help the body’s immune system. I began my studies it feels only a short while ago, and since then I truly cannot begin to count the many times I have used garlic to help the body fight off all sorts of infection, for my son, husband, myself, extended family, friends, friend’s children, and more.

One night during my Master Herbalist Seminar, a good friend of mine called me in a panic explaining that her son was suffering from chills and a fever that was just not predictable and was not going away. Being that her son’s health history made him especially sensitive to febrile seizures, she was exhausted from everything she had done to keep the fever down (showers, baths, sponging, etc.) over the last 36 hours and did not know what else she could do. When I arrived at her door she was amazed that it was not 20 minutes later and her son was sound asleep in bed. I had given her a few children’s herbal tinctures (in glycerin) that we gave to him that night and for her to repeat every couple hours during the day, along with some raspberry leaf tea popsicles I had in my freezer and among a few other things, I showed her how to press fresh garlic, mix it in Vaseline and cover the bottoms of her son’s feet with the paste for the night. The next day she called me with deep gratitude for the sleep she and her son had gotten, said that her son had not had a fever all day and seemed to feel much better.

This worked well for my friend’s son who was the age of three at the time, but if you are in a rush or have a young infant, from experience I have found that prepared garlic-oil on the bottoms of the feet instead works really well – make sure to cover the feet with socks of course. Garlic-oil in the ear has shortened and abated many ear infections in our home as well as coughs or congestion by the oil or paste being applied to the chest.

To compliment the age-old use of garlic medicinally, modern medical science supports garlic’s ability to aid the body in fighting off illness. As well, M.D. Anderson’s Cancer Center has confirmed that epidemiological studies have shown that people who eat garlic and onions have lower risk of cancers of the GI tract, such as stomach and colon cancer. Modern medical science also states that garlic may also protect against heart disease and stroke by interfering with the formation of blood clots and by reducing cholesterol.

Using garlic has made a noticeable difference in warding off or the duration of sickness in my home and I know has contributed in many ways to improving the overall health of my family. There are so many ways in which to use garlic and I have only been able to mention a few.  Know there is much more to this stinky bulb than meets the eye, just ask the Chinese, MD Anderson Cancer Center or/and especially… any Master Herbalist graduate of Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing, we would be happy to tell you more.



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