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ICF Midwest Regaional Conference

Early Bird Registration
Ends April 30!

The end of April is quickly approaching. Spring is in full bloom for many of us, and the Steering Committee and a team of dedicated volunteers are as busy as bees organizing and planning this year’s conference. We are excited about how things are shaping up, and we know that we are putting together a great event in Minneapolis that you won’t want to miss. Don’t forget that registration for the ICF Midwest Regional Conference is now open and you have until midnight on Tuesday, April 30th to take advantage of early bird pricing and save $100 off the registration fee! You know what they say about the early bird, don’t you? Time is running out, so don’t wait!

We have created an atmosphere of community and put together a high-caliber contingent of speakers (offering up to 12 CCEU's) and world-class sponsors along with high-quality resources to help you as a coach. We're going to help you Break the Boundaries of an "ordinary" business and create something extraordinary both for yourself and for everyone whose life you touch day to day. Bring your imagination, be ready for inspiration and prepare to leave with new ways to create greater impact for your clients and the world around you. This conference is designed for exactly that!

We are coaches!

While we've put in a lot of thought, effort and laid some great groundwork, we've had our "coaching hats" on at all times. Powerful questions have been asked at every meeting to help ensure that you, as an attendee, walk away with the most possible benefit and the best possible experience. The goal of every meeting, every decision and every little piece put into place is to honor the theme of “Breaking Boundaries: Imagine, Inspire, Impact.” If you’re ready to be in that kind of Boundary Breaking environment with coaches who are learning and growing with you, then this conference is for you.

Registration Is Open NOW!

While little birdies chirp and play outside your window to celebrate the arrival of spring, it’s your chance to be the early bird that gets the proverbial worm! There are only 400 tickets available for the largest conference in North America this year, and if you register now you can not only claim one of the limited seats in this groundbreaking event but also save some dough in the process. Because if you register before the clock strikes midnight on Tuesday, April 30th, you can save $100 off the registration fee. So, get in fast and take advantage of the early bird discount at before the price goes up on May 1st. We look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis this June!

We look forward to seeing you in June!
-ICF Midwest Regional Conference Steering Committee

PS: This is NOT your ordinary conference where you sit in your chair until your backside goes numb and fall asleep listening to a talking head drone on and on. Nope! This conference is for fun-loving coaches who want an experience along with their learning. And now you can claim your spot AND save big when you sign up before Wednesday, May 1st. Register now at
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